Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Goodbye To Fundamentalism!

I still am a Christian. I still believe in God's Word. I am sure many would consider many of my beliefs "classically fundamentalist" when it comes to belief in God's Word, I see fundamentalism as just another "ism" to kick to the curb.

That said I have to be honest on this blog and have to admit, that I no longer consider myself a fundamentalist, and my ongoing division with the religious right and the rest has grown stronger. How much of "fundamentalism" in America has absolutely nothing to do with God or Christianity and has become about nothing but "control", "fear" and "punishment".

It's sometimes scary because I know I am in a place that "defies" the labels. It can make communication more tougher. People want to figure out where a person is coming from and the short-hand labels serve as an easy marker. Many of us who have left the church system sometimes do feel like we are floating out in space. People ask us, "What are you?" and besides saying "Christian" what do you tell them?

Dealing with that spiritual abuser and false "deliverance" person has led me to some more self examination and theological musings. It has changed me not only to have left the last IFB in the last 18 months, but also that whole process and examining spiritual abuse issues. I hope I never have been spiritually abusive to anyone judging them on high, I definitely have examined some of my own tactics.  I don't want to be like that person who messed with me and preached legalism and religiosity beyond measure. She probably was a closet Satanist but there's many who believe themselves to be Christians causing a lot of damage to people. They take self righteousness to new heights and the Bible warns about those people with the "appearance of godliness". There's a lot of people being hurt by false religion and legalists and I never want to be one of those doing the damage to someone else.

Recently I have been in some strong spiritual battles, I have even feared my own falling away they have been so bad. Some unanswered prayers have piled up and my own relationship with God has entered a very troubled area. Imagine the metaphor of a marriage when it comes to God. There have been arguments, railings and slammed doors and then apologies and repentance, but then more arguments. It has been a mess. Some of the arguments with God even had to do with "how my life has turned out" and feelings of deep grief. I have to apply SOME OF THINGS I MYSELF warned about on this blog years ago, where false fundamentalists teach things like "a good life here" means you are "blessed by God".  I suppose real communication is better then trying to be fake in front of God. Spiritual tests and battles will come to people. 

I have battled dealing with feeling that God does not love me which I posted on already and trying to stand on scripture to fight Satan's lies. I have overcome some of these problems but still remaining in some struggle. It is related to personal and other issues. False fundamentalism can damage someone's relationship with God. It did me. That spiritual abuser planted some terrible seeds, and almost could have succeeded in destroying my faith. Spiritual abuse has repercussions and I have faced them. Those who speak only judgment and no kindness and love can drive a wedge between someone and God. Fundamentalism in America has become nothing but. The love is gone. Love is an issue I am thinking on a LOT lately and Love between me, God and others.  Choosing between cold people who claim they stand on sound doctrine and have no love, and the mushy world of liberal "love" where anything goes is not much of a choice is it?

I think about people who walked from God deeming God "their enemy" because He did not bless them or their lives became full of more problems. Its a lot of people. "Perfect" Fundamentalist Frank and Francine with their Quiverful family and white-picket fence lives and Moral Majority culture wars, have sent many people fleeing what they think is Christianity. Some people just want to have some love, and comfort and feel like God cares about them. The regular world sees "Christian" fundamentalists as evil and while some are in that category of being offended by true servants of the Lord, giving them the gospel , many see the power-hungry, mean and others using religion to bash people in the face, make money and get power.

I know the religious right world is a world I have warned of for years on this blog but it is a world I know I will never fit in. In many ways I never fit in the "fundamentalist" world either though I tried for years to find a place in the IFB churches with my first experience being more positive, and the second more negative and me changing along the way.

The fundamentalist world is JUST another system to be rejected. I have warned of the excesses of fundamentalism. I have warned of many of them for years. Many will tell you that if you reject the religious right, the anti-intellectualism, and the authoritarianism, this means you must add in the rejection of God's Word and beliefs based upon it. Some will shout that your rejection of these things means you no longer hold to scripture and Christian beliefs. They are wrong. Stand on what you know.

This is where the forced squashing into either one of the sides of the "right" and "left" religious and political matrix can become the worse. I meet fellow Christians like me sometimes who have left the "system" so to speak and the automatic reaction is that you "have turned liberal" and ready to join the world of the Presbyterian USA denomination or United Church of Christ, or the mainliner or liturgical world, and that you will want to read Sojourners. That is simply not true. This can be like walking through a thicket. Here is where you will be told, you have "formed your own religion" and if you are the "only person" who believes this way, then you have "formed your own cult". Trust me I have undergone some major self questioning ABOUT ALL OF THIS.

For those out of the religious system, maybe you have dealt with this stuff too. One person said to me, "If your beliefs are so strange, that you don't fit anywhere and cannot find one tolerable church you are in a very extreme place." This means most every other Christian holds very wrong beliefs except for YOU and this probably means you need to "rethink" your ideas and conform somewhat."

Talk about laying on the pressure. One thing they don't realize that inside, conforming would have been the easiest path. Too many have conformed from the first place and didn't say NO to the excesses, otherwise why did the churches run off the rails so much? Is the only alternative to crazed and mean "Christian" Taliban Dominionists running into the arms of those who reject scripture, and teach that all religions lead to the same place?

Yes conforming would have been the EASIEST path. I wouldn't feel so alone in this. I spent a lot of time trying to find a place where I would "fit" and "belong" and never did.  It hurt a lot. I had some dreams about THIS LIFE, that died. Because of my past history, the desire for a church "family" was very strong, but I've been enough places to know I could not just sit somewhere and digest what I was told without thinking about it and examining it. If I had found a place where open communication was allowed and iron sharpening iron, that would have made all the difference, even with minor disagreements I could have handled it, instead of just being spoon-fed from on high. I suppose those places are very rare now. I believe I myself am responsible for what I know and it's true of every person.

I'm done with fundamentalism. Right now it's not just the excesses, but the whole ball of wax.

One wants to seek after God's love, and lover for others too. I don't mean in the mushy enabling of evil way either but where we feel love and able to give love to others. The power and control matrix of what passes for "Christanity" today has reached absurd levels.

I am not sure where I am going with all this, I am in my own path of exploration. Where am I going? My mind is changing on some things but definitely not the truth of God's Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

She Has a Point

Self-Centered Religion Fashions a Self-Centered God
March 11th, 2017
American Evangelicals and Fundamentalists are often about “a relationship” with God, which, as one critic has observed, is a step better than being unconcerned with God. But relationship-based religion has got some problems.

First, if my religion is based on me having a great relationship with God, then if I don’t have a great relationship with Him, God has failed. If I have tried everything, offered everything (including my hours playing on the XBox) as praise to Him, tried to see every single trouble from the coffee not brewing properly to the toilet backing up as God taking action in my life to develop my relationship with Him, then when I get frustrated, mystified, and pissed-off, it’s God’s fault.

American Christanity talks a lot about "being broken" by God. You'll have a hard time finding the Bible speaking this way about believers. Christ was broken for us.

To get around that attitude about God, relationship seekers have formulated their own code, thanks in great part to the likes of Tozer and Murray, in which they talk about God breaking us, shattering us, maiming us, clobbering us, spitting on us, kicking us down the steps, letting the air out of our tires, and so on. Does this sound like blasphemy to you? Well yes, it is blasphemy. It’s definitely blasphemy. Any religion founded on the idea that God breaks us and shatters us for as long as He likes, while in addition He sends all of life’s littler vexations to drive us batty as we crawl blindly after Him, wondering what He wants us to do to fix the relationship, until He has reduced us to jelly in order to scoop us up and inject us into the mold that He chooses is blasphemous. It’s also imbecilic. It’s horrible, and it’s repulsive. And, way down deep at it’s heart, it makes man the center of the religion.
We who are in Christ have peace with God. And God established our peace with God, through Christ.

Evangelicals and Fundamentalists have, in many ways, lost the point of it all. God has not elected jellys to mold into shapes at His whim. He has elected saints, heroes of the faith, to know Him through obedience. And, to share in their lot and be their salvation, He has become one of us, leading us along the path of doing good, withstanding hardship with dignity, loving others all the way to death. That’s a far cry from the self-centered, jelly-based religion of American Christianity. We have not been put here to be broken, smashed, and shattered until we sit, absolutely stone still in resignation until the next blow of the hammer does or doesn’t come. We have been put here to open the doors of the prisons, make devils flee before us in our Master’s name, break the chains that oppress, and throw down evil in high places.

Are we going to suffer as we do these things? Well….yes (as in Duuuh!). God Himself when He walked among us, the Son of Man, suffered. He suffered all the nuisances and nonsenses of life, and He suffered poverty. Then He suffered rejection, abandonment, and crucifixion. He didn’t suffer these things because God the Father was breaking Him in order to have a better relationship with Him. Christ suffered because He put Himself into a fallen world under the dominion of sin. He suffered a lot of the nonsense of this life simply because it is the lot of fallen man to suffer. And though Christ was unfallen, He took on our lot in order to be one with His People. Furthermore, He suffered because He brought love and light into the world, and all the forces and energies of the world oppose such things. But He showed us that even as He participated in our suffering, that we His People can use our sufferings to participate in His sufferings. And we don’t have to live in terms of our pain. We can live in terms of love, mercy, and kindness.

God’s first and greatest commandments to us, echoed by Christ, are to love God first, and love others second. And the two commandments hinge on each other.

 Years and years ago I used to see Jeriwho on that Fighting Fundamentalist board, which I still believe has many interlopers on it. She seemed sincere and was someone who came out of fundamentalism herself.  I didn't always understand what she was writing about as I was new to fundamentalism myself just coming out of the Catholic church. I was a different person though I definitely had some empathy for those who suffered abuses she exposed. I would go on to expose things on this blog that outraged me too in the fundamentalist world.

Those were years I was still in the first IFB so we did not agree on everything. I don't agree with everything now, I believe she attends a conservative Presbyterian church but she has a point about the false fundamentalists who teach a self focused [I have written about this as the "best life now" theology] faith where everything is about rules, and toeing the line to "keep blessings" in this world. Her other writings seem to have many truths about the fundamentalist world.

 I have thought of the fundamentalist world a lot and about my own experience with that spiritual abuser and asked myself, "Where is the love?" Isn't God supposed to be love and not just a cruel being, who smacks us around if we step out of line or listen to a secular song? That said, rule based authoritarian people who worship a "God" of cruelty operate out of the desire to "control and punish others" which sums up so much of the religious political and religious right. They believe in a "God" that wants to break them, instead of God who said this:

1 Peter 5:7 KJV Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you

Botkin Girls Tell Us Boys are Complicated

See this post for context:
10 Years Later The Botkin Sisters Remain Unmarried: The Failure of the SAHD Movement

 It's sad seeing these stunted 30 somethings who have never dated or married telling us that men and relationships are complicated. Their talk is vague. There is nothing wrong with never marrying and being single but in a world where the Dominionists and others consider women only worthwhile if they have married or had children, everything is focused on that, even if you are like these two, and never have gone out into the world to do service for the Lord or work in a career.

Why are they still focused on "relationships?" instead of living the best single life, they can have? Why are they still giving advice that has failed? Beyond the issues, that their Daddy never let them grow up or obtain their own adult lives, their focus in life seems to be remaining bitter "Spinsters". Remember how I wrote I thought myself an old maid and I did not marry until 29 in the other Botkin article linked above. I have health and other problems impacting my dating.

Before I met my husband via a newspaper single ad, I had decided that if I did not meet someone to marry, I was going to focus on life as a single person instead of beating myself up over my "failure" to couple up. In my case back in those days, I was a teacher, so I had a life of "my own". Why isn't that taught to young Christian women? Where one can find and have a single life if that is what happens?

I was not yet a Christian but there's a lot of harm being done to young women where they are told they are "worthless" or "failures" for not marrying or having children. This is related to the point that now there seems to be no place in the churches for people with no families and that applies to me with no family of origin in my life outside a few cousins who live hundreds of miles away and no children of my own. To me, this video is extremely sad, these two have been so indoctrinated that their only worth rests in their relationship to men, that they are now doing videos in their early 30s, about how "relationships with men are complicated" and they have never had one.

Their advice definitely has not worked for them. Their constant "guarding of their hearts", sheltering, and rigid rules in relating to men, has helped to forever ensure their single status. They are afraid of men watching this video and see them in a stereotypical "gendered" fashion. Maybe they are making a reference to popular vampire shows, when they draw one man with fangs, but it says something to me about how they view men. The reference to parents giving spiritual guidance of course is the lie of the patriarchy movement. How many fathers "approve" the men their daughters marry?

The idealized visions in that world of family life and relationships are doomed for failure. When they draw a woman wearing a burka, don't they realize they are being told to live culturally like Taliban women? There is denial too, of love and sexual attraction for idealized pure and platonic relationships. If all attraction is squashed, how would anyone end up married unless one switches to a system of arranged marriage? At least the Orthodox Jews with all their rules arrange marriages, these women have been raised in a false system that almost ensures their unmarried status.

I believe the SAHD movement will die out just based on the fact many women will end up like the Botkin sisters. Mr. Duggar informally started arranging his daughters marriages. In this case their father must have never wanted them to marry and they kept obeying instead of growing up and getting their own lives, and we see the results first hand. It's sad to see them still trying to sell advice that has massively failed in their own lives.

 1 Cor 7:7-8 For I would that all men were even as I myself. But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that.

College Makes Women Stupid?

I'm confused he says people who don't read are shallow. Doesn't college advance "reading"? I wonder about people who have no interest in the world around them but then says college makes women stupid. Not every class at college is a liberal-based woman's studies class. Sure there are false world views pushed in college, but to tell people not to get educated especially in a world that demands college educations to get any jobs, is absurd.

 The anti-intellectualism just makes Christians look bad and all we have to do is look at the Duggar adults to seem gaping wide holes of knowledge and a serious lack of reading to see the effects of poor education. Do these types even realize that a lot of our most important colleges like Harvard have Christian roots in their history? They didn't have pastors then saying "education is bad". Christianity was compatible with knowledge. This is the kind of stuff that gets Christians labeled as Neanderthals who hate learning. It makes me sick.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Enabling of the Evil in Churches

". . .We've been indoctrinated to believe that really faithful Christianity is a continuous flow of positive feelings toward anyone, no matter how evil, when this is not what the Bible teaches at all. Read the Psalms to learn that godliness is not a continuous flow of good feelings toward evildoers.
Satan wants us to feel guilty so that he can keep us enslaved, entrapped, and suffering as long and as much as possible, but it's really okay not to enjoy the presence of someone who continually mistreats you." ~Valerie Jacobsen

 I never can be in a so called "conservative" or evangelical church again as they support my oppressors. Have you ever wondered why the evil seem so loved? Doing this blog as long as I have, their lasting power even in so called "Christian" circles is cemented in. "Christianity" due to the sickening "religious right" is now being connected to political cold hearts.


Why were death panels considered so bad when Obama was in charge but now the "evangelical" Republican world remains silent as Paul Ryan and others go for the jugular of the poor, disabled and elderly? Don't they realize that if Medicaid and Medicare are cut to nothing, millions won't have medical care. I almost died in my 20s from lack of medical care and insurance. Sure, the ER would scrape me off the ground and get me breathing again but then I was sent out into the street to fend for myself.  In other words, they got the "Christian" world now cheering for the defacto death panels. The last type of person I want to talk to, is another one who tells me health care is a privilege.  

I got sick of being told for years to grovel before wicked men and to make excuses for them. The churches that said astrology loving Reagan was a caring man who wanted to change the world for the better were wrong. The reality was he started this country on it's downward descent. Now I am supposed to believe a blonde raving narcissistic sociopath is a "Christian" and has my best interests at heart? Are you joking? Weren't you there in the 1980s when that guy was rolling around raving about "sexy women" and bragging of his back-stabbing real estate deals?

We are supposed to "embrace" the vampires, with smiles on our faces ignoring evidence right in front of ourselves, while these wicked men run roughshod over us and gaslight us to death. Fool me once shame on you [cough Bush] Fool me twice shame on me [Trump]. What is wrong with the "Christian" evangelical world? It sickens me. My level of outrage is high, knowing because of my personal circumstances, I'll be one of the first for the death panel "culling" and the Republican pogrom against the poor. My hope remains in the Lord, but I see the suffering of others happening now, and there will be more to come in the future.

This applies to the personal too. Some ask why is there so much sex abuse in churches, over the years far more then just the Catholic priests got exposed, and well one reason, is many are taught to enable and coddle the evil. There is something in human nature where they love the "strong" men, the tough and the mean. This is why we never get dictators who are "nice" while they keep the trains running on time but go on killing sprees. The clueless "Christian" set always seem to vote for the meanest guy in the room.


One thing I have noticed in churches is the abused often are shamed, they never are defended. Their abusers get all the mercy. This is why Trump's crushing of the national weak and vulnerable is embraced by the churches. Right now in most churches, I would be judged as the "bad" one for fleeing abusers. Have any of you ever heard Ephesians 5:1 ever preached in the churches because I sure have not. How many pastors have preached, FLEE THE WICKED? Instead we are told to forgive them, give a chance, especially the ones who NEVER REPENT.

Eph 5.7 Be not ye therefore partakers with them.

The evil that is enabled on the NATIONAL level is enabled on the PERSONAL level too. People bow down before the wicked they are afraid of them and do everything to keep them happy while throwing their victims under the bus. I've seen those dynamics too many time. Lack of empathy and feelings are praised while feelings and conscience are diminished.  I can always tell when a narcissist has entered the room because everyone is bowing over backwards to please them and give them the attention and supply they soak up like sponge. Since so many pastor-ships run on getting attention and money, a certain personality type has come to dominate within the pulpits. There is a reason in our wicked culture the wicked have ascended to great heights with the use of media and the consolidation of wealth. Watching churches praise the most wicked is beyond sickening. We are told constantly to shut down our minds and "give understanding" and to "compromise". 

Pastors preach complete nonsense. I sat in the last IFB being told I should set variance aside with family and forgive and "go back". I left a connected family that openly mocked the gospel--once demanded my silencing of anything related to the gospel and demanded a commitment to Roman Catholicism to "deserve" the good 6 figure jobs and other benefits they passed between themselves. I walked from almost my entire family with only a few cousins left. I dealt with people involved in complete and utter wickedness and there I sat in a church pew, having freed myself from abusers, narcissists and sociopaths to get the usual dead lie that it was my "responsibility" to forgive and forget and if I did not go back and re-welcome the wicked in my life, God was going to deny me forgiveness. How did this pair with Jesus's warnings about divisions from family? How about the multiple exhortations to flee the wicked and have nothing to do with them?

The one thing that angers me the most is the constant DEADENING of consciences. One is told to ignore intuition, or even the small still voice of the Holy Spirit. I have had God warn me directly. Even with the spiritual abuser, I had dreams I worried about as I sought to disengage myself from her. I was warned of one woman who was local and whose son was a public and open Satanist [OTO member etc] and it's good I listened. No church has ever preached one simple basic about the wicked, they seek to appear "good". THEY WEAR MASKS. Christians are left as completely naive, told to shut down their minds and brains and take everyone and everything at face value. Why do you think the rotten preachers who even get "found out" are able to have second come backs? It's this attitude that enables them. The pastors all the time make excuses for the wicked and the wicked world system. 

If you ever have been a victim of a crime or had a sociopath in your life, the first thing about them is they try to appear as your "friend" or if they directly are abusing you, they are convincing everyone around them how "loving" they are. Those who don't listen to their guts, that warning cry inside pay dearly for it. The Bible wants people to listen to their conscience and God-given discernment and warning bells. We don't need pastors behind the pulpit telling us all how everyone is basically good.

I've written about the rarefied world presented from church pulpits, the one where one's family is always loving, there's a good job to be had by all, and an idealized world. You see this nonsense expressed especially in the Quiverful world. I know this blog offends a lot out there, because I have said it over the years, a faith that doesn't stand up to the real world is no faith at all. 

Scripture warns us in multiple places there are people of absolute darkness. 

Isaiah 6:20 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

Many in the churches want their people living in fantasy land. It is a fantasy land that leaves them vulnerable to deceit and narcissistic seared people who wish to exploit them. It is a world of spiritual abuse. It's a fantasy land where politicians all have our best interests at heart, all parents are loving, no one's trying to rob or rape you or spiritually destroy you. I always felt I was kind of intense for church people, sitting in the pews, listening to the women talk about their house decorating, being told that Bush was a great president, being told that I should seek "self-reliance" in a world where my body had failed and jobs were taken away from my husband at the drop of a hat. I often felt like a false fantasy world was being shoved down my throat that had little bearing on my actual reality. I wonder if this is worse in fundamentalist churches. Their banal fantasy world of tea-time, and imaging the 1950s as an ideal time was just a covering for the enabling of evil. Let's put a "mask" on life itself and not talk about reality. This is why so many now in the evangelical churches have become flying monkey enablers for the growing tyranny and oppression in the world both political and personal. 

As a low status and disabled person in American society, in this time and place, many evangelicals are calling for my head to be put on a stake, because I've committed the "sin" of being poor and disabled. I am a member of one of the scapegoated groups among minority races and others for my dependence on Social Security. It means something when the vulnerable are always put on the political firing line and the lies reach to the ceiling. The "I got mine" Republicans don't even understand my day to day reality, I've spoken with enough of them, nor do they care. I am sure some will protest the left, but what does that even mean, when both sides have taken us to this place? Stop trying to gaslight me. I don't believe in your Ayn Rand "free market" Republican fantasies either.

This is why in as far as American evangelical churches why the poor are often shamed and told you do not deserve any medical care or food. Obamacare was far from perfect but the land of no options is basically just throwing people under the bus. On the personal level abused people, are told they must "forgive" their abusers, and they must be the one in the wrong. if you ever find yourself surrounded by sheep's in wolf's clothing sociopaths, you will find out soon as they smear and lie their way across the land, people tend to believe them more. Breaking through their lies is very difficult. Many are not interested in truth and would rather bow before power and cunning, instead of seeking truth.

Have any of you wondered why hard core evil is not discussed in the churches? Sure one hears the "safe" and constantly trotted out "cultural warrior" topics. We are all supposed to be shuddering in fear of the "homosexuals", even though most sit in pews with only a few closeted ones but have you ever wondered why various soul murderers, liars and others are not warned about? Could it be there's too many in the pulpit who would get exposed if the core basics about malignant narcissism were taught?  Would too many busy-bodies and other predators in the congregation get outed with their false masks and conniving? How much spiritual abuse could happen in a climate where people were called out to be honest and truthful instead of showing a false self righteousness. What about a world where Christians could be REAL?

The churches warn of the homosexual, tattooed, and non-believer crowd, as the "boogie-men" to be wary of, but to be frank, I'll take most of them over some of the church sociopaths and closet Luciferians. At least with a biker or a gay guy you know what you are getting, a smiling snake wearing a suit, and holding a Bible can be a lot more dangerous.  There's smiling female snakes too promising "miracles", "prayers" and "deliverance", as well. A lot of non-believers tell me why they fled churches talking about how they felt judged or knives were being sharpened behind backs, I believe them. We got a whole country now under an evil spirit led by the churches.

Imaging trying to warn your average church congregation about how the wicked operate, and how they craft lies. They have been so indoctrinated by false pastors that everyone is naturally good or that true sociopaths are as rare as a one in 10 million Ted Bundy, they'll be ready to throw you out of the room for being "too negative". People don't like the delusional bubbles of their idealized evangelical world popped. Sadly in many evangelical churches, the concept of evil itself is hidden, and not even admitted. Warning of evil and evil people is "negative", it is not having the "best life now".

The worse thing about the churches though, is that when it comes to abusive people, one is told to "forgive" them even as they refuse to repent and to tolerate them. Their victims are often shamed for having unforgiving spirits for not accepting their abuse or tolerating it or remaining door-mats to it. I've never seen abusers called out in the church. One never hears about child abusers being censored or receiving church discipline. The failure towards women who suffer from domestic abuse within evangelical churches is abysmal. She is told to sit there and take it. The man is never confronted by church elders. Anna Duggar being told to stay with a serial molester and cheater, is business per usual in the church world.

I've visited and sat in many churches but I have never heard the topic of ABUSE ever dealt with in ONE church ever. If anything it is shoved under the carpet. The focus of the sermons is always for the abusers and wicked to be "forgiven" and the lucifieran politicians to be "understood". One thing to be noticed too is how the "powerful" and "high status" are lauded in the churches. One of most wicked people I ever have dealt with in my life has a high name in her Catholic church, she has the wealth and a few "good works" to show off with. There are plenty of evangelical counterparts in there with her. Proverbs 17:15 warns of those who "justify" the wicked. Trump as a wicked man is justified in our evangelical churches today along with the lesser known cadre of soul murderers and oppressors. 

One of the many reasons I won't be returning to be a member of the church system, is I cannot tolerate institutions that support my personal open economic and other oppression. I have no interest in places that have no interest in facing reality and who expect me to believe in a fantasy life that does not relate to my own life experiences and what I have battled. I have no interest in pastors, and congregations, that honor soul murderers and abusers and who can't even discern overt wickedness such as in a man like Trump. I got tired of being told to be a doormat for the wicked too.

There is an enabling of evil in the churches and it has grown.

Monday, March 20, 2017

False Prosperity Gospel Worsening

Warning, I am using this video as an example of FALSE PREACHING.

Talk about the wresting of scripture. The prosperity gospel is related to the false teaching of tithing where these false pastors promise wealth to people for giving them 10 percent of their income. He even sadly abuses Psalm 23, "I shall not want" to mean no one will be poor. Also the idea that one can pray to God about what job to take and what to major in college and go step by step so you do not end up poor in this life, is insane. That's a faith destroying message if I ever heard of one. I was praying to God to let my rust bucket car start, a couple weeks ago, it wouldn't, we got socked with another car repair. It's fixed now but according to this guy, I did something "wrong" or "forgot a prayer" and that's why I had "lack" and was then waiting for the bus. How long do people last in these churches if they are not rich? You know false theology is theology that does NOT STAND UP TO THE REALITIES OF THIS WORLD. You know there is an insanity to these false teachers and those who follow them where reality itself is DENIED.

Luke 18: 22 Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.

23 And when he heard this, he was very sorrowful: for he was very rich.

24 And when Jesus saw that he was very sorrowful, he said, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God!

25 For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

Cindy Jacobs Says God Wants Christians To Be Rich So Jews Become Jealous And Convert

The false preachers actually seem to be getting worse by the day, with more nutty theology to impart. Cindy Jacobs of NAR fame mixes prosperity gospel edicts with Christian Zionism.

Church Hunters

This one had a lot of truth in humor. I'm not "church-shopping" anymore myself. Many of us here have left the church system. It does show you what people look for in churches out there. Of course, one thing I noticed is more churches seemed the same then different among a wide range of denominations.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Pope Francis Better to Be An Atheist

This is a couple weeks old, but Pope Francis sure seems to love atheism. In works-based faith, many who know they are hypocrites inside would be running to unbelief. I consider the Popes hypocritical, they preach about the poor while on their gold thrones, though this one attempts to appear more humble then the last.

Archons and Thetans

I try to expose weird stuff when I come across it, this is one of those moments.  Warning, this guy has some very extreme "theology".Some people's theologies are getting more and more out there. As we get closer more into the last days, Satanic theologies and other lies of Satan are going to hold sway.

 One thing that shocked me about this guy's video on Archon's is I kept thinking about the "thetans" of Scientology. I just read that book again called "Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief".

Scientologists believe they need to do "auditing" and more to clear themselves of "thetans" that have attached themselves.This Archon stuff sounds very similiar. I remember encountering the concept of Archons when I was reading my Theosophy books, and they seem to have a lot of familiarity with as the Watchers aka "Nephilim". Blatvasky  referred to them constantly in her writings.

 I saw another guy online saying that Archons feed off human energy, and that the afterlife is false, and he wrote when you go into the "white light" you are reborn into another horrible human life, to suffer so these beings can "feed" off you.

This is where Science Fiction has been an evil influence on theology,  I wrote about this many years ago but my father told he believed "God" was an "alien", remember that Star Trek movie where a "divine" force had taken over a Voyager spacecraft?" He definitely was influenced by that movie.

This guy brings up near death experiences, saying that archons lead them. I do believe near death experiences are false and led by Satan. Notice he mixes in the matrix and reality being a "hologram", that's part of the mind control to convince you reality isn't "REAL".

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Not Fitting In

"But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;"- 1 Peter 2:9 KJV

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