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Blog Hiatus

Can anyone tell me how to download an entire blog and save it?

Now is the time to copy and paste or save any articles you want. I have to figure out how to copy this whole blog. I am going to leave things open for a time and will still respond to comments and the like for a period of time. You can still email me as well at

I think it's best to go on a blogging break now. I am not sure yet if this is the end of the road or if I will come back to write more, but I haven't been posting as much here in months as it is.  As some can tell, in my latest articles, this is a period of examination for me. Sometimes a blogger can run out of things to write about, I certainly wrote about a multitude of topics. Around last year, my writing faded and a couple years earlier then that, I didn't have time or energy for as much research as I used to put into articles. This blog went for seven years and I wrote about a lot of topics. It was a great learning experience. I do hope I was helpful to others spiritually and this blog was a source of support to you.

I've been doing this blog for seven years, that is a long life span for any blog. It has been quite a learning lesson. I never spoke of numbers but this blog peaked out at 75,000 page views per month at one point and has had over 3 million views.

This has been a learning lesson in posting here, and I am glad I got to do for so long. It was great to explore many areas and study the bible with many of you via the blog context. For years I did expose a lot of corruption in Christianity and exposed a lot of false teachings, I hope I was able to help people in doing this. I want to thank all the good people here I had excellent conversations with, and will remember many of you who offered encouragement with fondness. Thank you.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Spiritual Changes

Since leaving fundamentalism, I will be honest with my readers I am undergoing some changes. I am not sure where it is going to take me.  It is kind of a confusing place, crawling out of spiritual abuse,  being such an out-liner in the Christian world.

The alt-right is a lie, and fundamentalism bothered me more and more. I left the church system two years ago for good, and well, the regular "Christian" world is like a far off country.  I can't conform. It didn't help I consulted one of my old IFB pastors, I felt so downtrodden, and he told me, which may make some laugh here, that I dealt way too much with corruptions and perversions within Christianity and it has made me jaded. He has only seen my Facebook page which is far more mild then this blog.That kind of frightened me. Imagine if I had told him everything I thought. I never told him about this blog in all these years.

I also never have told him, "Don't you think it would have been easier to be like normal people not to think about things so much?" I could have been happy in a church all these years untroubled by so much. I suppose not all people have the capacity to understand. I wish I had not gone to him to talk about these things, I only know a few Christians in real life and now regret it. I have gotten the feeling I offended him even years ago and have shocked him with what would be considered 5 percent of what this blog is about and on the mild end only.

Maybe I have gotten too far out there, and out of the church system, I am confusing people. Sometimes we get to places where we have to examine ourselves and our beliefs even more in depth. I am in one of those times.I suppose this is a natural progression.Some people when I told them I now am an "ex-fundamentalist" asked me if I was now going to become an atheist. How? I have already been an atheist, it is a dead end to nowhere. Creation alone speaks of a Creator. So this is not like the time when one is a kid, and hates Mom and Dad's church and thinks "Forget this, I'll be an atheist." I am still a Christian, but I am a very troubled one.

 Most mainstream church people would flip out knowing about this blog. I take enough heat in day to day life. One troubling moment is when the old pastor seemed to hint I may not have really been saved. It was sincere as far as I know. I was so on fire and passionate for years and years. I loved/love God and felt His Love, there was nothing fake about it. It scares me that mild protests and a few "spiritual sounding board" posts, have gotten this reaction. Would they have gotten the matches and the stake out for this blog?

I don't want to make anyone stumble but there's a lot I have been questioning lately. I had to face facts even my view of God was off kilter on a personal level where I saw God more as Prosecutor ready to strike me down, with Jesus being my "Rescuer". I covered some of this in the "Where is the Love article?" Severe abuse impacted my view of God.  This may have been what made some of the religious fundamentalism attractive to me. I can't go on with such a troubled and broken view of God. It's got to be fixed. It has to be honest.

Raised by people where I was condemned from day one, I continued this search for answers and got stuck on the spiritual improvement hamster wheel.  Breaking away from my abusive and connected family has changed me too. I am not accepting abuse in my life, that said, the bondages of whatever religious mind control, shaming and coercion got broken. The spiritual abuser, whatever she was didn't have a chance as I was changing. This doesn't mean all struggles are over.  This world almost crushed me. My extreme outcast nature actually made this blog possible and it's risks. Normal people conform for social rewards, I was already cast out of the city gates long ago, so I got out a spyglass and looked into the religious industrial complex and reported here what I saw from the "outside".

The later spiritual abuse, brought in some major poison. Years around fundamentalists who focused on appearances and endless rules for "proper" living also took their toll. Life itself also impacted things. I had major spiritual oppression as a child playing into these outcomes, I was not allowed to have my own feelings, thoughts, validation or beliefs.

Often in false religion there is a lot of guilt-trips, misery, indoctrination and being shamed for "not being enough" or "holy enough". I definitely underwent that with the spiritual abuser I broke away from but there was always a degree of that in the churches I dealt with. Some of it was subtle and I was in denial. I didn't want to face how I was truly viewed. This went beyond me being seen as "rebel" or "iconoclast" but gave me reality checks how the disabled are truly viewed in American society and it's far less pleasant in evangelical and fundamentalist circles. I realize even years ago I never had acceptance or other things I dreamed about in a church body or a church family.  These disappointments built up. I have struggled with dreams for this world in living the Christian life being broken. One day I cried and said "Some "Christian" ideals did not match reality". I felt guilty when I said it, but it was part of my struggle.

I have faced facts that even years ago I felt intellectually oppressed and told not to talk about things. There was no honesty and integrity in that. I was just told to obey and not to worry about things or question anything. To be frank, the Protestant and fundamentalist world isn't that much different from the Catholic world.  Those who charge it with lacking love in some circles are correct. Going into a liberal church is no solution, where I will be told what to think there too and to fit a mold. My beliefs here remain the same, so that is no fit at all. I know they are just as manipulated as any right wingers. I am out of the fundamentalist world. Some may say I did this to myself and I deserve it. So be it.

Even those who preach salvation by grace can bring you legalism. It happens all the time. Get saved and then life becomes nothing but a measurement pit. "You are not doing enough.","You are not holy enough", "You are not separated from the world enough" so forth and so on. Sanctification becomes a contest. I felt more weary around other "Christians" then I did nonbelievers. What explained this?

 Some think formulas will bring perfect lives and holiness. People get burned out. I know I got burned out. It worried me that keeping company with fundamentalist Christians out in the real world just saddened me. I never felt right. I never felt I was "enough". They seemed rigid too, like they were afraid of bending lest they would crack.  Non-believers see this stuff and want to run. It made me feel scared and I think I figured out while I felt safer away from many so called "Christian" crowds.

I've discussed the authoritarianism, many times on this blog. In real life I am a creative thinker, I was an art teacher before I was disabled and still paint. I sold three paintings in the last three months for pin money and groceries. I always felt pulled in the fundamentalist Christian world like something was wrong to be like that. I chose them to escape the vestiges of Catholicism and for their claims to believe in scripture but I was left empty-handed there too. I have struggled with the feeling of being a "failed" Christian and like I do not belong anywhere. Some independent thinking friends have told me, "you are one of those rare Christians who have gone your own way". One can feel shame though given all the talk of fellowship being so important in scriptures. Others have told me my breaking away from the churches has been done in pride. They tell me I am a know it all and refuse to obey "authority". Obviously the old IFB pastor from 10 years ago sees me as a corrupted influence, he doesn't like the mild things I have talked about. There I feel repressed, and he was the more open-minded one among the rest.

I am in the maze asking God, "What do I do now?" There's been some wrestling too. When I started this blog I still believe God showed me a lot of things, not as a special prophet or anything like that, but maybe that was the price of taking this journey on this blog. Often I worried about the spiritual outcomes of where I was going. I don't want to make anyone else stumble, so posting this is very difficult for me. I can't deny the things I found out or deny God, Jesus Christ or His Word, but I am in a very strange place lately.  Maybe seeing through the glass darkly somewhat while still alive, I am not sure how to describe it. It's like walking on a tight rope. You fear falling away but you want the truth.

Perhaps if anyone else is interested in sharing if they went through anything like this, they can share in comments. 

Greg Laurie Preaches on The Secret to Being a World Changer

That phrase bugs me a lot..."World Changer". Hmm sounds like World Server and some of you remember me mentioning them before. 

Everyone wants to have a purpose and "change the world" is very appealing in being given that purpose like for a "Purpose Driven Life". Some of that stuff is based in pride, where people think they can have control over the world and run the show and change people and fix them, themselves. This is American competitiveness, "you gotta win" motivational speaking [see around 14:40 or else] with the back message, "Don't be a loser". Was the race described in the bible, to "win" in this world or change it? I don't think so.

What Do You Think of Christian Universalism?

I'm not posting this to agree. This is a video that finally defines what Christian Universalism is to me. This guy believes in Christian Universalism or what is considered Universal Reconcilation. It basically teaches all people in the end will come out of hell and no one will be subjected to universal hellfire. The appealing side of this stands out. Who wants anyone to burn in hell for eternity?I have struggled thinking about the love of God and those condemned to this fate.

It seems this doctrine would attract many who are troubled by hell. Hell has always troubled me. I wonder why Jews never taught a hell for those who died, and there are those who contest the definitions of Sheol [the grave] and Hades. If you do a strong's translation of "hell" it shows up as Sheol in many verses. Some of these Christian Universalists believe that Jesus came not to rescue us from eternal damnation but annihilation in the grave where someone no longer exists or the grave itself. 

"sheol, underworld, grave, hell, pit
    1. the underworld
    2. Sheol - the OT designation for the abode of the dead
      1. place of no return
      2. without praise of God
      3. wicked sent there for punishment
      4. righteous not abandoned to it
      5. of the place of exile (fig)
      6. of extreme degradation in sin
Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
שְׁאוֹל shᵉʼôwl, sheh-ole'; or שְׁאֹל shᵉʼôl; from H7592; hades or the world of the dead (as if a subterranean retreat), including its accessories and inmates:—grave, hell, pit."

Hell is a subject I need to study, and deal with. There is a tendency for us to sweep under the carpet what bothers us, and uncomfortable topics. Hell is a major one for me. I need to be a Berean and study scripture on this topic. Considering the churches lied about tithing and plenty else changing what is in scripture, I don't take their words for granted on the matter anymore but will take God's and what does the Bible say exactly.

While I wrote an article wondering aloud about hell, the doctrine has always bothered me. If it's true, I must accept it, even though I do not like the concept of hell.  One question I always had is why did the Old Testament Jews never teach the existence of hell? Modern Jews have told me about Sheol. Christian Universalists seem to believe that everyone will come to redemption. There are those who believe the truly wicked such as in the Seventh Day Adventist church will come to annihilation and will cease to exist, that seems as bothersome as "soul sleep" where you die and "cease to exist" until Judgment Day but then time would be an issue there, not existing in eternity right?
Christian Universalism sounds "great", who wants millions going to hell? Some of this man's ideas "sound good" but all doctrine definitely needs tested. This is different "universalism" such as in the Unitarian Universalist church, I want to make that clear. Of course the fate for those in false religions will change for those who knowingly rejected the gospel. Of course when I thought about the Christian Universalists, I had the thought well if everyone escapes hell, what did Jesus come to save us all from? The Christian Universalists seems to think He came to save us from death itself and to offer us a eternal life and not a place of fire. Of course the Bible mentions the Lake of Fire, and different places defined as "hell" from Hades to Sheol. From my own end, this needs more study.

Pope to Mafia: You're Excommunicated

He is basically excommunicating himself. The mafia are part of the Vatican's troops world wide. If you ever have read mafia books, many of the mafia members worked hand in hand with local Catholic clergy. The mention of power, evil and money was irony at it's height.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Alt-Right is A Ditch to Deceive

                               [picture cite]

A Skeleton Key to the Alt-Right
Read the article above for this post.

Some would consider this an alt-right blog, but it's not. I know in it's earlier years, I did quote from some alt-right websites like The Economic Collapse and others before learning more. I railed about Communists maybe a bit too much but at least never had a fervor for the Capitalists like my IFB Republican church members. I also posted too much of the fake "fear factor" stuff, like Jade Helm. Hey none of us are perfect. The system manipulates at every level.

Sadly some websites I had hoped were sincere just became repeats of the same Christian Zionist, Republican message. Lately I want to barf seeing more what I thought were sincere websites going down the paved right or left road. One guy keeps praising that Pepe the frog [Kek] Trump garbage. I even saw one website, I don't want to track back to here, where they were proud their little frog meme was named after an Egyptian god. A lot of the alt-right basically is back-lash to extreme neo-liberalism and identity politics. They both stink.

Remember many years ago when I wrote they got every level owned? I meant it. Controlled opposition is everywhere. Alt-right is a lie. I even realized some websites I was reading like Zero Hedge, were "part of the alt-right" game" so to speak. I got banned from there years ago or they kept erasing my posts, the subject was economics that was being debated. Yeah I mean it when I say real sincere discernment and political websites, are few and far between.

For example we can remember the days when Alex Jones came out against both parties before steering his followers into the Trump alt-right camp. Some other examples of alt-right blogs and websites, include Glen Becks websites, Breitbart, News with Views, and many Christian-political websites.

                   [from info-wars, Britain is having it's own left vs right battles]

This is a secular article,but I think the author does a good job describing the alt-right and what it entails. The evangelical world in being steered to the right wing of the NWO adopted many of these ideologies and outlooks on life. These would include Authoritarianism, "might makes right" and the social darwinism as outlined in the article.

"In my opinion, the core principle that defines the alt-right is Social Darwinism. This ideology ties together several other often-noted features of the alt-right: racism, white supremacy, misogyny, extreme market libertarianism, disdain for democracy, authoritarianism, reactionary politics, and technophilia. From their Social Darwinist belief system flow all the other seemingly unrelated features."

 The focus on white privilege on the left is being used to divide the races, but there is definite full blown racism in full tilt coming from the other side too. He is correct about the race and IQ thing. All one has to do is visit alt-right websites that have gone into full racism to see that on display like American Renaissance and other alt-right websites, to know they actually debate IQ levels of different races and the lighter you are supposedly are, the smarter you are. Of course one sub-theme on these websites is blaming African Americans and other races for all the country's problems. Most call for more police state in responses to higher crime rates and make excuses for police brutality and shootings.

[the above from Taki magazine, oddly a hang out for both Jim Goad and Pat Buchanan ]

  While not all alt-right websites go into racism, some do.  Most seem to have used "The Bell Curve" as their reference book. Being poor by the way even for whites a la Charles Murray who wrote the book Coming Apart: the State of White America is connected to having lower IQs. His book would label me one of the lowest of the low according to income. Of course he ignores the fact college education doesn't guarantee making good money anymore for Generation X and below. If you have studied the history of eugenics, it didn't die with the Nazis, it remains alive and is slithering back out.

Misogyny, definitely is the alt-right tied to the Dominionism and patriarchy movement. The alt-right is a very male dominated place. Some of the Trumpkin alt-right websites even are connected to the so called "men's movement", these are men who talk about having "game" and rating women on scores by 'worth" and sexual attractiveness. Love seems a foregone conclusion as even getting women is a contest to men like that. I've read some of those websites and some of those men really hate women and see them all as promiscuous. One ironic thing is while they rant against foreigners, they tell other men to marry only women from third world countries who haven't been tainted by liberalism. Right vs. Left, Men vs. Women, Patriarchy vs. Feminism. It's more strife.

[Students for Liberty,a libertarian organization love Ayn Rand, notice how she directly contradicts the bible]

The extreme market libertarianism, is the worship of the so called "free market". I have called it a unicorn on this blog because it really doesn't exist. Ayn Rand preached total Social Darwinism. With the so called free market, they call it "free"but it costs money and connections to get in. Capitalism is lauded like a religion. This started in the McCarthy era with all the focus on the Communism, ignored is that both married long ago especially when the state is bailing out banks at tax payer cost to the tune of trillions of dollars. I used to go to some political message boards and that point always flew over a lot of heads. They just didn't understand what I was talking about. That said, the Ayn Rand worship on the alt-right got out of control long ago. Paul Ryan is the worse example.They truly deem the poor as deserving their poverty and deny the oppression of the uber-wealthy.

The alt-right are very authoritarian, and they envision a world where the richest and most powerful should be in charge, Why else did they elect a billionaire business man to be president? The authoritarianism is tied to a societal wide lack of mercy and police state, and is one reason America has one of the highest prison populations in the world. Everything is to be pounded down. A kid smokes a joint or another a crack pipe and they get 20 plus years in prison. There's no rehabilitation or mercy or understanding or alternatives offered just punishment.

Reactionary politics is summed up in one word: Reagan. He is like a god to the alt-right even though he got the whole trickle-down ball of lies going back in the 1980s.

The Social Darwinism leads the whole mess. What is social Darwinism? Human beings are supposed to be cast aside if they "fail", and nature should be allowed to take it's course for their destruction. No artificial props such as healthcare, or charity should be allowed to maintain them.

So·cial Dar·win·ism
  1. the theory that individuals, groups, and peoples are subject to the same Darwinian laws of natural selection as plants and animals. Now largely discredited, social Darwinism was advocated by Herbert Spencer and others in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and was used to justify political conservatism, imperialism, and racism and to discourage intervention and reform.

"They embrace an absolute “Might Makes Right” ethos. Any attempts at justice, fairness or solidarity are doomed to fail, they argue, because society is a constant, unremitting struggle of all against all, and always has been. Furthermore, they believe that this is a profoundly good thing! Not only is it a good thing, but we should strive to create as much of a “winner take all” society as we possibly can, because only such a society will Darwinian evolution be driven to the fullest extent. They believe that human nature is fundamentally competitive and acquisitive. Thus, they take capitalism as “natural” and anything else as “unnatural” and therefore “social engineering.”

Thus, the “free” market is not the best means to ensure prosperity for all, as the original market liberals claimed. Rather, suffering and death must be built into the system because only that allows it to act as an appropriate Darwinian winnowing mechanism permitting the “survival of the fittest.” And who are the “fittest?” Those who rise to the top and make the most money are the “fittest” in this system. And these are, inevitably, those with the highest IQ’s thanks to genetics (tying together economics and hereditarianism)."

Now ask yourself having read all this...and I'll get to my main point....

How many of these politics does the religious right support?

Why do so many evangelical churches support the Middle Eastern wars? Why is there sole focus on fighting the liberals? Why do they support right wing politicians? Why do they support "might makes right"? Why do they support an oppressive authoritarian system? Why do they praise the most powerful and rich? Why is everything couched in civilization vs. civilization while being in warrior mode?

[from The Economic collapse blog, actually the Republicans aren't doing us any favors either]

One thing I noticed about the alt-right is they ruled by FEAR. While I have warned of some bad things happening, and are happening now, I got tired of hearing about Armageddon  being shoved down my throat and other various happenings. Those who want total control rule by the twins of fear and punishment. Think about that, for a bit. 

 How many instead of following the Bible truly believe in "survival of the fittest" and how many among them who are comfortable in this world are proud of such a fact? Do you see how societal wide narcissism and growing lack of empathy helped to fuel the alt-right? Growing coldness and hardness are now celebrated in society. In fact one facet of the alt-right rooted in the authoritarianism is to be angry at those who are too emotional to tell the "snowflakes" they are weak.

We have a right wing sociopathic idealogy that has taken over this country. This isn't to excuse the evils of the left but see how they got people on either path now? See how this is adverse to the Christian gospel? Look at the pictures I interspersed between the paragraphs, I took snippets from alt-right websites.

James 3:17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

New Blasphemy From the Pope

[took snippet off Trad Catholic channel] Pope Francis says God cannot be God without man. That's Humanism 101, that there would be "no gods' essentially without man, and that "man" invented God. It is the usual Satanic Jesuit lies. It's unbelievable what Catholics will accept but most need the gospel and need to know the truth about the religious system they are in to be free.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Lori Anderson: Lack of Empathy is Not A Good Trait

Lori Anderson is a "Christian" blogger who promotes patriarchialism and women giving absolute obedience to men. I found this video via Spiritual Sounding board. Spiritual Sounding Board is correct that her advice is dangerous to the depressed and others. This may be blunt but I wonder if this woman has what the psychologists would refer to as narcissistic personality disorder. Is your first thought when you see the downtrodden, "Get over it and stop feeling sorry for yourself!?" Is this what Christian "comfort" has come to? Even that "snowflake" talk that is so emphasized in "right wing" circles, carries that same lack of empathy and compassion.

Maybe I am too much of a "softie" but I don't think so.  I don't want to be hard like these people. I cried over a man getting evicted from my apartment building and get the feeling this lady above would berate him for getting ill and unable pay his rent. I tried to help but could not find him any charities to store his stuff.

 One thing I noticed is many in my life who had lack of empathy would tell people "Stop feeling sorry for yourself!" This is narcissistic lack of empathy in evangelical Christian circles. I faced it with the spiritual abuser and others. There is a stoicism that is promoted especially in American evangelical churches where to have bad times means you are a bad person.

One word in the evangelical world is becoming rarer and rarer, that word is MERCY. What does Mercy mean? It's all over the Bible. Does Mercy even exist to a person whose answer to all troubles, is "Get Over it!"

noun: mercy; plural noun: mercies
compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm.
"the boy was screaming and begging for mercy"

People in the Bible got depressed too as one commenter on the Spiritual Sounding Board wrote:

" but isn’t the Bible full of believers who have suffered with various kinds of depression at some point in their lives?
Off the top of my head I think of Job, Hannah, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, etc. There are no pat answers in the Bible regarding the despondency of these people, who are all historical giants of faith. Why are we modern-day Christians not allowed to feel sad or forlorn when life is harsh and bitter?
Would Lori Alexander have the temerity to scold these people, some of the greatest folk in the scriptures? Oh wait… that’s been done already. Job’s friends. The ones who took pleasure in scolding Job about his hidden “sins” that caused his tragedies and depression. Snap out of it Job! You’re sinning and your faith is weak if you’re depressed. Lori is taking a page from their playbook."

I think one of the biggest calls as a Christian is to give comfort and mercy to others. I try to do so. I may not always be successful at it, but I refuse to ever adapt a hard nosed edge of telling people to suck it up and shut up. There's hurting people all over this world and this is the last attitude someone should have towards them. Hardness and lack of mercy are not Christian traits.

Monday, May 29, 2017

"The Greatest of These"

"The Greatest of These"

When I read this article, it kind of impacted me a bit, because I talked about some of the same issues in the "Where is the love article?" The church system is burning out many.  Some without any knowledge of where Mystery Babylon exists, are walking out in their fatigue and misery. Unfundamentalist Christian is a website, I am familiar with, while they do talk about some of the harmful things in evangelical Christianity, I do not agree with all their stances.

I posted this article to some friends, these are close friends, and said, "Look at this article, this is the loss of faith, that achievement and competition oriented American Christianity leads to". She may be a better "Christian" then the spiritual abusers who led her to this place. I had a weird thought while reading this, when she wrote, "I was doing things right and that counted for something". Even in the evangelical world, the works gospel can sneak in, not in good works but even just the contest to be a "good Christian" and this constant pressure to "Measure Up", this can lead to people massively burning out.

We cannot have a faith that is centered on "what we do or achieve", that is non-faith, it will be decimated, one's faith should be based on what Jesus Christ has done. In this article you can see where the vestiges of the prosperity gospel impacted her, this was the same as me when spiritual abusers told me I had to remove all sin in my life and have more faith to end the poverty and health problems.

"I am not a very good Christian any more.
I used to think that under it all, I was doing the things right and that counted for something. That it counted for a lot.
I wanted God’s blessing and God’s protection, and to get those one must do all the things just so, or try to. God forgives those who are trying to do the things just so, but fail, so he still protects and blesses the trying.
Now I don’t do all the things just so. Now I don’t try. I got exhausted somewhere in my soul, doing right and finding no harvest. No protection. No blessing. All this doing the things right got me exactly nowhere and I feel betrayed.
Doing the things just so made me feel better than those who didn’t. I tried not to let it, but it did.
Doing the things just so made me feel ashamed when I failed, which was all the time.
I can’t do the things that make God love me; can’t show my love by obeying. Someone tells me he does anyway, that he always did."

The focus on doing, and achieving and measuring up, is destroying faith. It's "god" as a parent who only "loves" a child for what they achieve or what narcissistic supply they can give him. Can one have a real relationship in that way? It is impossible. People who come from families where they are rejected for not being a straight A student or getting a six figure career or not being healthy or "perfect" enough, definitely have been hung out to dry. As one of my commenters wrote me, real love comes from God.  When she wrote, "I can't do the things that make God love me", it made me feel sad for her.

"These theologians. Spiritual pundits. These writers and speakers and church-leading-noise-makers teach me how best to manage the shame of failing to be like them–that is to say, like they say they are. I do the things they tell me God hates, and I wonder if he loves anyway. They predict doom for me. They do. I do. It’s easy to believe in doom. All the things they say are so intertwined with lies and shame that I am too weak to separate and pull out.
The shame makers taught me that faith is a thing in itself to amass. They taught me to hope in a mirage. That love is made perfect by shame.
I can’t sit through a “worship service”–that glorious production of music and exposition–because I am exhausted from the work of shame. I came to find community, not a dissection of God’s rules about who is in and who is out. I can’t watch the show.
I need to find people who know how it feels to have love exchanged for abuse and shame. When I find them, I know I find people who know how to love."

She's right about the use of shame from the false preachers in the pulpits. Surely in faith one is led to repent of sins, but there is a different kind of toxic shame, the religious narcissists can impose upon others with the main message being that other human beings are "inferior" and this implicit message within that they are "not good enough for God" even after salvation. I realized within myself, that those who focused on "fixing" me and telling me I was "not good enough" for God or society did a lot of damage. Sadly for people whose entire focus in life is the contest and "winning", they naturally elevate themselves over others. Spirit abusers impose false shame, and promote themselves as "perfect" having no humility or spirit of humbleness. She speaks of her rejection of "the show", the entertainment in the church. She desires love, I definitely shared like feelings in the "where is the love" article.

Phil 2:3 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

Dave Daubenmire Says America Needs 'A More Violent Christianity'

The "Christian Dominionists" want to get tough, and see Trump as their "strong" leader. I used to read Dave Daubemire's articles on News with Views, where one could see the usual alt-right nonsense. They promote messages like "Might Makes Right".  That's the message that took over many evangelical churches. These types think you can just beat everyone up and they will submit and do what you want.  I'd like to see where we were told in the Bible to go beat everyone up and physically fight. True leaders don't have to shove people out of the way to lead, they lead by example.

That said I think the left did their own thing exaggerating Trump scooting by that guy, and with the articles about the reporter getting "beaten up". They had an audio of it but did they have a video? Well we will have another politician to help make cuts for Trump, he's from New Jersey not even Montana, why'd he'd go so far from home to run?

 Hmm "blessed are the peacemakers" but not according to this guy. If anything we have a world grown more violent under oppressors, very few are talking conscience, or peace or compassion. I see this guy and those like him as possible Cointelpros to get the "Christians" up in arms. These are the same types who helped promote the scapegoating and oppression of the poor and worship of the uber rich for the global elites.  One thing wrong with the "Christian" system as it now stands is the worship of power and might in this world. The early Christian church didn't stand in awe of Ceasar, they followed Jesus Christ.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Your Faith Will Be Tested and Asking Where is the Love?

Galatians 6:9King James Version (KJV)

9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

If you are a Christian long enough, you will have times that test your faith. One question coming to me regarding being a Christian and seeking a closer relationship with God, is this idea of "Where is the love?"

I have to admit, somethings weigh on me heavily. When one sees what a mess the "Christian" world is, that is not always faith enhancing. The oppression of false Christians leads many away from the gospel. There were times, I was writing for this blog and thought, "It's gotten so crazy". One can see the non-believers who threw their hands up long ago or those who have fallen away and done so. As I wrote in the ODM article, I can understand why some go quiet.

This may shock some, but I got very scared of falling away for a period of time. I know this sounds bad. I was afraid. I am JUST coming out of it.  I almost fainted. I got tired.  I was embarrassed to even write of this time until NOW. I did not want to make anyone stumble, but now I have come out if it,I feel more comfortable writing about it.

One thing, these moments will happen. Christians need to be prepared for them. One struggle I have faced and written and hinted about a little bit, is feelings that God does not love me. There are times in the faith life, where one has to blockade one's own emotions and stand on decision and scripture. I have had those times. My own emotions were telling me to "Give up" and "Throw it all in the bag".

Lots of people had those monster parents, who could not or did not love them or imposed conditions on them. I know part of my recent spiritual struggle in being free from spiritual abusers, and more was rooted in some of that earlier conditioning. As people here know already and I have admitted I faced severe abuse as a child.

Because of my upbringing I believe I was vulnerable to spiritual abusers, and others who came with a long laundry list, presenting God as another "demanding" "parent" who would remove His love upon the littlest infraction. This is the aspect of fundamentalism that rankled me more and more. This vision of God as a nothing but a punishing "authoritarian" where all were to be crushed under his foot for the smallest infraction.

I had a recent email debate with one reader of this blog. She kept focusing on remarriage, and in her case she divorced her second husband. Her first husband was long ago gone, and married to another woman. I told her why pile sin upon sin, as she divorced the second husband she cared for. The first husband has already committed "fornication" to be with someone else. So everyone ends up alone? A second husband crying alone in a house, forsaken for a life alone? I wrote her and said, "Where is the love in that?"

She told me that I needed to tell people that one sin could send you to hell, I said if that is true, no one is getting into heaven. She also knew I had written and warned about "easy believism" and more. Maybe she is someone who needed to justify a decision she made, and was real but I found the whole exchange weird.

I felt sorry for her, that she saw God in the way that she did. No one in this life can be perfect. If God expects us to be perfect to get into heaven, forget it. Only Jesus Christ is perfect and He is the way we are getting in. I was made weary from this exchange.

In the evangelical world, there's too many people with NO MERCY. Some suffer because they have no mercy even for themselves.  There is a lot of coldness. Judgment comes first and mercy last. We can see it in politics. Mercy isn't even a word you hear much in evangelical circles.

Luke 6:36 - Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.

Most now are rallying for all the health care and Social Security to be taken away. If some of these health bills are passed, my life will be directly affected. We have even discussed leaving the country if we are unable to stay alive or pay our rent. My husband finally got some medical care for the first time in ten years only to maybe have it instantly snatched away. How much mercy is there out there anymore in a country that has fallen in love with power and showing none of it?

 Some of you have seen me complain about Trump and I pointed out the other day an article where nonbelievers are basically saying Christians are appearing as sociopaths to them. I know what they mean, for I have felt it. There's real people who are having their lives destroyed all over this nation. Ever see the Christian pastors ask why the rent is so high? I got friends in bigger cities paying 2/3rds of their income on rent and having it increased by 200 dollars every year while their wages go flat  The "official" evangelical world has embraced our oppressors. 

I was told by the spiritual abuser, that I was the one "demonized" instead of my wicked abusers. That discrepancy got to me. I think of various religious messengers who told me over and over that I was no good and did not measure up. I had enough of that growing up. Sadly that left me more vulnerable to predators like that, as I sought to "people please" and be a "good enough" person.

What was I to think of the "you are never good enough" crowd? They hurt my relationship with God, because I started to see God as just someone else, I never was "good enough" for, even though I had trusted in the righteousness of Jesus Christ for my salvation.  Look at the Duggars and others with their long laundry list of rules. This idea of never measuring up, was given to me by these people. I believe now most aren't even saved, they saw "god" as a pissed off sheriff ready to shoot every sinner or beat them up with a baseball bat. So wonder they have no qualms about their lauded politicians blowing up thousands of people browner then them overseas. They kept telling me one sin slip up and their "god" was ready to smack me into yesterday.  They told me, my body was broken down and had severe things wrong with it, due to my endless sins and "lack of faith".

People who believe in a "mean""god"can have him.I want nothing to do with their 'false god" and antichrist. And yes that is who they follow. So many are caught up in America vestiges of achievement, showing off and different interpretations of the prosperity gospel, they don't even see how their "religion" has lost all love.  My own faith was impacted by this feeling that my life in this country had no value, and that I would be thrown into a gutter to die, because of "muh taxes". This kind of thing gets to a person.

John 13:34King James Version (KJV)

34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

The love has been lost, among many.

Spiritual abuse can mess with a person's mind. I have not come out unscathed.  This spiritual abuse was more then any earthly counselors could deal with. The only Counselor I have for this one is the Holy Spirit. Who would believe my tales about a closet Satanist who writes against the new world order and acted as a loving friend before starting the mind screws? They would all say I had become mentally ill and would unload the psychotropic drugs. Over a short period of years, I was betrayed multiple times. I even had to dump a friend of thirty years from college,  I believe was "connected" to my parents and who rose up ranks in the Army. When she admitted to me, somethings she did for her "work", I knew we could not be friends anymore. She basically was teaching soldiers to shut off all conscience.

I'm in a time of transition, confronting my own relationship with God. It will be a time to build love and trust I hope. I have asked in terms of all the "fundamentalism" and religious rules that spiritual abusers tried to impose on me, "Where is the love"?

 I have a struggle, that has formed the foundation of my faith testing, I felt unloved by God. I have asked myself, how and why this happened? Too many life struggles? I know one thing that happened is I saw some very wicked people have victory in this world. I had to deal with very wicked people. I've written about this for years. As I grew in the faith, my eyes spiritually opened, and I parted ways from many. Some things I was shown I almost could not handle.

Narcissists and sociopaths don't love anyone but in this world they buy and "get" the "love" and "admiration" of many. Even my past spiritual abuser is "well liked" with grandchildren and family, and higher social standing then me. Other familial abusers have major status in this world, wealth, children and grandchildren as well. Over the last month, I made the decision to walk away from my ENTIRE FAMILY, and I do not just mean "mother" and others, I have already done so with years ago, but cousins and outlying relatives as well. For some of us that division Jesus spoke of has already come.

When I parted ways from abusers, no one would listen to my side of the story, the family rallied around the most wicked. For years, my name was smeared among all of them. However as I grew in the Christian faith, much of their life, values and focus on appearances and wealth grew more loathsome to me. While I believe homosexuals are far too harangued as many heterosexual sins are ignored, having one ENTIRE family in my family come out as homosexual [they have done so Facebook] with a gay father and homosexual teenage son and now a teenage daughter with no hormonal or physical problems ready to mutilate herself to turn male, I couldn't tolerate it. I cried over this girl and what had been done to her. She has already taken a male name. Her father's and brother's rejection of women has obviously impacted her. The wicked people kept me away from their children so there was no way for me to reach out to her.

My contact was rare with these cousins, but I noticed the rest of the family supported all of this. even my own mother.  I found out other relatives before the homosexuals came out, knew of their orientation. This told me fast, while so many objected to the religious things I had posted. Another family member also died, who I had been cut off from. In her case, she was poor and abused too, but she never escaped and she believed what they told her. This relative had rejected the gospel directly from me. I had a lot of grief which formed a lot of my spiritual angst.

There's a lot more to the family picture, my family is "connected", most are mid-level--6 figures-- they are at the good government job, Catholic church level. There's a few multimillionaire cousins, and one brother in law running for state senator. One cousin is a priest who ran an Indian boy's home, yes I found the school listed on one of those sexual abuse websites though his name was never specifically mentioned. My mother's best friend got a very high government job and was a canon lawyer nun. She got her, her first job. There are connections to a large very well known Catholic college. I guess you get my drift. I found out that as our household sunk into poverty, 6 figure relatives got others good professional jobs out of college.With one cousin, three relatives even lied to me about what town she lived in to hide the connected job she got out of college.  I was in the fog and clueless about a lot. Discovering multitudes of lies, was quite difficult. I feel freer now in being away but I have had the pressure of having absolutely no family in this world outside my husband. For some of Christians in this world, these things will happen.

When you see me post things about the idolatry of the family in the churches, there is a reason for it. I admit my own experiences weren't normal but I believe many of the family focused churches are doing many a disservice. What if you have no family?

It's scary when you see so many people becoming empty to match an empty culture. - What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul? I know one thing I struggled with was feeling like the wicked had "won". They had the admiration of all, and I was cut off. No one wanted or cared about my side of the story. For years my beliefs had been vilified or openly mocked. There was no choice but to walk away.  I walked away from the majority a few years ago but the decision to walk away from all of them was hard but had to be done.

The wicked often have the world's love and goodwill and this can be a severe testing of faith. Some of us end up the ones alone, while we ask God, "Why won't He open people's eyes?" I struggled big time watching everyone march to the side of the narcissists and sociopaths. While I will tell people be prepared to deal with the wicked of this world, the church system will deny they even exist. They will tell you to reconcile with the non-repentant wicked. I would be called "hateful" in the majority of  churches in making the choice to walk away from a wicked family.

The same "group-think" I saw among my family, I also have seen in some Christian circles and the evangelical world as a whole. Conformity comes first, oppression of the poor is openly supported, and always being in competition is there too. I felt that wicked people had triumphed and God had not listened to my prayers. Satan was out to destroy me.

I basically in the last 4 years have walked away from a lot of people. It created a lot of angst and a spiritual testing that was severe especially realizing I had to walk away from the last who chose to believe the lies of sociopaths, and of this world.While some may see this action as unloving for me doing, there are people in this world there can be no real communication with, I tried for decades and followed God's leading. I also am examining myself, asking "Where is the love?" I have to ask it of myself too of course. The very nature of God is being maligned in the eyes of many people because of the lack of love they hold.

I am coming out of this faith test, it was not easy.

 My own relationship with God is changing. I can't be under the yoke of a "God" I see as lacking love for me like my own family and which left me vulnerable to spiritual abusers. God Himself I think is setting me free. He after all gave me the strength to walk away from the wicked. 

Psalm 10Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

Psalm 10
1 Why standest thou afar off, O Lord?
why hidest thou thyself in times of trouble?
2 The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor:
let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined.
3 For the wicked boasteth of his heart’s desire,
and blesseth the covetous, whom the Lord abhorreth.
4 The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God:
God is not in all his thoughts.
5 His ways are always grievous;
thy judgments are far above out of his sight:
as for all his enemies, he puffeth at them.
6 He hath said in his heart, I shall not be moved:
for I shall never be in adversity.
7 His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud:
under his tongue is mischief and vanity.
8 He sitteth in the lurking places of the villages:
in the secret places doth he murder the innocent:
his eyes are privily set against the poor.
9 He lieth in wait secretly as a lion in his den:
he lieth in wait to catch the poor:
he doth catch the poor, when he draweth him into his net.
10 He croucheth, and humbleth himself,
that the poor may fall by his strong ones.
11 He hath said in his heart, God hath forgotten:
he hideth his face; he will never see it.
12 Arise, O Lord; O God, lift up thine hand:
forget not the humble.
13 Wherefore doth the wicked contemn God?
he hath said in his heart, Thou wilt not require it.
14 Thou hast seen it;
for thou beholdest mischief and spite, to requite it with thy hand:
the poor committeth himself unto thee;
thou art the helper of the fatherless.
15 Break thou the arm of the wicked and the evil man:
seek out his wickedness till thou find none.
16 The Lord is King for ever and ever:
the heathen are perished out of his land.
17 Lord, thou hast heard the desire of the humble:
thou wilt prepare their heart,
thou wilt cause thine ear to hear:
18 to judge the fatherless and the oppressed,
that the man of the earth may no more oppress.

Alex Jones: "Trump to Resign on Monday"

 Honestly who knows, what is going to happen with Trump. Will we have President Pence, or Ryan or as some suppose Hatch? Alex Jones who protested both parties for years is a shill who has mislead so many. One line with this one, "He's not a conservative, he's a populist", made me burst out laughing. Sure Alex, with all those Goldman Sachs appointees! Trump already back tracked on NAFTA. Trump is an "insider" too. I do not support Trump. He was brought in as some kind of Trump card.

Right now it is hard to know what the elites are up to. Sometimes trying to make my way through the thicket of "fake news" and the biases of both sides is very hard. It's like they want to confuse everyone even more. Are they trying to spark off a Civil War in the USA? Is this to heighten trouble with Russia, if half the populace believes Russia "interfered" with our elections? Is this all a distraction for another event?


They use to talk about Russia formenting trouble in the USA and "taking over", of course they talked about this from the "fear the socialists" angle but remember the socialists and capitalists all got married since the megacorporations and ultra wealthy bought out our government and gave themselves "socialist" bank bailouts. Don't let all these terms confuse you. You got to think outside the right and left box now.

Is Time magazine trying to TELL us something? Am I odd to ask this question. America the ship is sinking while the captain and crew fight.

What does liberal and conservative even mean anymore? Both parties are for tyranny and economically crushing the average person. Even knowing what people are facing in terms of having to pay for rent, and the lowering job opportunities, our news is so owned, that the day to day life of the average person is simply not talked about. No one will ask, should someone be having to pay 1400-2000 dollars a month for an average 1 bedroom apartment in a large city  or address the growing economic troubles, we will be told the "economy is doing great!"

He talks about all the presidents being corrupt, well Trump is too.

 Infowars continues with their theory that Trump will be forced to resign. 

  Donald Trump Will Find A Way to Resign Says President's Ghostwriter

Catholic Cardinal Visits Bruderhof Community

 I found this interesting given the Bruderhof community supports Rod Dreher's Benedict Option. I suppose this tells us how ecumenical so many "anabaptists" have become and I find it interesting that a Catholic Cardinal paid a visit to this "intentional community".

  Bruderhof communities

Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Has Evangelical Christianity Become Sociopathic?"

"Has Evangelical Christianity Become Sociopathic?"

Even non-believers are picking up on the smell of brimstone and evil among the closet luciferians who are waving the "Christian flag" for the religious right. They are fulfilling their true master, Satan's command, that they lead people away from the gospel. I don't agree with all of the article of course, certainly not abortion and other leftist positions,but the religious right's support of amoral politicians stripping away the last of the safety net is overt evil. The regular world is asking "Why have "Christians" turned so evil?" 

Young people are leaving the churches in droves, and it's not all "godless liberals" as Fox News would state but they are fed up with the blindness towards their economic realities, and how the churches promote a lifestyle and status they cannot afford or are not experiencing.  They see the meanness, hypocrisy and push for political control and money. They see with their own eyes the lust for war, and the spiritual abuse that occurs on the macro-level.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The False Church System Deception

This video has some good messages, but while I have made the decision to post it, I wish the youtuber had avoided a "Latin" name and use of the Chi Rho for their avatar on youtube. We can hope they just have more studies to do.

One thing he points out is the churches use of STAGES. I wrote a post long ago on this blog, how the use of "altars" in churches was wrong, but if you think about it, having a STAGE is wrong as well, because it turns "church" into a performance, with elevated men or clergy at the front getting all the attention. He refers to the "show" being common to everything from the Catholic church to the small baptist church and he is correct.

One time I told my husband, "What is the use of attending these lecture halls, once a week, where we sit and listen to some guy wrest scripture for an hour or more and teach things more and more I don't agree with? I thought about that more, "Why are churches run like lecture halls and theater shows where a passive audience just sits there eating it up?"Some could claim to me, "Well the Quakers did things quite a bit different"... However there, false teachings entered in and transcendentalism but outside of that one exception I can't think of one church that calls itself Christian that "deviates" from the formula discussed in this video.

He questions, this "platform" and says no one questions it. I liked the phrase "the conman's tactic of social compliance."  He is right about the question, "Where do you go to church?"being a nonsense question because those who are saved ARE the church. His bit of information about William Tyndale translating ekklesia as "congregation"is telling. I always hated that phrase too, that "the church is a hospital for sinners". It has been used to shame me many times for not attending church. He shows us that in scripture, the gospel and epistle writers refer to the church as those sanctified in Jesus Christ.

I said to my husband in the conversation mentioned above, "Why isn't church more interactive?" So I found it interesting when this youtuber, quotes 1 Cor. 14:26 as the biblical way to do church.

How is it then, brethren? when ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying.

Do any of you know of a church run that way? I sure don't. If anyone speaks out in church besides the pastor, they are often removed. He makes a good point that the church system has departed from these verses. The house churches in the book of Acts are mentioned as well, where believers gathered. He compares the order of the Protestant church services to the Roman Catholic Mass, I saw too many "ceremonies" even at baptist churches. He is correct about the clergy/laity divide which I have referred to on this blog and is referred to by Jesus Christ as the error of the Nicolaitans.

I am glad later in the video, he does bring up that some may wonder how is this feasible, understanding that many of us know no people in real life who have voiced the same concerns.

Watch this video and tell me what you think....

Odd Theology: Earth is Hell?

I saw this the other day and wonder if this is tied into the Archon teachings I posted about the other week. Wouldn't a "prison planet" be akin to hell? This definitely is a dangerous teaching, because if people believe they are already in "hell" on earth why would they feel a need for a Savior?This is a teaching I could see enticing people. I felt the tendrils of it, even licking at my brain, like "yeah this world is so bad, maybe we really are living in hell". I was having a bad day that day,  and I had to shake it off saying, "That's not biblical."

 It is disturbing. This world can definitely have aspects of hell in it, with murder, crime, abuse, severe illnesses and worse but how do you explain having God's Word available, or nature or beauty?  Why would the Holy Spirit be here indwelling in Christians? I have heard of other religions claiming this earth is hell. One friend told me the Chabads did so but it is something I don't know much about. Some New Age philosophies seem to skirt around it. Jesus Christ warned about hell for a reason. "Where" it is exactly is, we can't specify, but to say this earth is hell is total confusion.

There are those who claim hell is in the "center" of this earth, but I have not seen any bible verses or anything else that points to that. It is just speculation.

2 Thessalonians 1:9King James Version (KJV)

9 Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;

How many "ODM's" are left?

I'm using Phoenix Preacher's phrase [online discernment ministries or ODMS] He uses it disparagingly, I'm using it as a descriptor.

Yes there's very few out there now. Independent ones, even far less.

I have seen many come and go. I know my postings have slowed down considerably and I don't do the heavier research of years ago. I've been sick for years but my energy has gotten more and more limited. Maybe slower is better then nothing....yes that is where I am at now. This is one forum for some to talk about issues that are NOT WELCOMED anywhere else, so I want to keep it going.

Phoenix Preacher may go on about those dastardly ODMs being a problem, but they have fallen away like dominoes especially the true independent ones. I get the feeling even sounding the warning siren-call has fallen out of vogue too. I am no prophet or guru, and sometimes I ask "Who am I to even post about these things?"

 The pressure to conform can come via that direction too, the one world church is already using these things, that to stand outside it means you are the "nut", the "crazy" and even this one, "to stand outside the churches" means you are not a Christian at all.

PP's path into wafer worship will mean "acceptance" in this world. Sometimes I have felt "burdened" by the things I found out and wrote about here for years, was some happiness lost not being in a church with people who loved and cared about me? Did I ask too many questions, think too much? Funny I state it that way, I know. I'm not perfect. My husband has heard musings about me missing out on a "nice church" because of this blog and my desire not to be hypocrite. I'd probably would have been forced out of all of these churches anyway, having a big mouth and a failure to conform. I knew spiritually that would be happening anyway.

Some ripped on me for thinking I was the "worlds" best Christian" or "too pure" for church but I never saw it that way. I knew I was far from perfect but I never could shut down my mind or what I had learned via God's Word, and refused to "get with the program" they wanted me to get with.

I'm hoping now to post some "discussion topics" I can post as an "article" and allow for some discussion, I think that would be a good idea. Suggest any topics you would like to see here.

Also if you know of other "ODMS" still alive and running and NOT with an agenda as you can tell or discern so far, I would be happy to hear about others as well. 

Trump Turning Churches More Political

Wow, now the preachers can be direct in telling you to vote Republican instead of couching it in more indirect terms. I had at least two stump for Republican candidates in indirect fashions.

I had a funny moment the other week, going to a local community meeting regarding elderly and disability issues, and hearing the out of touch Republican state representatives go on about all the "unfilled jobs". They basically said, "Poor people are lazy and don't want to work." I know tons of unemployed people around here. One guy was from a more rural area and was more down to earth, but the others, definitely seemed completely out of touch.

 Aren't the churches too political? When I was looking for a church, I had my choice of red pill churches {Republican} party or blue pill churches {Democratic} party. The fact you never can find one that bucks the trend, says something.

 They are already quite political, and now they want them to be even more so?  I am speaking out against evils being done, especially the "death panels" they got planned for disabled and elderly people. So I have no problem with Christians doing that, but one thing, I never saw a church pastor ever speak out against the system or any of the oppression. The churches have become mouth-pieces for our oppressors.

 Look at Greg Laurie and that Trump boot-licking faith council. They can't even tell the guy to ease up on the disabled or that the country has been bankrupted by too many wars? Well we know that's not going to happen. Some pundits online said, this really "won't change" anything but the focus to turn the churches MORE political is part of the Dominionist system and agenda.

Greg Laurie Visits the White House

What did they pray for? More Middle Eastern wars? More "death panels" via the Republican party by the possible way of Trump care? You'll never see any of these so called "godly" preachers questioning the evils of the Republican party.

Check out the "Faith Advisory Board" pictured a little bit into his video. Are those ties really by accident? Don't the freemasons use the rainbow as a symbol too?

Notice how he talks about them being like "little children" overly impressed with power, and seeking the love and praise of men. I read years ago Laurie was going to be slated as the new "Billy Graham". He tries to distance himself from the political end of everything saying, "If the president of the United States invites you for dinner...., you go to dinner with the president." 

He speaks of offering Trump, "godly counsel". He says, "We need to permeate every level of culture because that is what we are supposed to do." Do you believe that many members of this administration are "overt Christians"?Well I suppose you can guess what I think of that.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Listen to the Entire Bible Being Read

You will see the other Bible chapters linked on the right side index on Youtube

Feds Raid Benny Hinn's Headquarters

Benny Hinn's Headquarter's cooperating

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Orthodox Rod Dreher's "The Benedict Option" Promoted by Christianity Today

The Benedict Option

The culture wars and Dominionism is growing extreme. In the first video, Dreher, tells us Christians are in "exile" from our pagan secular culture, and the best option for Christians who want to live "lives of virtue" is to withdraw and form their own "communities". I find this idea of structured community, interesting given that spontaneous community in America especially among mainstream culture has failed. In the churches I have visited at least locally, I see no more spontaneous community. Everything is planned, formal and authority from the top down. Be careful of what sounds good but is not.

The church system is rapidly going Communitarian, as someone who has needed "charity" at times in the form of church food pantries and co-ops, the churches are intertwining with  governmental, corporate and other groups. At a recent food co-op, we had a visiting nurse and a local job's program person show up to the meeting with the distribution of food. Among the church helpers, is this false, that if we "become more responsible" or "work harder" our poverty will end. There is no discussion of the economic realities of American life today. Even the odd class blindness that most poor people unless disabled are already working seems to have escaped our middle class and above benefactors, as they seem to think mowing some lawns or fast food work is going to rescue people from poverty. They don't realize most in the room are already working for minimum wage.  They are selling everything that isn't nailed down already. Economic despair and the realities of our lives remains suppressed. There's little free speech.

I told my husband, "while we will go when we need to help" and desire to stay polite, we have to be sure to protect our privacy. These are people who will not understand an older man who can't stand for more then 10 minutes due to vein problems, and his work needs. The idea of the "Religious experts" getting together to form "Communities of virtue" scares me. Imagine the "rules", the "pious" would unleash among their set apart exiles.

The idea of some removed "Christian" community as a bulwark against the unbelieving hordes sounds like the dystopian novel "Handmaid's Tale", not only will they have the  subjugated women, they will have the Catholic inspired neo-feudalism to go along with it. 

Do you remember Fanatic for Jesus's other blog, "The Communitarian Trap"? The church system is rapidly going Communitarian. The idea of "Christian" communes or "Utopias" such as what the Shakers set up is nothing new, but you wonder about new marriages between government and churches and neo-feudal set-ups like what is proposed in Dreher's book.

 The Communitarian Trap defined Communitarianism thusly:

"Communitarianism is a global agenda toward world government. It uses a coalition of government, business, and church who shore up the social, moral, and political environment, while slowly robbing the freedom of the participants. A Communitarian adopts and advocates concepts such as a cooperative spirit of community, selfless commitment to community service, and the duty to work for “the common good.” It's tied from the U.N. directly to Agenda 21, the Third Way, Common Purpose, laws, community objectives, Total Quality Management, education, food delivery systems, and the collectivist thinking pattern of the global community. It uses the Hegelian Dialectic to create the synthesis needed to develop the New World Order - and ultimately the totalitarian utopia of the Elite's New Atlantis.

In the first video, Dreher advocates for Christians to separate from mainstream American culture, and tells us that only "culture" can save Christianity.  The many verses that warn against the "love of this world" from scripture contradict his philosophies that are very much of this world. This is advanced Domininionism. The message being that Christians must rule, and build their own kingdoms on this earth.  Around the 10:39 mark he quotes an early church historian Robert Lewis Wilkin.."that apologetics and intellection cannot save Christianity only culture can. By culture I do not mean high culture, Box B high mass Caravaggio as a colleague of St Matthew I mean the total harvest of thinking and feeling to use TS Eliot's phrase the pattern of inherited meanings and sensibilities encoded in rituals, laws, languages and practices and stories that can order and inspire the behavior thoughts and inspirations of a Christian people."  That just sounds like a nice way to advertise some thought control.

In the second video, Fox news interviews Dreher. He mentions the "catastrophic" departure of millennials from churches and Christianity. This actually happened with Generation X. To be frank, most of the young, have become far beyond disgusted with the "culture wars" especially in a culture where our economic disenfranchisement has become so acute. The reality is many of the young have rejected Christianity as a whole. The culture wars actually helped. I was planning an article to do soon, where I predict a "church" bubble bursting like the college bubble. People who can't afford rent, aren't going to be tithing. Millennials are not having children to fill the pews with.

 I can already see on the local level, the churches remaining strongly middle class and above, while poorer people while we may be in the church to get some food, they are not part of the church. I am someone who has left the church system but for the average poor person, they know they do not belong and stay out of the system by default. What happens when mostly more affluent Baby Boomers die off? That said Dreher will ensure more millennials racing for the door, especially with his authoritarian vision of religious life. Of course I always wonder if the race for the one world church door, will be implemented via severe economic collapse or war in America, but as things work now, the churches are not addressing the needs of the young.

Is Communitarianism or a Commune in Your Future? 

Videos three and four are interesting to me because it shows a Bruderhof young woman, advocating for the Benedict Option. Some may ask me, what's so interesting about that? I knew about the Bruderhof, because I am someone who has read quite extensively about intentional communities. They are a religious community where people live in common and their beliefs are very akin to the Hutterites in America. Intentional communities are defined by Wikipedia: "An intentional community is a planned residential community designed from the start to have a high degree of social cohesion and teamwork. The members of an intentional community typically hold a common social, political, religious, or spiritual vision and often follow an alternative lifestyle.". The Bruderhof is a religious one, they share housing, meals and a very close and social lifestyle.

While I know the new world order, is going to use arranged communities and intentional communities [aka today's modern communes], I have had a personal interest in that way of life. Modern American life for many and especially the poor has become very empty.  One ponders escape to a better place.  In my case, I wondered if any true independents and spontaneous associations existed outside the "communitarian" system. I even had fantasies about finding a place that would accept someone with severe chronic health problems but my husband's response to these alternative lifestyles was an unequivocable, "NO, I am not going to live with a thousand brothers and sisters".

I fantasized about finding a loving community to join where someone of my Christian views would be welcomed, but I never acted on this, I was too sick and disabled.  I also noticed someone who renounced Catholicism and the ecumenical vision for Christianity probably wouldn't be too welcomed either. Why am I sharing this? Well in lonely American culture, these new ways of life seem VERY ATTRACTIVE and were/are to me personally. I believe as society goes into more economic and other chaos, selling these ideas will not be hard. As the economy in America crumbles and life for many becomes more hard, people are going to be seeking "new solutions".

Sadly human reality usually steers towards wickedness, this is NOT new stuff that Dreher is selling, American Utopianism especially of the "Christian flavor" took off in the 19th century, with the Shakers leading the charge. Back then these communities also were run like "communes" with new social rules and ways of life. Sadly a majority went into major corruption with false leaders, religious and spiritual abuse, and extreme doctrines. The Shakers died out renouncing all sex and marriage. There was a lot of abuse with wolves in sheep's clothing claiming power and control over people and many grew into out and out cults.

I even looked myself into co-housing, because life in America especially for a childless older couple without a family can feel very isolating but for some reason, they all seem to be relegated to the wealthy and for those of a certain ideological bent. I looked at "Christian" communities and had a fascination with them, on an intellectual level, so yes I knew about the Bruderhof. It does not surprise me that one of their own, is supporting Dreher's book or that Dreher visited one Bruderhof community in America called Fox Hill. [see video #3] Perhaps there is a planned marriage of "Christian" intentional communities with Dreher's vision of set apart Christian villages and communities. Here one sees the ecumenical movement in action as Orthodox meets Ana-baptist.

The Benedict Option has become a best-selling book and made the cover of Christianity Today. Definitely these view-points are being pushed by some powerful interests. The rooms full of wealthy academics and others are on display in the videos.  The question now is to ask Why?  What are they planning?

I asked in 2013, "Is Communitarianism or a Commune in your future?" In 2013, the blogger on The Communitarian Trap, warned about the efforts to turn Christians into an army of workers for the new United Nations sustainability and social justice efforts:

The Hands and Feet of Christ and the Identifying Marks of a Communitarian Social Justice Agenda.

This is definitely one direction the one world religion is building, with different denominations joining together. Rick Warren got this ball rolling. Evangelicals now take no issue with a vision of Christian life based on a Catholic religious order.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

War With Syria?

Trump lied. Are you surprised? I'm not. He promised his voters he would end the "USA as policeman of the world" nonsense. Nope he's another "owned asset" continuing the neo-con war agenda of Bush, Cheney and company as planned in the Plan for the New American Century. The Middle Eastern wars are to be continued. Some Trump voters have expressed outrage over this. Well, they got played.
The globalist march is not to be ended. Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, and now Syria and soon to be Iran. General Wesley Clark warned of "The Pentagon's New Map" wars years ago.  Per usual lies and propaganda are used to "sell war". The would be clashes with Russia, are a disturbing part of the puzzle. They tried pushing war with Syria since 2013 and well now they could be getting their wish.