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But Lausanne ITSELF is Ecumenical!

This is like writing the Pope and asking him to give the world a break on interfaith activities....

Open Letter To David Sedaca And LCJE

Why on earth would you approach an ECUMENICAL ORGANIZATION...LAUSANNE and one of it's subsidiaries LCJE

Lausanne Consultation for Jewish Evangelism 

and ask them...


Am I missing something here? Can someone explain? I am a bit confused.

I think some are missing a giant forest for the trees.

I found this petition online some time ago, but hadn't gotten around to posting about this yet.

They would have to renounce LAUSANNE in it's entirety and the WORLD CHRISTIAN movement IN TOTAL.

Check out the names on this petition, Jacob Prasch, Jackie Alnor, Miguel Hayworth. [see above and here]

This petition was brought to my attention a long time ago in this article...{read the comments}

Why Does Jacob Prasch Endorse the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelicalism?

It was one of those topics I didn't get around to posting on, but I kept thinking about it, how does that make any  sense, to ASK A LAUSANNE ORGANIZATION to NOT BE ECUMENICAL?

The only way that would happen would be for the group to disband, or cut all Lausanne ties, and reform under ANOTHER NAME!

The blue circles are from me, I circled the part where it says right on the LCJE website, that they are a SPECIAL INTEREST COMMITTEE OF LAUSANNE.

Now anything to do with Lausanne, is ECUMENICAL!

The Lausanne Movement: Bringing Evangelicals Into the Antichrist Fold

Calvary Chapel Connections to Lausanne

ICEP: A Catholic Group Working With Lausanne

Have all the above ministries renounced Lausanne as a whole? Does that mean they renounce Billy Graham as a false teacher who started the whole ecumenical mess?

What an odd collection of names too. Has Miguel Hayworth seen the articles on this blog, where I posted about the false teachings of Prasch? Why sign a petition with him and the Calvary Chapel defending Jackie Alnor?  He has been on this website as a commenter or [well someone was using his name], see comments here...

I found this whole petition to be odd, a long time ago when I found it. I wish I had posted on it earlier.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Serious Genetically Modified Organisms Event

The GMO stuff is getting serious. Remember GMOs are entering our food now. There are people
fighting for GMO stuff to be LABELED in our food.

Health Ranger investigates cyanide-producing Tifton grass on cattle ranch in Elgin, Texas

Mainstream news link: "Grass Linked to Texas Cattle Deaths"

See my other articles on GMOs

The Protestant Daughters #3: The Mainliners are on The Dominionist/Emergent/Globalist Bandwagon TOO

                                                                     one of the biggest lies out there that uses human pride to deceive.

Ah, I am a bit heartsick lately, trying to tell a few people I care about who are in the Protestant "daughters" church system, the truth in the Bible and what I truly believe about Rome. I have told them what matters is if someone is born again and found myself, telling one person, "the Catholic jesus is a false "jesus" and telling this person that saying "Amen to a Catholic Eucharist as the "body of Christ" means really that someone has worshipped an idol. They were right that there are some Catholics out there who have exposure to evangelical books and ideas and do not "believe" the official Catholic doctrines, but even then, if one was born again, they would high tail it out of there as soon as possible. That was my own experience and while I know there are those who disobey the proddings of the Holy Spirit, this is a point I won't depart from.

As you can tell these opinions are not too popular. I find myself really worry that I am conveying the message correctly, one does not want to enter into a fruitless argument or turn people off from the truth you want to tell them, but with Rome it is difficult. In the mainline Protestant churches, the view that the Catholic church is another Christian church although with a few errors, definitely predominates. I have noted myself a growing Catholicism in these churches, and being an ex-Catholic, it seems odd to me to watch some of these Protestants praising famous Catholic saints and "sacramentalism" but that has been happening for years and only gotten worse.

They of course believe that Catholics are all fellow Christians. If you say otherwise, many people will become upset with you, even if you share your experience as having been a Catholic, not to condemn or issue hate for people caught within, but to let them know what is true.

If you think the evangelical churches have been poisoned with the ecumenism and the false unity, the mainline ones were lost long ago. I have had people invite me to mainline churches but to me attending one, would be as much an affront to God, as partaking in a Catholic Mass. I am responsible for what I know before God. This also includes staying away from apostate evangelical churches. I think to myself quite a bit, how can these people be reached? We must keep praying.

One thing I am noticing is while I do deal mostly with the rotten way the evangelical churches are going, one thing I haven't delved into too much is discussing the mainline churches role in the big picture as well. On blogs, we are limited in time. I ignore these churches most of the time except in this recent series of articles on the "daughters", except to warn people that they are false.

  The fact is the mainline denominations are joining in the same trends as well, the seeker-sensitive, the Emergent, and more. The same trends, fads, conferences, lectures, seminars happening in the evangelical, non-denominational world, are happening in the mainline churches too. While some of these churches are committed to their different versions of more liberal/leftist social justice or advancing gay rights, this doesn't explain everything.  They are definitely are part of the Emergent Dominionist game plan. They have jumped on the Globalist bandwagon too! Lutheran, Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, Reformed, Methodist churches have jumped on the Emergent bandwagon as well. Lutheran and Methodist and other ministers are using the Emergent lingo like "Missional", and "impacting the culture". They are on the Roman Catholic program, why wouldn't they be? Being daughters?

They also are jumping into the "change this world" Dominionism as much as any baptist or evangelical church. The churches are all being drawn into the same place, the last days apostate antichrist false church is being built. Here is a website called RETHINK church, run by the United Methodist church. Notice the focus here?

What was that Jesus said again about LOVE NOT THE WORLD?

1 John 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

What is sad here, is many people are nice and good people who WANT to "HELP" the world. A lot of people want to look out for their fellow man. Many in these churches want to do positive things  and do a lot of good works in the community. That is what makes this so hard. You notice the things that look "good" on the surface" but then realize the untruths that are being taught with the social justice gospel and how Rome has used this one for centuries to deceive. 

One thing I am noticing is the focus on GOOD WORKS is definitely rising. Churches are getting on this "Do Something" bandwagon, and while that looks good as well...what about truth? I know I talk about how the globalists use the "help the poor" line to get people in their net, this is one way many people of good intentions are being misled.

I hate to tell these folks, but you can "do", "do", "do" til the cows come home but if you have not entered into biblical salvation it means NOTHING. Busy work for busy people, more distractions. Also when thinking about works, I want you all to consider something, people of better means and abilities have the ability to "do" more. The homeless guy isn't going to be able to feed the starving in Ghana and send money to the latest popular NGO.  A poor person in America may not have the money to help someone else pay their rent. I wonder what those kind of people think sitting in these "do" til you drop churches. Oh I was one of them in the Catholic church. I already was spiritually exhausted with this stuff in the Catholic church, and hate to see it all over the place now!

I know a lady and later she became a Lutheran minister, and I have been trying to give her pieces of the truth bringing her to question things, talking about the gospel and salvation and the direction the churches are heading. What I have noticed is the influences she has been given and it is all the same...FOCUS ON THIS WORLD stuff, change THIS WORLD. I found myself defining Dominonism to her, and that she needs to depart from it's lies. There are many other deceptions she is in of course including even desiring the pastorship of a church.

What I have noticed is many of these people have been given a vision of the world where they truly believe it will become a "Christian" utopia of sorts, and they really do believe the globalism and the "unity of man" and the United Nations and the rest really will bring in a new phase for mankind. Hey that is the way it has gone. It's in every church now, even a lot of the fundamentalists have joined up with their Dominonist  desires and love for the religious right.

Check out this article, that Fanatic for Jesus wrote on the "common good".

As you can see, the objective of Fabian Socialists in creating this style of democratic socialism/Communitarianist is not merely economic. There is a spiritual side that will forcefully dumb down the Gospel so that it will become equal to the cults and false religions. This statement above reflects government involvement in our lives, which is what makes it distinctly Communist/Fascist. As the world is being led into a totalitarian trap, the apostate Church reinforces its efforts for the common good.
Roman Catholics for the Common Good 
One of the greatest advocates for the common good comes directly from the office of the Papacy. Pope John Paul's vision of Communitarianism and a New Global Order is built on religious values. Its goal, as put forth by the Vatican, consists of seeking middle [common] ground between Marxist collectivism, and rigid individualism and capitalism. The Pope John Paul put forth what he believed to be the proper function of the community in helping individuals help themselves by mobilizing church resources, just like Rick Warren, and countering anti-religious movements. Communitarianism presents an universal notion of freedom, and a vision of a unified human destiny. The same oneness sought after by New Agers - which was demonstrated by the Pope's interfaith dialogue.
As you will see in the video, the common good is an important part of Catholic social thought. The Jesuits are involved in furthering the ideology of the common good. Note that the priest makes false claims that the Catholic churches social teaching as not being part of the Third Way political agenda. Let me remind you that Jesuits use the technique of subterfuge - deceit used in order to achieve one's goal.
Let's break this down, these churches ALL TOO believe in THE VISION OF THE UNIFIED HUMAN DESTINY. The baptists, the Methodists, the Lutherans, the Reformed, the Presbyterians, The Church of Christ and many more denominations I could list here along with the Rick Warren, evangelical and other churches too. 

I've warned about this too..."What is this common good stuff about?"

Sometimes things are so odd to me, I remember the term really "common good" only being used in the UU and other liberal "dreamers" back in the 1980s-such as a New Age writer in Utne magazine, now it is all over the place

Christians for the Common Good.

Presbyterian church with "Common Good" groups

and every one of these churches with few outlying exceptions  is hooked into the United Nations system...and the Vatican. As for the Vatican we know about the National Council of Churches connections, there are the direct United Nations ones as well.....

Why wouldn't they be?

The United Methodist church has their "Meditations and Devotions on the Millennium Development Goals" I found this book listed on the bottom right, of the "General Board of church and society of The United Methodist Church" website. Remember the Millennium Development goals of the United Nations? Well they have written prayers to go along with them.

One will note many of these churches are not without their United Nations liason office:

See my older article here...

"Is Your Church Yoked To the United Nations?"

Remember the aims here...

They all want to work through the POLITICAL system. They all say they want to transform the culture and the world.  It is basic DOMINIONISM. Don't forget what I have written here many times, DOMINIONISM CAME FROM ROME. The false churches are joined together for world power:

See my article on "The Mustard Tree Desires World Power"

And so much of the focus is this global and even local focus on "good works". Do not get me wrong, I believe good works for others do come out of faith and being led by God. However it is being used as a trap by Satan and his workers. I remember the prison of  false "good works" way too much in the Catholic church. The whole false "work your way into heaven" thing. All of this Reconstructionist and remember this all came out of Rome, idea that we are to turn the planet "Christian"  before the return of Jesus. They have definitely upped the ante there.

As far as the ecumenical movement is going, I am seeing more and more churches come together to share in these "good works" and join together. The days have come where evangelical churches ARE joining with the mainlines. It isn't just Rome inviting the daughters for visits, but the churches uniting in other capacities. This is being done via community outreach and an increase in partnerships.  Often the "reach the community" message is coupled with the "change the world" message in these churches. They definitely are reaching for that UNIFIED VISION of HUMAN DESTINY? Aren't they?

Some may see this article as redundant given the other topics on my blog, but my main point in posting this is for newbies to make the connections with the trends in the evangelical churches, and realize they are in the mainline ones as well, and how all these churches are united marching lockstep into the antichrist world system. 

What church out there is NOT joined with the world system or one world religion? They are growing fewer and fewer in number.  "Come out of her", just doesn't apply to the obvious culprits, but the false evangelical and other churches that are joined to the world system and Rome as well. 

Revelation 17:13: These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stay At Home Daughter Says SUBMIT TO YOUR DAD!

This is scary stuff. By the way, I have seen dozens of blogs like this, I decided to coment on this one.

"5 Reasons To Submit To Your Dad"

Here are some back ground articles on the SAHD daughter movement.

"More Disturbing Things about the Duggars" [Scroll down to the part about Daddy's Girls"]

"Two Sides of the Same Evil Coin: Radical Feminism Vs. The Patriarchy Movement"

The patriarchy movement is teaching that young ADULT women must stay under their father's authority until they marry. This means if they never marry, and are 40 years old and living at home, their father remains their "authority". Imagine being 35 years old and never married and having to ask your father permission to go to the store. That is that world. Like Radical Islam, a woman is mandated to always be under male authority, whether, it be a husband, or father.

Anyhow I saw this blog the other day...this lady who appears to be somewhere in her early 20s tells us to SUBMIT TO YOUR DAD. She states:

 "As a single adult woman I have made the choice to be a stay-at-home daughter. I live with my family and flowing out of that I have chosen to submit to my parents; and more specifically my father’s authority. I have chosen to do this until the day I am given in marriage to my future husband, when I will willingly begin to submit to him."

I wrote on this blog before, it's like they want women to stay perpetual children. By the way this goes hand in hand with the Dominionism and one can see even in the SAHD writings, the odd use of terms like "vision", and phrases like  "dominion of their spheres of influence in the home". Odd, how such a supposedly so traditional movement lays the new religious lingo on thick!

I hate to say it but if you never have the ability to live as an independent adult, how do you later take care of children and a husband? What if your husband dies? I find this movement extraordinarily foolish and based in false history even thinking of the practical matters of life. Women in the old days went to the market to sell eggs. She had to take care of the livestock and the farm when Pa was away from home for months on a railroad track construction job or looking for work. I also ask, what if one's father dies? Those who hit their middle aged years, know the numbers of those who have lost their fathers, outnumbers those who still have them. What kind of man would even want to marry a woman who essentially never grew up?

I often wonder about how much of this extreme stuff on the sociological front is a pendulum swing due to the bad economy and the breakdown of community. I hate to say it but every little home as a FORTRESS against the world, ISN'T GOING TO WORK. Is that what has become of American culture? Leave me out of it.

How many ultra securely employed Dominionist religious young men who will pass Daddy's screenings are there? At least they should be honest, and do what other cultures have done and make the switch to "arranged" marriages where parents arrange marriages between those of the same culture and/or religion. No I do not condone that, but think this one out, they are not allowed to date, they have no social means to meet this young man, they do not have sing-a-longs like the Amish, so as they see more and more young women home for life, this whole SAHD Quiverful culture will be forced into change. Look at the Duggar daughters, while I believe in chasity and waiting for marriage as the Bible tells us, they are akin to women living in convent. One commenter at this article--posted above, commented on the transition to early Greco-Roman culture aspects of life, I found that interesting. Women in Greco-Roman culture, were not allowed to have any part to play in the public sphere, they definitely were under full male control. Isn't Dominionism and this stuff, about returning to paterfamilias? 

I see how she speaks of the world being "dangerous" and of "creepy men".  The Duggar daughters all seemed afraid when a friendly stranger at the Dead Sea came over to say hello and had Jim Bob chase him away. What if that could have been a future husband? Dare I say that this bloggers attitude towards men is not a very positive one? That she has been taught to only fear? Young women should be raised to discern and be strong in themselves, where she would not need her father to know if she was being deceived by a false man with ill intentions.

I and my friends have spoken of how our more liberally feminist inclined families threw us out into the world to "sink or swim". Mine was Catholic but definitely held to all the new feminist lines. With the destruction of community, lives spent moving all over the place--in my case I was instructed to put the "career" first and told to move a thousand miles even if that is what it took, and moved to a enourmous metro city alone at one point to stay employed as young 20 something. I knew some of us thought something was very wrong with that side of things too. Friends have told me, they wish for lives of 50 years ago rather then what happened in our lifetimes. Today I know that many priorities are off. People should put family and community higher, with God of course first. But this as the answer? That is insanity. This is American Taliban stuff.

She speaks of having "financial responsiblity" taken off of her as well. That is scary too. Again parents die. What will she do on her own in the world? I think it is beyond irresponsible how these parents leave these "adult" children with no workable skills. I do believe women should stay at home with children, if at all possible, though I know more and more in this economy it is not possible. Men lose jobs. Men get sick, whether it is a temporary illness or a long term illness or injury.

When she mentions "Pressure", that is called being a grown up and being held responsible for your own decisions. Yes we all will make mistakes. Here too, I wonder if some girls seeing the changes in this world are wanting to stay home. One can understand the fear and trepidation considering this world, but this is no answer. These movements are not coming out of a vaccum.

The focus is entirely on her father, this is not healthy whatsoever.

Being a stay-at-home daughter helps me have a good, close relationship with my entire family, including my father. Living in the same home as my father allows me to regularly see and learn what things are important to him. I would have missed out on so many opportunities to get to know my father if I did not choose to live under his loving authority!

What about the things that important to her? Part of growing up is having your own values and developing one's own relationship with God. She seems far more invested in SUBMITTING to her father and getting to know him, then she does to obeying God and having a relationship with God. Why is her father the ultimate center of the household?

Sadly she is stuck in error, God does not except this. Just so people know, I have personally known at least three families raising daughters this way. Some got sucked in via the homeschool movement, all support Dominionism, and are part of the church system. Some may see this movement as extreme fringe, but I think the numbers are actually growing higher out there. I am seeing even past church families I used to know starting to adopt things like this which troubles me. I find myself thinking a lot about why such things are being promoted. Remember "biblical femininity" which she brings up in the video is being advanced even through many "mainstream" Dominionist groups.

I did leave a comment to her blog first, sending her links to my earlier articles. She did not post it and I did not hear back. I hope she and others like her in the SAHD movement can come out of the legalism and realize these things they are being told to adhere to are NOT biblical.

Phl 4:3         And I intreat thee also, true yokefellow, help those women which laboured with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and [with] other my fellowlabourers, whose names [are] in the book of life.

A Video Warning About Greg Laurie

I had a commenter give me the link for this video. Warning: the maker of the video, seems to be into some of the Hebrew Names movement stuff. I know there are fellow Christians who use the name "Yeshua" for Jesus. He later uses "Yahuvah" for God, a spelling and pronunciation I am not familar with. I just hope they have avoided the errors of Hebrew Roots. As for Laurie being a freemason, one can theorize as to how the "networks" are arranged, but I found his theory as to Laurie's logo being an inverted square and compass beyond the obvious "X" to be an interesting one.

I had not yet seen Laurie's Worldview book, yet, hmm another Single "horus" eye. Interesting how the same stuff repeats itself over and over, I can't imagine that graphic designers who design religious books are THAT uncreative. I agree with his comments about Christmas and churches designed as rock concert halls and that many have become sychophants to the celebrity preachers. One part of the video that is interesting is when it shows Greg Laurie, saying "God doesn't need your money" and then he starts talking about wise men and people who show up to birthday parties with no gifts and about "cheapskates". Sigh.....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Mark of the Beast" First Official RFID Commercial

I found this here

The first thing you need to understand about the mark of the beast is that it is a worldwide system that collects and gathers information, and ties it in with personal records of all kinds. This will culminate in a chip, implanted in your body, that will personally connect you to the system. Today you see that information is already being collected when you use your debit card, the loyalty card at the supermarket, your car has computer chips that enable it to function – everything is controlled by a chip that feeds the information to various databases around the world. Even the Internet itself is part of this system.

Yes for years some of us who have been warning about the RFID chip knew they would use first use practical measures to "sell it". They will tell people, "Now no ER patient will be without medical records", "Now no soldier will be lost", "Now no grandmother's with Alzheimers will be able to wonder off."

I wrote someone here on the blog the other day, that taking an RFID chip or would be future tattoo or chip, would be like handing the very ownership of your personhood over to man which is idolatry in itself and denies human dignity being of God. You basically MERCHANDISE yourself, 'making merchandise' as the Bible warns when you take that chip!

Remember there are European nations already making the switch over to being cashless. There is at least one African nation requiring the use of a National ID card to buy and sell. Brazil has started implementing it's own national card id system as well. Imagine the control they will have over people. I have named a few countries here, but this is WORLD-WIDE.

"BarCodes for Humans Now on the Horizon"

See "The Mark of the Beast: Refuse It!"

Monday, June 18, 2012

Romney Tells Christians: He Will Support Israel!

If new to this blog, check out my other articles on Christian Zionism

The NWO uses the secular state of Israel for it's own devices. Anyone who thinks that Israel is a "holy" nation free of the machinations of the Pope's masonic troops among the rest of the world is wrong. Look they use and prey on Christians, misdirecting them, telling them that love for the Jewish people means supporting endless war in the Middle East and supporting those who will betray the Jews. As I haved asked many times before given world history of high power figures in their treatment of Jewish and Christian people, why trust any of them now? Think about it. Why is the fallen evangelical world slobbering before lying politicians?

Romney supports war in Iran. The evil powers that be in this world desire war in the Middle East. The Pope desires Jerusalem, that has been part of the game plan from the start, and the governments of this world are fornicating with the harlot.

Romney Tells Christians He'll Back Israel; Santorum Praises Former Rival

Romney pleases Christian group with stance on Israel

The Christian group in the above article is the Ralph Reed founded Faith and Freedom Coalition, another false religious right group.

What is scary is these politicians know how to manipulate and they definitely know how to manipulate both the left and the right, and utilizing the "Christian" vote. So the guy who was said to have been at Bilderberg, getting his instructions to be another John Kerry or be the next president of the USA will garnish more evangelical votes, despite his being in the false Mormon religion. I have said on this blog if he wins, he definitely will be used to help integrate the Mormon church more fully into the ecumenical movement. Many evangelicals see the Mormon religion as just another "Christian" church when it is anything but.

Interesting video:

It seems those who KNOW Bible prophecy and what is supposed to happen, [anyone else keeping track of Russia's responses to a would be war with Iran?] would not be cheering for the would be death merchants and those who want to spread evil. But then most of the "Christians" didn't learn that lesson when it came to Bush did they? Even though this country has been rendered bankrupt from the endless Middle Eastern wars.

If you care about the Jewish people and desire they come to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, following the foul manipulation of the politicians, is not the way to do it.

Rick Warren and Greg Laurie at the R12 Conference in October

Greg Laurie has always been somewhat open with his ties to Rick Warren for years but becoming even more so now. Here is a new conference where Rick Warren and Greg Laurie will be speaking. Thanks to the commenter who told me about this:

Resurgence R12

Notice the teachers they have at this thing along with the indirect focus on the "works" gospel. Check out the titles of the lectures too.

"We Seek Influence for Jesus"--Rick Warren
"We Preach Jesus"--Greg Laurie
"We Influence Culture for Jesus"--Lecrae
"We're Strong Through Jesus"-Nick Vujicic
"We Serve the City for Jesus"--Miles McPherson
"We Resource for Jesus"--James McDonald
"We Innovate for Jesus"--Craig Groeschel
"We're Changed for Jesus"--Mark Driscoll
One can notice the Dominionist, Emergent strain right in the lecture titles. Notice the corporate-speak too that influences Rick Warren's Drucker emphasis.

Some time ago, this blog and others warned about the links between Chuck Smith, Rick Warren and Greg Laurie, focusing on that time they all appeared at a Harvest Festival together:

"Calvary Chapel and Rick Warren"

Many of you probably will remember this picture:

Even though endless Calvary Chapel bible conferences and related teachers will warn against Rick Warren and his false teachings, or the Calvary Chapel leaders will claim they do not support his teachings, such as in the 2006 controversy regarding the removal of Rick Warren's writings from their churches, Rick Warren and top members of Calvary Chapel have worked together. Consider the endless contradictions  Check this article out:

"Greg Laurie Connects Purpose Driven to a Move of God – Gives Financial Support"
"On May 6th, Greg Laurie, pastor of mega-church Harvest Christian Fellowship wrote a letter to pastors and church leaders in the New York region, announcing his Harvest Crusade 2008 in New York City on October 19th. This letter to pastors and leaders is causing confusion among some because of its content, and this Lighthouse Trails report will examine this issue.
Greg Laurie is best known as a Calvary Chapel pastor. His church is listed on the Calvary Chapel website, and Laurie often speaks at Calvary Chapel functions. And it is Laurie’s connection with Calvary Chapel that presents a great dilemma.

Two years ago, in May of 2006, Calvary Chapel issued a “Parson to Parson” letter, in which a statement was made against the emerging church and contemplative spirituality. The following month, at the 2006 Senior Pastor’s Conference, Calvary Chapel founder and pastor, Chuck Smith, told the senior pastors that Calvary Chapel as a whole was rejecting various movements and practices that have been taking place within the Christian church at large as well as in some Calvary Chapel churches. According to a number of pastors in attendance, who afterwards spoke with Lighthouse Trails, Smith asked that those Calvary Chapel pastors who were going in the direction of the emerging church would no longer call themselves Calvary Chapel churches. One week later, Calvary Chapel instructed its distribution center to immediately remove all of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life books from its center. The statement read: “The teaching and positions of Rick Warren have come into conflict with us at Calvary Chapel. Pastor Chuck has directed us to discontinue this product effective immediately.”

Let's remember Greg Laurie is a top Calvary Chapel preacher with Chuck Smith's support.

Notice here Rick Warren praising Greg Laurie[video from news4themasses]

Does this Calvary Chapel pastor who wrote against Warren's teachings in 2008 know what his own leadership has been up to lately?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Advancement of Euthanasia in the Media

I am writing this article in response to this Time magazine cover "How To Die" and this article.

I understand that there are times when people want to refuse medical care, and "extraordinary means". There are times people may have to make hard choices for relatives on life support, or where further medical interventions would bring far more unnecessary pain and suffering where people decide not to go that route. For instance, I had a relative who refused chemo at an advanced age. There are medical things I have refused--once praying and basically being told by God, not to get or pursue a certain serious medical procedure. Since I am still kicking 9 years later that was a blessing from God. These things however are people's personal choices. They were not made by bean counters and those wanting to "save money".

 One danger I see coming is "passive euthanasia", where to qualify for certain treatments, they will look at someone's age and other health problems and tell them they don't meet the standards to have it done. That is what all the warnings about Obama's would be "death panels" was all about.

My trust of the medical world is LOW, even if I have had good doctors and been saved by modern medicine before,  I had an in-law die of being given a drug they were allergic to, and an in law who basically died of dehydration in the hospital, his daughter checked on him daily-they both lived out of state, but could only do so much. I have seen people put away into the nursing home, one denied rehab that could have given her a chance at a better life--they gave her a week or two and then cut it off and left her in her bed almost night and day.  There are things going on out there that are scary. When people have feeding tubes, water, etc, removed there is horrible suffering no matter the excuses they put on top of it. I have seen people denied physical therapy, rehab, and more that would have helped them due to 'cost-cutting" measures. Many of these places are run "for-profit" which tells you how decisions are made. What is worse, is the clinical coldness that has come to dominate the medical world in general.

Matt 6: 24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Think about with these euthanasia lovers, how their solution is to end everyone's lives as quickly as possible when we actually have the medical technology to alleviate pain. There is a problem here. This is all about MONEY.  If you read these magazine articles, it's all about the money. No one has the opportunity to die at home anymore with loved ones, they are shipped off to scary, unfamiliar surroundings and there are plenty of new world order owned "writers" like this telling people to SPEED up the DYING process, or even in the extreme cases BEGIN it, supposedly to save MONEY.

Even that is based on lies. Where is all the CASH going? Why does it cost hundreds of bucks for a bandage? Why does a week in the hospital cost upwards of a $12,000 bucks? Ever think about the CUT all the mega-insurance companies are getting or how the system is set up for corruption. So while they tell you that your 80 something year old grandfather is the "burden" and the "problem", the wicked behind the scenes fill their money bags. The greed is astounding out there. One unknown fact very few doctors take Medicare, they refuse it because they aren't paid enough. Anyone with a disabled or elderly relative, figures out some of the facts out there fast. Ever wonder why we have so many foreign doctors now? Most  Americans can't afford medical school anymore. Why is that? It is a closed system.

Trillions for wars overseas, and bank bail-outs but look how they go to the medical world FIRST here, and talk about not extending people's lives because of the "costs". Yes medicine can be messy, yes people may die despite the efforts, but there are those who live too. Would you rather error is made on the life side or the death side? I would go with the FORMER!

Who wants other people deciding if a life is "worthwhile" besides God? It is sick. I know someone who has severe health problems who was told by others, they would have chosen to die instead if they were in her shoes and this is not a person who is bedridden, they can walk, and see. Scary stuff, but people have been indoctrinated to the max. We are living in a world where only the healthy, wealthy and young, are being told that they "matter".

Even the people who fear being vegetables or stashed away into the nursing home and being helpless, this comes out of the wickedness of a system where the old and ill are stashed away, "out of sight and out of mind" and forgotten and ignored. People are told once they take ill, become disabled and non-"productive" that they are worthless.  Unlike years ago where families were together and took care of their old and sick, with multiple members helping out, people know what happens today. Their fears are real but sadly now being used to advance the death agenda, so old people tell their children, "Let me die, I do not want to become a burden!". What is scarier is what will happen to those without children, who will be left at the whim of clinical social workers and so called "professionals" making those decisions. Anyone who has faced serious illness or helplessness, understands the fear that can loom simply from the thoughts of ending up in a nursing home and the horribleness and even abuse that could await. Remember my warnings about how fear is used to take people into wicked things?

2 Timothy 1:7  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

With modern medical science I think one needs to keep a clear mind and analyze many things, especially what is being done to the food, and all the toxins they are bombarding us with, but there is another agenda out there. The evil elite do want to reduce the population. Many people even in their middle age with serious health problems are asked to sign "do not resuscitate orders". This is what happens. They are indoctrinating people now to accept these things and have for many years. Life is not valued. They promote death at every turn.

You know things are scary when MONEY is always put above LIFE, the message is to DIE instead of cost people or your family money.  Hey that is what has fueled the MILLIONS of abortions in this country. Young women being told not to "ruin their lives" and being told to have their babies done away with to save their "future careers" and "socio-economic" lives. CASH is held above LIFE in this country and has been for decades. Now that the Baby Boom population is aging, the drumbeats to SAVE MONEY have already started. It is the same thing but this time instead of just killing unborn babies and rejecting their right to life, they are trying to change the attitudes towards the sick, the old and elderly. Many warned this would happen, in a culture where they do not care about killing unborn life, why wouldn't they step it up a few notches?

This world, does disvalue life. Lest you think morality and common sense is going to prevail, don't be naive'. I am going to tell you about a personal experience here. I went to a local library book club where they had assigned this book for the monthly discussion, to tell the folks, I believed the book above was total evil. I almost quit reading it, but decided to proceed and go and tell them what I thought. Soon I may be doing an article on FICTION books and how so many program for anti-Christian thought. I am at the point where I am reading 90% nonfiction, tired of being bombarded with everything from subtle New Age theology to worldviews that make me want to puke.

Here is the book, it was called "The Unit". This book was translated from Swedish, and was about a society, where everyone over 50 and childless or older with grown children out of the house, were considered "dispensable" and used for medical experiments and organ donations. With some of the organ donations, they had corneas, ear bones, kidneys taken, but they also had ones that ended their lives--livers and hearts. In other words they were used as living organ banks for the rest of the "indispensable" population. The people in the book accepted this system, and their deaths. They were treated "well" on a surface level, given nice apartments, food and leisure, while the death clock wound itself down. In the book, two of them fall in love, and one lady gets pregnant, but they do away with her male lover, taking his liver, and she has the baby transplanted to another womb--remember this is an imagined future, and while one kind worker, gives her the means to escape, she refuses and stays to meet her deadly end. I didn't want to read this book, it was nauseating, but felt impelled to challenge folks on it and told them bluntly, this book is evil and why. I said it to them straight. There was another elderly Christian in the audience, who shared my sentiments, but what was scary, was the people kept talking about how medical care was growing more expensive, and what was going to be done with all the old and disabled people out there?  "We do not want to be burdens ourselves", they said. It was one of those moments of feeling aggrieved around the unbelieving world.

They accepted that the book was dystopian and protrayed a horrible future, but I kept thinking don't they realize how close things are getting now? Many said, "The book made us think" when I thought to myself the book taught passive acceptance of pure unadulterated evil. The heroine after all accepted her fate. Life has become cheap in this world, even for a book of no hope like this to be written. Where it's all about cost measures, and who gets what. This book was just more Logan's Run nonsense! Remember that movie where they sent everyone off to die by age 30 and go to Carousel, another satanic brainwashing film as early as the 1970s? I saw this movie several times when young, it is interesting to see the implicit NWO influences and symbols right in it. The "culling the population" stuff has existed for decades.

The Nazi's had their "life unworthy of life" program, many forget about this when they did away with sick infants, the developmentally disabled, the sick and old. There were protests that ended this but sadly did not end the Holocaust of later. There the luciferian beancounters decided who lived or died too.

"The Nazi euthanasia program quickly expanded to include older disabled children and adults. Hitler's decree of October, 1939, typed on his personal stationery and back dated to Sept. 1, enlarged "the authority of certain physicians to be designated by name in such manner that persons who, according to human judgment, are incurable can, upon a most careful diagnosis of their condition of sickness, be accorded a mercy death."
Are we headed to those times now? Except they won't be so direct about it. They will use "lack of availability" and more back door cost cutting measures. Actually some of this stuff has already started. What will happen with the drug shortages that have started now?

Don't forget Jack Kevorkian, that man's satanic darkened heart showed up in his art and the fact that TODAY in places like Oregon and the Netherlands, one can call for medicine to kill one's self with if they are "ill" enough. The so called "assisted suicide" evil. There on the surface, they claim to this is the person's "personal choice". But you wonder when the "choice" to die becomes the "duty to die", especially among those who fear the burdgeoning medical costs to their families. In the Netherlands they have made things "convienient" for their mostly godless duped masses, with their mobile euthanasia units where they will send a van right to your house to kill you.

This is serious business, everyone reading this article one day will be facing death and old age. Many will be facing incapcitation and needing the care of others. It is scary what is happening in this society and the coldness that abounds.

Matt 24: 12And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. 

Here is more information on how they are bombarding people with their euthnasia and death messages in the media.

I do not agree with everything here, this is NOT a Christian video--[some mild language warning], but he deals with many of basics. I do agree with some of his criticisms of the medial world. The corruptions are deep and not all the treatments are the best. There are things going in the medical world that replicate things exposed on this blog regarding the religious world. Think the same degree of corruption, lies and more. He is right about the EVIL implicit in this. He is right about how other cultures treat their elderly better. America should be ashamed of itself.

Here is the cover of the recent Time magazine:

This one is from 2009, they didn't hold back from a direct sick title.
When I saw this one, I almost couldn't believe it, but it is real:

The Case for Killing Granny

TIME Magazine pushes death agenda: Remove feeding tubes from the dying elderly (and get a cash bonus!)

The Elite Are Attempting To Convince Us That Killing Off Our Sick Grandparents Is Cool And Trendy

What should be done with elderly Americans when they become very seriously ill? Should we try to save their lives or should we just let them die? Unfortunately, there is a growing consensus among the "intellectual elite" that most elderly people are not going to have a high enough "quality of life" to justify the expense of costly life saving procedures. This philosophy is now being promoted very heavily through mainstream news outlets, in our television shows and in big Hollywood movies. The elite are attempting to convince us that killing off our sick grandparents is cool and trendy. We are being told that "pulling the plug" on grandma and grandpa is compassionate (because it will end their suffering), that it is good for the environment and that it is even good for the economy. We are being told that denying life saving treatments to old people will dramatically reduce health care costs and make the system better for all of us. We are being told that it is not "efficient" for health insurance companies to shell out $100,000 for an operation that may extend the life of an elderly person by 6 months. But the truth is that all of this is part of a larger agenda that the elite are attempting to advance. As I have written about previously, the elite love death, and they truly believe that reducing the population is good for society and good for the planet. Sadly, population control propaganda has reached a fever pitch in recent months.
Time Magazine has just come out with a very shocking cover story entitled "How To Die". The article goes on and on about how wonderful and compassionate it is to remove life saving treatment from sick relatives.

This is all the outcome of a world going further into evil, WAXING cold.

Matt 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Philippians 4:8

An important verse, and one I am reminding myself of a lot lately. I still think my blog serves a purpose in warning people but we need to keep things balanced with joy in the Lord. We want to focus on joys too and on God's blessings and what we have to be THANKFUL for.

Col 3:15    And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.

God bless you--Biblebeliever

Some Recent Thoughts about Kindness

Col 3:12 Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering;

Psa 117:2 For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD [endureth] for ever. Praise ye the LORD.

Pro 31:26 She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue [is] the law of kindness.

Luk 6:35 But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and [to] the evil.

Sometimes in thinking about life, and in dealing with people on a secular level, one thing I first I ask myself "Are They Kind?" It is also an important question to ask of YOURSELF. ARE YOU YOURSELF A KIND PERSON?

I know doing the expose the deceivers work can be hard. Some of us are sensitive sorts, who wants to make enemies? There are so many wolves out there. Lately I know I have to be careful of not falling into the morass of where the exposing can lead some. One of my commenters on this article warned of the dangers out there, and speaking of a conference I was talking about talked about those becoming "experts on evil". If we are going to apply that to a conference that is being analyzed, we need to apply those standards to ourselves too. I do not just want be seen MYSELF as just an "expert on evil".  I have to admit when writing some of the stuff here, I think of the good stuff, that is being directed away from. One should not live in fear. I do not want to think about nuclear bombs, Fema camps, and the rest, I want to think about God's love.

Even when exposing things, I'd rather it would not have to be done, I would rather live in a world where everyone was sincere, trust me on that. How does one balance all this?, it is an issue I struggle with.

As I have written many are our enemies along just based on us being Christians. Believing what I do alone will make some people angry and have them yell out the hater 'scripts'. This will happen no matter how nice you are, in even being direct about God's truth. There is a hard balance to make as the Christian knows, just for being who they are and what they believe that many in the world will 'hate them'. 1 John 3:13. Of course at the same time we are called to live in peace with all men:

2Cr 13:11 Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.

Rom 12:18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

So this is all a matter of balance.

I like that Romans 12, writes "if it be possible", well because circumstances will arise where one will need to stand up for the truth or depart from wickedness.

A couple years ago I wrote the "mean" Christian article. I had some Christians who were 'mean' to me, in my nonbeliever days. In the Christian world, so many are whipped up [and many of these people in the pews ARE sincere] into *fighting* enemies that something is being lost.

If anything I try to always err on the side of being kind while still preaching the truth to people in real life. It is not always easy. Christians will have doors slammed in their face and encounter those who refuse to speak to them even just for giving them a tract. However I do know kind people who do not agree with me on things who do treat me with respect. Thankfully several of these people are open to what I have to say. I certainly do not see myself as the world's expert, and "RIGHT" on everything but hope for these folks, they come to know the gospel through me.

We have to always be asking ourselves are we showing God's kindness and love to others? One thing I do try to meet people where they are at. I spent my years in my own deception but once one has the gospel they want to share it with others. I know even the majority of Christians out there are not going to know about some of the things some of us have studied, some of us who have done so for years. One doesn't need a political litmus test or to know who the Bilderberg are to get into heaven. We must keep to mercy as well, with God as our example. The most important thing is if someone is born again or not. That said, I make that the first priority out in life but then I believe what I do here is important too, warning people about what is going on and talking about things I have learned. Who wouldn't want to do that? 

This is just something I am thinking on lately. This world needs more kindness as it is.

1611 Authorized King James Bible vs. Alexandrian Text: A Brief HIstory

"KJV Only" is an error where they tell you the KJV is "new inspiration" but I thought this video was interesting in showing the differences between Bible versions. I always stick with the KJV myself:

Friday, June 8, 2012

The "Christian" Experts and Their Delusions

This was a conference from 2011 called Future Congress, but the list of speakers is interesting. What are we to think of all these individuals coming together to warn about these certain topics?

Interesting collection of people who spoke at this one. Some names we know include Chuck Missler, G Edward Griffin [him too? Didn't he expose the Federal Reserve in that one book?], Tom Horn, Terry James--who has appeared at Rapture Ready conferences, Chris Pinto, Sharon and Dereck Gilbert who advance the false alien themes too, and Russ Dizdar.

Some of the "classes" or lectures had some interesting titles:

"The Illuminati" Doc Marquis

"AntiGenetics 101: The Rise of Dragon DNA" Sharon Gilbert [Where does the Bible talk about "Dragon DNA", it's a deception!], those that Icke calls "lizards" and the rest, it's demonic possession not DNA produced from angels and men reproducing. As I wrote on my long ago Nephilim article, see below, while there are some sincere folks exploring the Nephilim stuff, I asked why is this being so emphasized? Of course most here know I believe it is a major deception.

As for the Gilberts avoid their PID website, and the rest. I saw it YEARS ago, and had IMMEDIATE NEGATIVE discernment upon seeing their photos and websites even before I knew 10% of what I have written on this blog. Why would they name a "Christian radio" station PEERING INTO DARKNESS?  Aren't Christians supposed to LOOK AWAY FROM THE DARKNESS?

1 John 1:5 This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

Missler has appeared on their radio show:

"The Coming Replacement Human" Tom Horn The scientists are messing with transhumanism and more, but shouldn't we be more worried about our sins then discovering who is a "real" human or not? Talk about setting up for future delusions. One thing the way these people are teaching everyone, "Christians" will be running around more worried about aliens and *fake* humans rather then sticking to biblical truths such as casting demons out and letting the Holy Spirit lead them.

"The Black Awakening", Russ Dizdar. This guy runs another strange website, that speaks of "Shattering the Darkness". I am not even going to link to it. All I will say about this one is my personal opinion is TO STAY AWAY. I had a Calvary Chapelist send me this person's DVDs years ago and listened to one and another did not work. I heard a lot of non-biblical teachings and use of fear and extreme focus on evil to influence Christians. It's been years since I heard it, but I knew enough to stay away. He does focus on mind control, satantic infiltration of the church and luciferians, and in that there may be some snippets of truth but then you wonder what is coming WITH it?

I guess seeing him connected to Missler at the 2011 Future Congress is not a surprise. He is advertising something called Project Josiah on his website too. It looks evil, the one red eye and militarism on the ad, is disturbing. Am I out on a limb here to say, this DOES NOT look like a CHRISTIAN AD?

Russ Dizdar also at this conference did another lecture on Dark Rituals, Dark Powers. 

One odd class or seminar was Chris Pinto, warning about the Jesuits "Rome in America" Chuck Missler's class, lecture or seminar was "History Written Before it Happens"

I only named a few of the lectures, but take a look at the link to see them all. 

One thing I am noticing out there, is there are those out there seeking to mislead Christians who are interested in Bible prophecy and more, and maybe even who have discovered a few things, such as the masonic designs behind Washington or the existence of mind control, but remember what I have said about the layers of deception? There is so much misleading of Christians out there. We are in the days, where you need to basically get away from the "experts" just read your Bible and pray. Hey even with THIS blog, I don't conside myself an "expert" just a fellow Christian believer warning people, but check everything out and go to your Bible and God FIRST.

  Too many are overawed by those they see as their "intellectual" superiors who in some of these cases have thousands of bible verses memorized. Just because someone is 'smarter' then you does not mean they are listening to the wisdom of God. I sat for years in the UU during my unsaved years, being bamboozled by the scientists, published authors and high levels of the intelligensia, why should anyone close down their brains for the supposed "Christian experts"? I wasn't planning to do it again. There they used their higher status and celebration by the world too, to advance their deceptions.

1Jo 2:26    These [things] have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you.

I have to admit, this is one thing I was thinking about the other day, look at all this stuff like at this 2011 Future Congress seminar, it is depressing, it seems to bring forth despair, *fake* humans, demons, nuclear war, "black awakenings", what else am I missing? Should Bible conferences be like attending the darkest science fiction movie you can think of? I posted a picture of a nuclear bomb here once, on some article, but they never miss a chance to sprinkle giant mushroom clouds on their literature and websites. [see the bottom of the Future Congress pages]

  Hey I know I focus a bit on the "negative" here to warn people and trust me it is something that troubles me. God loves us, but it is the NWO that wants to bring everyone's minds into all this all this dark stuff. I probably will be doing an article soon expanding on this topic, the more subtle ways that minds are being influenced. America itself has fallen into a free fall of out and out terror and fear, that has been used for control and worse. Its being done via false religion too.

Even with prepping and the endless disasters, I was thinking the other day, "hey, what can I do about it?" God will take care of me and you too if you have trusted in Him. Even if all their "hell on earth" scenarios came true [yes the Bible warns about what is coming to this world too] what can you do about it. What are we to do? 

Mat 10:31    Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.

One way these people get over on people and influence them, is the FEAR FACTOR. People are scared to death now of the world imploding, they got us coming and going. Some are dealing with severe health problems or other problems in everyday life beyond the "world" blowing up or the *alien* take-overs warned of over and over by these guys. They can attract people into this stuff too having them focus on these things instead of pressing everyday problems or even their own sins. I often think too how none of them talk about real issues, like the America economy being in free-fall or reminders for Christians to come together and help each other as God leads. It's all "science fiction" skewing the book of Revelation and "make you scared out of your wits" scenarios. With the demons, and "aliens" [cough really demons too] , if you have faith in God, do you need STRATEGIES and WARFARE or to know every one of "THEIR EMERGING THREATS" to battle them? One thing I was thinking about writing this article, is all the ZOMBIE nonsense the news seems to be pushing, and how they plan to use that garbage to bring people to be even be more deceived and troubled. They ARE wearing people out via sheer attrition. Go to your Bible to get answers, why some of these things are happening where human beings are showing some of the darkest behaviors possible and that we never imagined before. [hint: it's not just DRUGS]. 

Hey if you think you can "win" with your own human intellect, you will lose. That is where trusting in God comes in. It is also not your job to "battle" the "zombies", "aliens", "fake humans", demons, you do so trusting in God, calling on Him and letting Him DEAL with them. 

By the way when studying or warning about the satanists, aliens, demons and even the luciferians, I do not want to know every creepy detail. There is really bad stuff in this world. I do believe there are some things God wants us to know, like who the false teachers are, and how to respond, but you ever wonder about the "teachers" who go down every list of demons/and or "aliens" and study them so intently and want you to as well? That is what I thought about Russ Dizdar. 

Why do some of these people look to FALSE PROPHECIES, like Roman Catholic ones instead of the Bible? As an ex-Catholic, I know the Catholic church is full of endless false legends and fake prophecies, such as the "three days of darkness", etc. etc. Don't trust those who go to EVERY OTHER SOURCE but the Bible, like going to gnostic books, Enoch--some of them may downplay saying it's not scripture but when they use it as a source over and over, that's a problem, Catholic prophecies and NOSTRADAMUS, who has made an appearance on some of these websites too. 

If you haven't seen these articles make sure you read them as well to keep this all in context:

See these posts to understand especially the drumbeats focusing on the ALIENS....

More Thinking About Raider's News Network, Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, Aliens and Science Fiction

Why So Much Vatican and Evangelical Interest in Aliens? Setting Up for Deception

and especially "Deceiving you with aliens and nephilim"

With the experts, be done with them. Depend on the Holy Spirit as your teacher.

Jhn 14:26    But the Comforter, [which is] the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Variety of Links #14 and Other Comments

This is one of the strangest logos I've ever seen...

Doing the last article, on Dayna Muldoon and the Calvary Chapel pastor, I was googling  Randy White's church, that was the Charismatic preacher who came on later and defended Muldoon. It makes sense they have hands of different colors as this is a church that sold itself as being for all people but it is just an odd logo. The hands above are supposed to signify a "W" but it's strange how the fingers are all interlocked together, showing three fingers from each side, adding up to "6". That's not good as far as symbols go.


"Human BarCode Could Make Society More Organized But Invades Privacy, Civil Liberties"

Science fiction author Elizabeth Moon last week rekindled the debate on whether it's a good idea to "barcode" infants at birth in an interview on a BBC radio program.

“I would insist on every individual having a unique ID permanently attached — a barcode if you will — an implanted chip to provide an easy, fast inexpensive way to identify individuals,” she said on The Forum, a weekly show that features "a global thinking" discussing a "radical, inspiring or controversial idea" for 60 seconds .

Moon believes the tools most commonly used for surveillance and identification — like video cameras and DNA testing — are slow, costly and often ineffective.

In her opinion, human barcoding would save a lot of time and money.

This is sickening and more for the dehumanization of the human population and control by the luciferians. I haven't done an article on RFID or their other technologies lately but I am sure they are still working on their Mark of the Beast technologies behind the scenes.

See: "The Mark of the Beast Refuse It!"


Bilderberg met very recently: [links and videos are for information not endorsement]

Notice in this video the quote by David Rockefeller, saying he is proud of building a globalist order.....

Hey they do not keep their plans secret, Kissinger had this to say recently:

"The United States has to be part of an international system that we create domestically", he told The Harvard Crimson in the beginning of this month. When asked what the most important problems are facing American society today, Kissinger answered:

"Internationally, the problem is that there are upheavals going on in every part of the world, but these upheavals don’t follow the same basic causes, and so the United States has to be part of an international system that we create domestically."

More Ecumenism Promoted by The Christian Post: "Evangelicals and Catholics Together Getting Born Again" When witnessing to Catholics, I have heard "the Catholics are born again" line. I basically used to say, beyond the endless false teachings and gospel if they are still receiving the Eucharist" they are worshipping "another christ". No surprises there. That is what the false preachers teach all over the place. Of course the man who wrote this article is Lutheran and as I wrote earlier the Lutheran church as well as many others has retained the baggage of Rome.



With "science" do not believe everything you hear. I know some chemists and others reading this blog may be angry with me, questioning science, and I will admit, I have my own personal limitations in knowledge of physics, quantum physics, and mathematics. There are times on this blog when I do confront my own educational limitations, hey we all have them. However I believe God can give a Christian enough wisdom and discernment to know when something is WRONG even if they can't state the exact details.

However a LOT of LIES are being sold in this society under the guise of SCIENCE. Forgotten in the mists, is that a lot of science consists of unproven THEORIES, [yeah like evolution].  There are some things that are proven of course, nuclear power works for example but there is much that is NOT. People hear Missler and other people going on about QUANTUM PHYSICS and think wow that has to be true! No it's THEORY.  Another name for QUANTUM PHYSICS is QUANTUM THEORY.

I posted this on News4themasses the other day in response to her Article on "The Network Discernment/Deception Broad is the Way" Check out News4themasses' article where she talks more about the extreme deception of "the network" that is out there,  and my comment in it's entirety.

Here was part of my comment to her article:

With the lilypad talk, one thing I think that has helped me over the years, is from my time in the UU, I was hearing the New Age esoteric ‘new speak” by the late 80s. That new world order nexus church was basically practice time for things they would bring into other churches. What should one think when a supposed Christian preacher talks like a fractal fanatic? [the Lilypads breaking off from one another]. “Geometric progression” is another name for fractals.

When I heard certain LINGO, that is the best way I can describe it, to me it raises a huge RED FLAG. Remember in this world, too many depend on the EXPERTS FOR INFORMATION. While we may have limited knowledge and our own limitations to contend with, too many people just take what they are told for granted without analyzing it or praying to God about anything. Many people take for granted that such things are based on “science”, forgetting that much within science is THEORIES and not everything is PROVEN. Now the fractal stuff is related to CHAOS THEORY.

Now lest you think this is all pure materialist science, realize the connection in the NEW AGE MOVEMENT with Chaos Theory.

One thing too, when I ponder the “network” is I know, they have geniuses running their show, they know how to influence, they know psychology, they know how to influence minds, and control information. I have realized since doing my blog to what extent. Like you I am just an ordinary person, no fancy volunteers or editors to help me with the blog, at this point I am just going to keep sharing what I am led to, and pray for God’s leading, but it is tough out there. There are names I never wanted to see cropping up on these lists, that’s for sure. While there are surely some sincere folks who got co-opted or didn’t realize who they were associating themselves with, ever wonder how come no one else has “figured” out these deceptions even so called “Bible teachers” of 30-40 years? I guess the only conclusion one can come in some of the cases is that they are “in” on it and many are “knowing” deceivers.

I recognized much esoteric talk wtih Missler from the get-go that concerned me. I also think about the Lilypads, and CELL DIVISION, as talked about in this article:

Later I would find this graphic.....

Looks like some of these churches are referring to FRACTALS now even.

I got the graphic from Herescope--[which I do share concerns about] but I found this graphic really interesting.

Remember my warnings about never trusting NEW LANGUAGE that often it's used to bamboozle you?. Just look at this as an example.

I added the YELLOW highlights.

I guess they already are using the FRACTALING term more and more.

This brings up weird memories for me as I had a UU minister in love with fractals who would preach on them all the time in the late 1980s. They would tell me things like fractals explain the design of the universe, with some notes of Deism in there with "god" as a "watchmaker" who just got the "designs" started.This is an example of another UU minister preaching on them. [Link shown for example not endorsement of UU false teaching]The UU churchwould advance a LOT of it's false theology, Theosphy and New Age teachings and would tie them into false science. [To my new readers, I am an Ex-Catholic as well as Ex-Unitarian Universalist, these were churches I was in prior to being born again]

So when I say that a lot of this stuff is NOT new to me, it isn't. I never liked Fractals, if one wants a bunch of migraine inducing "art", here you go.

This is just some thoughts off the cuff, but how much of this stuff, is about REPETITION and seeking to devalue God's handiwork? One can even think of the beehive, where the bees build the hive, with NO CREATIVITY nor diverting off the formula. Hey, let them have their fractals and cell divisons, repetitions of the same in their spiritually dead churches. I will pray more people come out and don't get caught up in it all. I think there is a reason they are now using these 'scientific terms', they can confuse people easier that way and think the "smarter" experts know more then they do. Here is where a Christian needs to listen to God. I faced the hyper-intellectuals, and some were of magnificant levels by this world's standards even in the UU--published authors, scientists and other masters of academia, but remember this Bible verse, it more then applies.

1 Corinthians 3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.

Ephesians 4:14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;


Ed Young Preaches on Kool-Aid. Things get sillier and sillier in some of these churches. I wonder if that graphic is meant to mock his own congregation, considering what I have written in regards about gay marriage being a "culture warrior" smokescreen.

From Fanatic for Jesus: Seventh Day Adventist and Their Luciferian Roots

I found this link, it is in Spanish, but the graphics are self explanatory:


"The Occult History of the Seventh Day Adventist Church"

The above reads "Elements of the Logo of the IASD [SDA]

The Flames Form the number 666, the opened Bible and the inverted cross." 

Fanatic for Jesus also posted this "Liberty University Logo: Is it Masonic?"

The TORCH is a symbol used within the occult:

"Masonic author, Manley P. Hall, 33 Degree Mason, states that "the torches represent the occult arts and sciences, the doctrines and dogmas by the light of which Truth is made visible." [Hall, Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians to Which Is Added an Interpretation of the Crata Repoa Initiation Rite , Los Angeles, The Philosophers Press, 1937, p. 122; Emphasis added]"

See: "The Seventh Day Adventist Church: Another Daughter of Rome"


Charles Stanley's Advice to Christian Wife Whose Hubby Won't Tithe: Read Him Malachi 3, Assume He is Living in Sin

Tithing is a false teaching. This author is right to be worried in how this false teaching will cause division between a husband and wife.

"Yvonne, a husband and wife should decide between themselves what they are to do with their money. Don't let the doctrine you've been taught in church known as the "storehouse tithe" cause even an ounce, not one single millisecond of friction in your marriage. That a supposed "man of God" would give you advice contrary to scripture that might cause you strife and conflict in your marriage is beyond belief.

There is no prescribed percentage that your family needs to give to a church or any religious organization in order to receive God's blessing. That idea is pure poppycock. It is legalism. It is greed on the part of the pastor and religious holy men who have taught this idea in order to maximize revenue for their religious organizations.

Listen to what your husband says. His not wanting to give 10% to your church is very likely NOT because he is living in sin or an indication he is not a Christian. To the contrary he is probably trying to be a wise steward of your family's finances - his primary job as a Christian husband is to provide for you and the children and for your futures. It is not to fork over large sums of your family's finances to support a 501(c)3 religious organization. Your husband has wisdom. Listen to him and his reasoning.

The New Testament is clear: every person (and family or couple) should determine in their heart what to give. And this applies to you and your husband. The two of you should decide what to give, and where to give. Put your family first. Meet the needs of your children, put money away for their future and their education. Support your church financially, yes, but don't let anyone guilt you or scare you into thinking it must be a certain percentage else you and your kids are cursed by God. The process used in determining what you and your husband give to your church or to any worthwhile cause that you choose, should be one of joy and thanksgiving. It is preachers like Charles Stanley that are trying to put a burden on you and your husband. Don't let them."

See: "Tithing is a Lie"

A Video for Encouragement: Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety - Biblical Prescription BibleOrTraditions

Jesus Christ: The Only Way to Be Saved: