Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Patriarchy vs Feminism Battlelines Get Drawn

Rick Joyner, Knights of Malta member and false preacher warns Americans about the Jezebel spirit of the huge woman's March. I read the other day this woman's march was the biggest demonstration ever. I get tired of false preachers going on about "the bad Jezebel-spirited women" as they never examine themselves and the evils they have associated themselves with. Elect a guy who rudely says he is going to grab women in locker talk, what do you expect from the feminist contingent?

That said, the Woman's March was actually quite popular. I know at least 10 women who attended it. Some traveled to the main march in Washington DC and others traveled to other cities that held marches and events. This was an anti-Donald Trump demonstration. Some were Hillary Clinton supporters. There's many women who were outraged at Donald Trump's negative speech towards women, and they went to go demonstrate. Many of the women wore pink hats, I can't even write what they called those hats either.

The official Women's March website has the "unity" principles listed, some are good like being against violence, for worker's rights and for helping disabled people and against racism, but the usual feminist and liberal goals are there too. In the unity principles there is open support for abortion.  Planned Parenthood was one of their partners.  I wonder if any Christian women against Donald Trump participated and were made uneasy by this or even knew of it? When I heard about this parade, I was kind of clueless thinking, hmm protesting Trump can't be all bad not realizing what the march was tied to.  The right and left division of the herd has only grown more extreme.

I notice in most of the signs it is the usual liberal social justice issues. No one is protesting NDAA. No one is standing against the economic injustices from what I can tell either.  Female sexual organs are drawn on some posters. Many of course defend abortion. I can go with the guy in the second video who has a sign that says, "I do not accept this filthy rotten system.". One single person points out how the swamp isn't being drained in the first video.

The male vs. female Hegelian dialectic is in full sway. 

Think about this, they got a nation-wide parade, protest and march for just women. [Yes a few males supporters were there.] Trump is seen as the "new authoritarian" man, who has filled his Cabinet with supporters of Dominionism and Patriarchy. Since the woman "Hillary Clinton" has lost the presidency, the women are outraged not based on any of her would-be credentials but just because she happened to be a woman. The disrespect of Trump for women plays hand in hand with the women's nation-wide feminist protest march.

As I wrote in 2011, Patriarchy and Feminism are both sides of the same evil coin.

Two Sides of the Coin: Radical Feminism Vs. The Patriarchy Movement

1 Cor. 11
Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.
For as the woman is of the man, even so is the man also by the woman; but all things of God.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

"The American Proletariat Has Been Fooled"

USA Land of Confusion

The Trump-led republican party actually resembles the communist party in soviet Russia more than anything. It suffices to say that it is supposedly fighting for the down-trodden common American man, the worker, the proletariat, only not in distributing what was unlawfuly taken from him by the bourgeois, but in protecting his "rightful" private profit. Not that it is actually pursuing that, it just uses the appeal of the ideology to elevate a totalitarian dictatorship, and it has achieved it with Trump. The goal of the communist party has never been textbook egalitarianism, it is thinly veiled fascism and dictatorship. In the USSR, there has never been such a thing as equality, it has always been brutal Russism and imperialism. In order to achieve this in the USA, they had to create a personality cult, based on the new american "values", "values" promulgated by the ideology of Ayn Rand and others - the american idolatry of selfishness and success. This hyper-capitalistic mindset is behind both the xenophobic paranoia, that every illegal migrant is a thief, and the personality cult of DJP, that a narcissistic and self-absorbed bully is an ideal.

Honestly when I see my past church members on Facebook writing things like "healthcare is not a right", it makes me nauseous. Some almost seem extra eager to see the "government mooches" because of "muh taxes" to be dying in the ditch and with a begging bowl at the side of the alley. My feelings about some of these past church members has changed and a lot more distance grew between us as I openly warned against Trump and called him a "wicked man".

I always find the ones who have lectured me about how the poor have it better then 75% percent of the poor in the world, kind of interesting. Acutally while the poor here may have running water and get fed by the government churches via food programs, there is a lot more social stigma and expectations, and less base survival skills. They can't seem to wait for punishment and crack-downs of anyone they see as "their lessers" and it's scary stuff. I can always tell whose been reading Heritage Foundation literature about the dastardly poor. The top billionaire dog got the littler dogs to kick the dogs they see as their underlings and rode the wave to the White house.

It's such a twist, how the working class and others in America, were led to vote for their own demise yet again, and the churches put them up to it. Well most of the really poor have left the churches so this is mostly working class and lower middle class folks they fooled. Many things I warned about on this blog for years are coming together in a toxic stew of brain dead Dominionism, police state worship and a converging of the "right" and "left". Trump was seen as the worker's candidate! "Workers of the world unite for Trump!" He'll bring the jobs back, supposedly.

This isn't to say the left is perfect either with it's controls but it is interesting how they get the evangelical troops to rally against the few "good" things the government does and to cheer for the wars and police state crack downs. I've written before that the philosophies of Ayn Rand rule the churches more then the scripture or gospel. There is a growing hardness. The left may try to brain wash with their identity politics and pitting races against each other, but the hatred on the right, serves as as a supporting foundation. I noticed some years ago, the hatred against minorities was growing on the alt-right and things usually relegated to websites like Storm Front seemed to be seeping out like a growing poison.

Soon Trump will be president and what we will have? I tried to warn many but none listened except a few on this blog.  My ex-church members and me even from the "good IFB" in these warnings, grew more distant from me. I have not unfriended any though there is a chance of that from their end but I see the majority brainwashed into a pack of lies. Right and left work together for tyranny and I've been warning of that for years. How will Trump's future desire for "unity" with Russia work out?

It's bad enough that the churches unify with every new luciferian politician, but that's not the worse of it. The Jesus partisan on the blakan bloggers are correct about the American idolatry of selfishness and success. That is what is worshipped in the churches. That is what they most care about. That is now why we have a narcissistic bully for president. He is the epitome of the so called "strong man" making it to the top. Unlike former sociopaths in office who at least learned to play the political game with a modicum of restraint, this one doesn't even bother with restraint or even needing any political experience. He basically bought his way into office and his connections made it so. Most American evangelicals still remain happy and eager for the new president.

American "Christianity" makes me nauseous. Some may be surprised at the bad things I have to say about it.  There's people who have written me or written comments about how I think I am the only real Christian in the world. That is not true. I am no better then anyone else, however I am going to warn about things I see and discern.  I'm not going to sit by and keep silent watching the madness show. The simple-minded are being deceived. I may write soon on how churches enable the evil both in the micro-sense and the macro-sense when helping wicked men get elected.

There's too many silent people letting the tsunami of conformity sweep them away. Older people have no excuse in not seeing through Trump, any memories of the 1980s, and one should know better.

  If you are in my boat as a saved Christian, form that line in your mind about what they sell as "Christianity" and what scripture and Jesus taught.  It has nothing to do with what these people promote with their "leadership" campaigns,  oppressive economics, and desire to throw the elderly, disabled and poor into the street while offering no alternatives. Their mindless worship of politicians goes along with the mindless worship of their false pastors. This is why every other election cycle the churches are so easily led. The churches are a so called "soft target" for the New World Order.

Romans 16:18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

Trump has appointed multiple Goldman Sachs people to his cabinet.  He now has appointed the FIFTH. Dina Powell

Bannon - Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor (FORMER GOLDMAN SACHS/EXECUTIVE CHAIR BREITBART NEWS)
Steve Mnuchin - Nominated for Secretary of Treasury (FORMER PARTNER/SENIOR MANAGER AT GOLDMAN SACHS)
Gary Cohn - Top economic advisor (HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF GOLDMAN SACHS)
Dina Powell - Additional Trump advisor (PARTNER AT GOLDMAN SACHS)

This may be only a semi-related topic but I ran across something the other day, which I never realized, that many believe Russia is the "Third Rome", and it does have historical precedent. This is interesting if the third Rome unifies with Rome [Catholic-Orthodox unity] or even Russia and America together. I've seen America referred to as the "new rome too" among conspiracy theorists.

Third Rome [Orthodox Wiki for information]

 Putin and the Third Holy Roman Empire

Russia Today [not an endorsement-I've warned about them] even shows an artist making a bust of Putin as a Roman emperor:

Friday, January 13, 2017

Will Trump Bring on The New Crusades? {With Jeff Sharlet}

I don't agree with all the views expressed, as Thom Hartmann is from the "left" and Jeff Sharlet is a secular journalist but they are accurate in many warnings. Why does Trump have such a "right wing" "Christian cabinet?"

 AW a commenter here, has drawn together many of Trump's connections with the CNP,"The Family" and Dominionists on this post: check them out.  They have a done good job explaining these ties.

Also check out posts I have done warning against Dominionism, "The Family" and "The Council of National Policy". This blog is almost 7 years old so there are some posts that go way back. I started warning about the Dominionists many years ago.



In the video, Sharlet refers to Trump's love of the prosperity preachers stemming from his support of Norman Vincent Peale's power of positive thinking writings. Jeff Sharlet repeats what Richard Land basically says that Trump somehow has the most "fundamentalist Christian" cabinet in history. As for the new crusades being brought, they were already here with Bush and the "Plan for a New American Century". They will be continued, that is the plan. They Want a Theocracy

Richard Land Is Shocked By The Religious Right's Influence Over The Trump's Administration

That's scary when the SBC guy thinks a president has gone too far to the "religious right". Well Trump has been gathering the team of extreme Dominionists and Ayn Rand disciples to do new dirty work to America. I sighed today seeing one "Christian" acquaintance on Facebook go on about how health care is not a right. I'm no blind offender of Obamacare, but the "Christian" right's rah-rah for "Go die in a gutter!" is scary.

I think we are going to see a rerun of Bush II, but this time with more chaos, wars at home, and other oppressions. I can't support churches, pastors and others that support an oppressive, wicked system. They are defenders of oppressors and the wicked. All these so called religious have yoked themselves to a serial adulterer and man who has his living room decorated with Apollo.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Jim Jones Cult Member Has Diaries Posted Online

This is a college supported academic website:

Edith Roller journals

FAQ About Jonestown

Reading some of the interactions are interesting especially with Jim Jones pushing forth social justice agendas that appear "good" that resonate even today, and talk of "enemy agents". She talks about day to day life at Jonestown. Not all the diaries are there, probably some were removed.

Hebrew Roots

credit: David Rice

Hebrews Roots gets pretty confusing especially if you read the different websites, where they get very intricate, same for the "Sacred Name Movement" and other cults and false factions.

10 Years Later The Botkin Sisters Remain Unmarried: The Failure of the SAHD Movement

This is the movie the Botkin daughters made some years ago. I do not endorse it but am showing it to expose the messages of the false SAHD movement and the patriarchy movement.

I'll be blunt, when your "earthly" Daddy is raised to priestly and "god-like" status in your life, there's not much room left for a husband. Also if you are watched every minute and living like you are 12 years old at the age of 24, there's not much room to meet a mate you want to spend the rest of your life with. Seven years ago, in some of the growing backlash of "Why aren't you married yet?" the Botkin sisters responded by focusing on the poor character of men instead of questioning some of the cult control their own father had placed upon them.

Not everyone is meant to be married. Some will be single for life. I did not marry until I was 29 years old and was called an "old maid".  Sadly I believe both women could be married by now if they had not been raised in a cult. Jim Bob Duggar started arranging marriages for his girls, though he seems to be neglecting his overly-sheltered sons on that score which is why you see the uneven number of marriages among the girls vs. the Duggar sons.

The Visionary Daughter movement sadly failed both these women.

Geoff Botkin, their father is a supporter of Trump and has praised him on his website "Western Conservatory of Arts and Sciences" 

  Stay At Home Daughter Movement

Feeling Disenfranchised from the "Christian" World?

 Looking at the national scene, false "Christianity" has become a joke, with Franklin Graham joining prosperity preacher Paula White, a Jewish rabbi and a Catholic Cardinal for Trump's inauguration. Franklin Graham has told us Trump has won by the hand of God now.  Read the comments on this article, you will want to cry if you realize what Trump is. American "Christianity" has become a nauseating and wearying reality TV show. Does anyone feel like I do disenfranchised even more so from what is passing as "Christian"?

This is a new time, the Dominionists are taking over you see. Well I warned about it long enough didn't I? The  faux "Christian" world will be going to new heights of evil. The authoritarianism is growing too. Real Christianity is not supposed to be political Triumphalism.
It is not legalism, and dictators mandating our lives.

There can be spiritual attacks for feelings this way. I have undergone some. I am going to warn some the longer you are out of the church system, it can get hard.  Lately it has brought me self questioning and examination.  This idea that I am so apart from other "Christians" that I don't belong anywhere. I have even thought "Who are you to have walked out of it all?"  Then I answer myself, "There look at scripture. You were told to!" Leaving the IFBs was a big deal for me and giving up that dream. Seeing where people I once fellowshiped with and where they have gone, has been hard. Every past church member save for one, voted for Trump. They seemed to have "changed". It's hard to explain. I've been shocked and dismayed. The Bush days were easy compared to this.

I ask myself even of my IFB church members would I even be able to fellowship with them today? Would I fit in with them being a poor woman instead of a working class woman? It disturbed me seeing the growing hatred for the poor and fully supporting a wicked man.

It bothers me that so many easily follow the indoctrination of churches in supporting oppression and wicked world system. So many have been indoctrinated. Being out of churches in the long term sometimes can grow difficult. You do wonder where you "fit in", you question yourself. I try to connect with individuals I can, church goers or not, but it's hard. I feel disenfranchised from the "Christian" world. How do I stand as a Christian when most of what is seen as "Christian" by the world is so evil to me?

 I've had to take some of these things to God in prayer. Maybe you have too.