Thursday, April 28, 2011

Glenn Beck Endorses an Author that Supports the New World Order?

Hey I am really NOT surprised, Glenn Beck having a show on Faux news, but how many evangelicals love Glenn Beck thinking he stands for truth? Remember that church, I talked about, visited a couple times then left?, the pastor there, loved Glenn Beck.

Click on the picture to enlarge it and notice the yellow badge on the upper left hand side, with in it, it says "This is the only person I have heard who seems to have the total picture and the guts or the insanity to actually say it aloud"--Glenn Beck.

The other day, I got this book "The Day After The Dollar Crashes" by author Damon Vickers from the library, and actually thought, "Wow a book warning against the new world order on library shelves!". Talk about a brain fog moment, this book SUPPORTS the coming new world order and tells you how to deal with it.

While he has some good "economic" advice, and admits to the economic meltdown--that alone is rare, what is supported is very scary. The book is horrible mixing gleeful globalism with New Age/Buddhist teachings. Let me quote a few. First I want to point out his love of the New World Order, as illustrated in Chapter 4 "What People Fear About the New World Order".

He writes starting on page 61:

"These leaders will attempt to terrify people. They will describe a New World Order as a fascist police state where an army of people in uniforms and riot gear, with tear gas, tasers and armored vehicles will describe a world where the few will crush the man with an iron fist. They will do their best to terrify people into continuing to hand over their power and trust them to do what is best"

How odd, how many leaders out there are there WARNING about the NWO? Is it strange for me to shake my head and ask what is this guy even saying?

He goes on to talk about people being fearful "when their beliefs are threatened".

"We need to realize the game has changed and those old beliefs may no longer be relevant. We need to set our old beliefs aside, and assess our new experiences without prejudice, because we never have been here before."

Isn't that what all the New World Order supporters say, set aside old beliefs? Often one of those old beliefs is biblical Christianity, whose members know the truth about a one world economic and governmental order and what it means in the Bible.

He goes on trying to claim industries in America were nationalized via "fear" rather then planned, and that "resistance to change" is a bad thing.

He writes on page 74:

"We need to remember that as Americans we still have it easy compared to the rest of the world. We don't have to work in the fields under a hot sun 16 hours a day from dawn to dusk, grow our own food, milk our cow, and beat wheat stalks for grain before collapsing exhausted in bed and having to get up the next day" He goes on to describe someone coming home from an air conditioned office, partaking of imported wine and cheese and Kobe steak--as if that was affordable to most Americans?

One thing I've realize is how easily they have been able to lead Americans to embrace things, that never would have been acceptable before with subtle deception. How many times have I seen these NWO supporters say Americans need to get "used" to a third world life? Well that is the program after all isn't it? What is sad, is the other countries, the people are better off in the way, they still have an intact social structure where they can grow their own food, help each other and survive. Of course not said, is that globalism is destroying them too.

Of course the book contains New Age nonsense. This chapter includes the Buddhist like teachings on page 75:

"We must realize that we infect the atmosphere with our thoughts. We create exactly what we think about. That may sound like simplistic, new thought mumbo jumbo, but your belief is not required for this to be true. It is a law of the universe and no amount of resistance will change it. It is simply the way it is"

Interesting how he added the "resistance is futile" message straight from the Borg on Star Trek....Some of the sentences get interesting, and well this one should alert you to this guy's true agenda.

"Our grandparents and generations right back to the inception of this country faced nearly insurmountable obstacles and still managed to create order out of chaos, Now it's our turn."

I guess he couldn't resist using that "order out of chaos" phrase, we all know so well.

The book continues in Chapter 5 "Build and Prepare for the New World Order" with general things with some boiler plate NWO environmentalism, "We Need to Reduce Our Sprawl" [agenda 21 stuff] and "Where are the Bees"? Good question and "We are a Global Village", "Think Globally and Act Locally" brainwashing.

Under the subheading "We Can Move Mountains", his take on religion is the typical NWO loving universalism on page 90:

"If you've studied the masters, you know that faith does have incredible power. Jesus, Buddha and Allah taught ideas that transformed the hearts and minds of millions of people around the planet"

He goes on to speak of "Your Conscious Shift to Oneness" bringing more Buddhist New Age teachings for the forefront emphasizing New Age "collective consciousness".

"The moment you change your mind or your behavior, you might become that hundredth monkey that tips the scales on this planet by adding your mental energy to some master plan we all share."

The book continues with more economic advise, what should investors do, when the dollar crashes, etc, what could happen as the economy implodes and then odd chapter 7 called "Shaping the New World Order" Where he asserts to us:

"That is why I believe that we are nearing that threshold in several countries. That is why I believe we will see the necessity of forming a Central Government {CG} that can operate in the New World Order"

Basically this guy calls for a one world government, you know namely to contend with all the economic chaos. He goes forth illustrating this: "In the New World Order, the Central Government {CG} would need to have the power to regulate the size and growth rate of the governments of individual countries" [p. 120], "The CG should protect cultural identities", [p. 123] "The CG should have the responsibility and power necessary to place the protection and preservation of our global resources above the interest of any single entity" [p. 127], it goes on outlining what he think the CG should do, controlling the economy, the Internet, and into Chapter 8 called "Shaping the New World Social Order", he continues with the same themes.

In one section on page 138, under "Where Will Our New Leaders Come From?" He basically trumps for the Antichrist, even admitting that it brings up things like the Antichrist [see how that works, when they desire to confuse?]

"I believe we will see at least one individual come forward to lead this group. I think we will see a charismatic, singular global figure who will lead the world. That person needs to be willing to stand up and step forward and say, "I will lead. The challenges are great, but here are the solutions, I am willing to lead." ......This person will come from a position of conscious unconditional love as others before them"

Page 144 and 145, he trumps for the one world church and then tells us we must 'Connect as one".

"I believe our ultimate task is to learn to unify in Oneness".....

This is the guy, that Glenn Beck says has the TOTAL PICTURE?

Beck has invited him on his show before, how interesting that Glenn endorses this guy....

Now I'm thinking about all those deluded evangelicals who listened to Glenn Beck and attended his rallies with baited breathe, thinking they were being told the truth.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Orthodox Church: Branch of the Harlot

A picture showing the same elevation of the clergy and idolatry, that is present within the Roman Catholic church.

I have some familiarity with the Orthodox church, a close family member was raised in this church and converted over to the Roman Catholic church, to marry another relative. The Orthodox church is an interesting church to examine, be it the Russian, Greek or other ethnic based branch. They also are referred to as the Eastern Orthodox church as well. I don't want to make this too complex but these are Orthodox churches that do not follow the Pope and have their own what they call "Patriarchs" and "Metropolitans" but there are some branches who have remained under the Roman Catholic Pope following Orthodox traditions such as the Byzantine Catholic church.

The Orthodox churches over-all hold to most of Rome's errors, are a daughter, and this was the church that split off from the Roman Catholic church in 1054. I really do not want to get into chicken or egg arguments as to who is the original "church" or not [the answer is NEITHER], just be cognizant they are two big branches of Mystery Babylonianism "Christendom", keeping to the same mutual false early church "fathers', sacramentalism and more with a few alternative teachings and traditions. Read here to learn what some of those are and from some of the Orthodox themselves.

What I have always found interesting about the Orthodox church, is while Catholicism in America had to water itself down a bit to entice the Protestants into it's doors and for the ecumenical movement especially post Vatican II, and while both have an endless array of pagan and occult traditions in the Orthodox churches they are quite more blatant, there you can see the Eastern paganism in all it's shining non-stripped away false "glory", the Alexandrian cult fully married to a veneer of Christianity.

Just like Catholicism which has millions of deceived people within it, one prays that more Orthodox people would abandon false traditions, read the Bible and realize how they have been deceived and truly come to Jesus Christ.

I won't go into the ins and outs of every Orthodox teaching, that would take an entire book but will bring up a few traditions and others that bring up the falseness of this church that have come to my thoughts.....


The Orthodox clergy like the Roman clergy, do not listen to Jesus's commands about those who would "enlarge the border's of their garments": Matthew 23:5

Look below the picture of this elderly man: What is he dressed as and why? Some may think an actor dressed as a "wizard" for a Tolkien movie but look again...

No it's an older Orthodox priest, and the younger men do not dress much differently. In fact the 2 headed dragon/serpent staff is carried by many of the Orthodox leaders and teachers. Talk about carrying an out and out occult symbol around!


One very false tradition in the Orthodox church is the use of "Rood screens", they are named "rood" to illustrate a separation between clergy and the laity, who are not deemed "holy" enough to even witness the act of the priests "confecting" the Orthodox Eucharist. Actually while this tradition was prevalent across Europe and even in the Roman Catholic churches centuries ago, it has been kept in Orthodox churches today.

The rood screen was a physical and symbolic barrier, separating the chancel, the domain of the clergy, from the nave where lay people gathered to worship. It was also a means of seeing; often it was solid only to waist height and richly decorated with pictures of saints and angels. Concealment and revelation were part of the mediaeval Mass. When kneeling, the congregation could not see the priest, but might do so through the upper part of the screen, when he elevated the Host on Sundays. In some churches, 'squints' (holes in the screen) would ensure that everyone could see the elevation,[12] as seeing the bread made flesh was significant for the congregation.

Remember the Orthodox, like the Roman Catholics believe in a form of transubstantiation: From an Orthodox church website:

Thus, the bread of the eucharist is Christ's flesh, and Christ's flesh is the eucharistic bread. The two are brought together into one"

So the priests pray over the bread, behind this "rood" screen.

This is recreating the "temple", ignoring the fact the Jesus Christ rent the veil from top to bottom, there was to be no more temples, inner courts or laity vs clergy set-ups anymore.

Matthew 27: 50-51

Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.

And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;

These Orthodox priests have gone the way of the Nicholatians and set up their OWN VEIL.


Another odd tradition is that the priests feed the Eucharist bread to the parishioners, with a spoon, the parishioners cannot even feed themselves.
It seems demeaning in a way, with adult men being fed like young children, but that too is a false tradition, given that the apostles and others were handed bread by Jesus to eat!

Act 2:46 And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart,

During the Holy and divine Liturgy (our name for what the Latins call "Mass"), when the time comes for the distribution of the Most Holy Body and the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ (called "Holy Communion" by the Latins), do not be afraid to receive if you are Catholic or Orthodox and in the state of Grace. "Holy Communion" is given under both forms, bread and wine, using a golden spoon. The spoon simplifies things for us, since we use leavened bread, (baked with a special recipe and marked with special markings - and called prosphora) rather than the unleavened (flat wafer) bread used by the Latins. Communion "in the hand" is NOT an option.

To receive the Most Holy body and the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, just approach the Priest with your arms folded in the form of St. Andrew's Cross (X), tilt your head back slightly, and open your mouth. The priest says a prayer; you DO NOT answer "Amen." Be sure to chew the Sacred Species carefully. No one has ever choked on a "Particle" here; neither will you.


Then there are the ICONs, these are painted representations often with gold and silver leaf and specialized artistic techniques of Orthodox saints, holy men and other "biblical" figures. The Orthodox tend to go with two-dimensional art rather then the statues of Roman Catholicism but it is essentially the same thing and often the focus is on "Mary". These are put in processions too, kissed and said like the statues of Rome, to weep and bleed at times.


The Orthodox churches follow their brothers and sisters in the RCC in the same worship of "Mary". Read here:

Christianity in the East venerates Mary with the same profound fervour as in the West. This is true of both Catholics of the Eastern rites and Christians not united with Rome, commonly called the Greek Orthodox. 'The Cult of Mary… has its strongest roots in the early church of the east. The great Marian feast days derive from the eastern liturgies. The Greek fathers produced the first literary documents of Marian devotion


With a few exceptions to this rule, a few monks on Mount Athos perhaps?, the Orthodox churches, patriarchs and people are fully signed on to the Pope's one world religion, with their church leaders taking part in interfaith and interreligious dialogues held by the Vatican. Pope John Paul II and Benedict have spoken of having the "two lungs" of "Christianity" join together, meaning the Orthodox churches and Roman Catholicism.

An Orthodox leader here, happily responds to Pope John Paul II here:

"As Your Holiness has aptly put it some years ago, East and West are the two lungs by which the Church breaths; their unity is essential to the healthy life of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church."

Avoid Date Setters!

"May 21, 2011: Judgement Day Rumors Spread Across the US"

I don't believe in the Rapture in the pre-trib sense anymore, but what is interesting is how date-setting is becoming more prevelant! I knew this man online who came under a false teacher, he is now deceased and probably personal health trials led him to be more easily swayed into being told he would avoid death via being raptured. His particular false pastor and teacher made a date for October 2008, this of course has gone and went. One wonder if that particular pastor's church is finally saying, "Hey wait a minute here!" but sadly that is probably doubtful and he will probably draw a new date out of a hat like so many of them keep doing including Harold Camping who has brought a new date up over and over.

The latest group has chosen May 21, 2011, they are a year ahead of those who claim it's going to end in 2012 which has become very popular out there. Of course I still remember being told while still Catholic, that the world would end in the year 2000. Many of the signs of the last days are upon us but haven't any of these folks read Mark 12:32?

But of that day and [that] hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holograms and Project Blue Beam-Great Deceptions

This may be kind of an unusual posting but just want to post this one to warn, and have people understand in these last days, you cannot believe even what you "see" sometimes. Test everything. Many people do not know about these technologies and it's time to talk about it.

This may be unusual belief and just a speculation, I won't be upset if someone disagrees with me, but for years, I have always believed that the planes that hit into the buildings on 9-11 were holograms, and that what destroyed those buildings was controlled demolition.

Also an early version of a hologram in my opinion:

Our Lady of Zeitoun, Also known simply as El-Zeitoun, Zeitun or rarely Our Lady of Light, was a mass Marian apparition that occurred in the Zeitoun district of Cairo, Egypt, over a period of 2–3 years beginning on April 2, 1968.

Ok now, watch this video here:

The Godzilla in the first video is a hologram created in Asia for entertainment. Now think this out and imagine what they could do with something like that covering the sky? Just think about that.

One thing I have been reading and studying a little online recently has been project blue beam. My interest in this peaked when I saw reports from last year of spirals in the sky in Norway and columns of light in China. Here is a picture of the spiral in Norway:

It looks like they are already experimenting with more then that...notice the odd outline of what seems to be a crucifix in the sky which web wide Catholics touted it as a "miracle" when obviously it is another deception....

According to news reports, Vladimir Rostovcev, a resident of Sharya, Russia, became a witness of a interesting phenomenon: In the sky right above his house he saw a glowing cross. Vladimir Rostovcev shot a video on his camera and the story subsequently appeared on Russian News.

There is some really weird stuff going on out there.

Some have wondered about this technology being used for end times deception, either a faux UFO invasion, or a worldwide "Marian" apparition, or even knowing some of the more sinister aspects of technology now, doing a world wide "show" of religious figures to help "unite" the world including personal messages for many. See here:

The 'Blue Beam' project will pretend to be the universal
fulfillment of the prophecies of old; as major an event as
that which took place 2000 years ago (the birth of Jesus,
son of God).

In principle, 'Blue Beam' will make use of the sky as a
movie screen as spaced based laser generating satellites
project simultaneous images to the four corners of the
planet, in every language, in every dialect according to

The 'Blue Beam' project deals with the religious aspect of
the New World Order and is a large scale seduction.

With computer animation and sound effects appearing to come
from the depths of space, astonished followers of the
various creeds will witness their own returned messiah in
spectacularly convincing life like realness.

Think to yourself about how this technology can be used to deceive? They have the technology to put "a voice" that seems to come from the inside in people's heads. This is not "conspiracy stuff" but was reported in mainstream news. I still remember seeing this article, about an advertisement scheme where when you walk by it "speaks" within your mind.

In fact this was used before for an ad!

From this article:

"In December, the A&E Television Network used the technology on a busy downtown Manhattan street to promote its show, Paranormal State. The new program is about ghost hunters who investigate haunted locations, and people walking by an advertisement heard voices whispering, "Who's there? What's that? It's not your imagination."

The technology works by beaming waves of hypersonic
sound at a pitch that is undetectable by the human ear. The waves continue until they smash into an object such as a person's body. The waves then slow, mix and re-create the original audio broadcast. If the person steps out of the waves,
the waves are no longer obstructed and they are rendered inaudible."
Its time to be even more careful then before, realizing the truth of these technologies and how they could be used to deceive the world or smaller localities. Honestly if you ever see weird stuff in the sky, be discerning.

Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Matthew 16:3
And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?

More Discussion Regarding Those Without A "Church".

Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some [is]; but exhorting [one another]: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

I put "a Church" in apostrophes, because the Christian is never without "the church" or better said ekkelsia. We are always members of the church that matters: the body of Jesus Christ. This is in reference to those without an 'official or unofficial" assembly of believers, be that an established home church outside of your own family, or church to attend such as a good IFB.

I believe our numbers are growing, there is a small remnant of Christians faithful to God, whether they are fortunate enough to be in a church that preaches the truth or whether they are having to worship at home. Online I meet other folks from a variety of states and areas who tell me how they wish they had a body of believers to assemble with, pray and worship God with, but have not been able to find a church that teaches the truth, or that is NOT part of the ecumenical world system.

Some elsewhere online have claimed I am against churches, I am not. When I was coming out of Calvary Chapel, some said that I wanted to be in a church of 2 or 3 people and used the numbers game against me, often that is one way, that some will indoctrinate you to be in a false church and sit there in a pew taking in false things. It is natural for human beings to want to be with the group but obedience to God is to come first. One thing I am noticing is having talked to many in the pews, there are some there, who know the church has "gone wrong" but who stay for other reasons.

A good church is a very worthwhile thing. There is joy in having a wonderful church family that can't be matched by much else. I believe if a Christian can find a good church to attend, they should assemble with fellow believers as much as what is possible.

But as we get into the great falling away warned of in scripture:

2 Thessalonians 2:3

Let no man deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Finding a church body that teaches the truth is going to get harder and harder. In fact web wide, I am encountering MANY Christians who tell me, we cannot find a decent church that teaches the truth.

Some of my efforts here to find a church, have been kind of funny when I think back on it, scouring through the phone book, through a variety of websites, looking up fundamentalist church organizations, doing searches on home church websites, and trying to find church listings, calling a home school organization to ask for information, and other ways and means of even trying to find an active home church. I looked into churches even into a 30-40 mile radius away. One contender came up, but I listened to online sermons and realized they were full blown into Dominionism not just dancing around it.

Around here and probably many other areas, there is a huge mix of Rick Warren directed and influenced churches, liturgicals, ecumenical, Calvary Chapel, church of God, SDA, you name it, it's here, but the number of fundamentalist churches in this particular area is very low. That said, that doesn't guarantee a church will be true, as many of the fundamentalist churches are being led astray too, as I talk about here.

The Bible verse says do not forsake assembling together, I do think it is important for the "lone Christian" to make sure they do assemble with other Christians for edification, bible reading and prayer. This is something you should maintain to the best of your ability if you are "outside" a regular church. I think as things develop this probably will be the place many faithful Christians will find themselves. For some people this may mean a home Bible reading and prayer sessions and still for others, having Bible study or over the phone time with a good Christian friends or establishing their own home church and worship time.

I recently visited another church, discussed here and realized I could not stay even for a Bible study. Ironically while there was some decent teachings at the studies, there were too many red flags. Even recently a second bulletin I saw contained the odd advice, "to focus on Jesus and not on offenses or problems in the church" which seems to be another false message, I've seen repeated on message boards usually by nominal evangelicals telling others warning of the truth, to seek to shame and silence them. Sadly many pastors probably are even influenced via their media outlets to tell their church members these very things.

Sometimes it can be very sad, to visit a new place that has some assets only to see that Rick Warren and the like have already gotten their claws in. I do not expect perfection of any human organization, but there are things that God has led me not to associate with and as people can tell one of the biggies for me, is not associating with any church that is part of the ecumenical or "world christian" movement. That wipes out at least 99% of the churches out there.

There was one time, I got the notion, maybe I could help influence things or meet a few like-minded people: join a Bible study even if I would not attend the services and help bring some truth, a couple times I did that, and I always ended up leaving by the second day, it just never worked well. With the recent place, I thought the people were very nice, there was heartache in having to depart from a place yet again, but the pastor, I had serious concerns about, and when I realized the messages being taught were so false coupled with the showing of the Passion movie and repeated Rick Warren writings and exhortations, I knew to stay even just to attend a Bible study even with no services would mean being unequally yoked. Even there, my ears could not stand the various versions of false watered down Bibles being read. [They allowed different versions, but no one had a KJV but me.]

One conversation I had was with one church member, where I gently broached some subjects, and well there was no meeting of the minds whatsoever. A Christian can tell. Perhaps some of you have been in that place. With one man, I asked "What do you think of those who say the churches are falling away?" and he responded, "They are troublemakers!".

To many out there, the church system is everything, and even bringing up mild questions is not an easy thing to do. I am sure some here can relate. David Cloud has some suggestions for those who ask "What If There is NO Sound Church?"

Some of his advice is good, and he means well, but I do think the advice to attend a church you do not agree with on everything, one needs to be very careful, I'm not so on spot with that one but I am sure he would agree. Since this was written some years ago [2002], things have only gotten far worse in the churches. That said, you do not want to be in a church that has joined with the world system or has a false preacher.

One thing pray and ask God in terms of this decision. I believe God has His reasons for having me where I am at, in this point of life. The last years even without a church family, I have been shown and learned many things. When I was newly saved, God answered my prayer right away, in terms of showing me where he wanted me to be as a new Christian. I have considered that in general that Christians are being called out of most of the churches. As I have said elsewhere on this blog-- "Come out of her" doesn't just apply to the Roman Catholic church.

Jhn 4:20 Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship.

Jhn 4:21 Jesus saith unto her,
Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.

Jhn 4:22 Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.

Jhn 4:23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

So if you are like me and not in an "official" church body, realize you are in the "church" that counts the Body of Jesus Christ, the real church is not a building or an human organization, read the scripture above too, we are to worship the Father in spirit and in truth, no matter what.

In other parts of the world people are leaving the churches too, I found this report from Africa interesting on that note.

Below is a report published in Uganda's Weekly, The Sunday Vision, documenting the current exodus of Christians out of organized Churches in Uganda. This phenomenon is no longer sanctioned to the Church in the West as documented by the Barna Research Group, now this phenomenon has hit Uganda; because of the current departure from New Testament Christianity by many Organized Churches, Christians are leaving too.
Kato Mivule

"The Hidden Exodus: Catholics Becoming Protestants"

This was published by a Catholic magazine: The National Catholic Reporter:

The Hidden Exodus: Catholics Becoming Protestants.

Sadly for many it will be a lateral move, there will be a group like myself who are truly born again, but nothing is really acheived from leaving the harlot, unsaved and entering into a "daughter" organization. I didn't realize the number was as high as one-third of all members, but it does not surprise me.

The U.S. Religious Landscape Survey by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life has put hard numbers on the anecdotal evidence: One out of every 10 Americans is an ex-Catholic. If they were a separate denomination, they would be the third-largest denomination in the United States, after Catholics and Baptists. One of three people who were raised Catholic no longer identifies as Catholic.

Any other institution that lost one-third of its members would want to know why. But the U.S. bishops have never devoted any time at their national meetings to discussing the exodus. Nor have they spent a dime trying to find out why it is happening.

IPhone Tracks Everywhere You Go

"IPhone Tracks Everywhere You Go"

Looks like security researchers in England found this out about IPhone, I wouldn't doubt if it applies to others. I am probably the last person around here who doesn't own a cell phone, I owned a temporary one for a very short time-a Pay as You Go one, that just wanted too many minutes bought per month. More and more of the technology out there is being used for dubious things.

Security researchers have discovered that Apple's iPhone keeps track of where you go – and saves every detail of it to a secret file on the device which is then copied to the owner's computer when the two are synchronised.

The file contains the latitude and longitude of the phone's recorded coordinates along with a timestamp, meaning that anyone who stole the phone or the computer could discover details about the owner's movements using a simple

see here too.

"Many Born Again Christians Hold Universalist Views"

"Many Born Again Christians Hold Universalist Views"

I remember a couple years ago saying "Everyone seems to be turning into a Unitarian Universalist", even among nominal Christians, I would hear all religions lead to the same place, that happened to me even as I once witnessed to a member of the United Methodist church, and they told me that all religions led to God, so it didn't matter.

One in four born-again Christians hold universalist thoughts when it comes to salvation, according to a new Barna analysis of trend data.

Twenty-five percent of born-again Christians said all people are eventually saved or accepted by God. A similar proportion, 26 percent, said a person’s religion does not matter because all faiths teach the same lessons.

And an even higher proportion, 40 percent, of born-again Christians said they believe Christians and Muslims worship the same God.
The idea that everyone will be saved, is an attractive one to people because no one wants to think of anyone being lost to hell. Also this negates them repenting of sin. This is a way Satan really can seduce someone getting them to deny the judgement of God, and even the existence of hell itself in many cases. Some of us struggle having loved ones who have rejected the gospel, the best to do in that case is keep praying and that their eyes will be opened.

The 26% who believe that religion does not matter, and that all "faiths" teach the same lessons, well many of them have inherited that from many a false pastor and the interreligious dialogue movement as a whole. Remember this is evangelicals who were quizzed so that alone tells you how far the churches have fallen.

With Christians that believe "Allah" of Islam is the same as God of the Bible, we know that teaching has definitely been inherited from Roman Catholicism as the Popes have stressed that one over and over. [Read Nostra Aetate] and definitely that one has infused into the evangelical world. It ignores this verse as well:

1 John 2:23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: [(but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also].

Oh, one thing considering the title of the article, if someone denies hell and is a universalist in belief, it is doubtful they are truly "born again" Christian.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Easter is Not The Worship of God In Spirit and Truth"

"Easter is not The Worship of God in Spirit and Truth"

I wanted to share this article. I do not celebrate Easter. Like many Christians with time, I had to confront the many false traditions associated with Easter and finally asked what does the Easter Bunny, and baskets of eggs have to do with Jesus Christ? This one goes along with Christmas, where most Christians celebrate it not realizing the chosen date is based on the spring equinox...[ever wonder why the date of Easter is different every year?] This article answers that. Easter also equals Ishtar.

Much of the 'church calendars" out there are based on the false traditions of Rome and infiltrated Mystery Babylon paganism. As far as Jesus's resurrection, a Christian should be celebrating that every day, not just picking one day out of the year to do so. "Sunrise" services where I've even heard about congregations going outside to face the sun, for a special service are to be avoided as well.

Act 4:33 And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all.

Trump Attracting Evangelicals?

Trump Attracting Evangelicals

Notice how they sell all these politicians as "great Christians" even in this case a guy known for being aggressive in business, who owns casinos and an open public sinner. Now even someone like Trump can repent and become a born again Christian, but I don't really think that's happened yet.

The iconic billionaire spoke a little bit about how he views God.

"I believe in God. I am Christian. I think the Bible is certainly, it is the book, it is the thing," he said. "First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens, that's where I went to church. I'm a Protestant. I'm a Presbyterian."

"Do you actively go to church?" CBN News asked.

"Well I go as much as I can. Always on Christmas. Always on Easter. Always when there's a major occasion," he explained. "And during the Sundays. I'm a Sunday church person. I'll go when I can."

This one kind of made me laugh...look he's a great "Christian" he owns a lot of Bibles!

And there are no shortages of Bible's in Trump's possession.

"Well, I get sent Bibles by a lot of people," he said, adding that he keeps them all in a special place.

"There's no way I would ever throw anything to do anything negative to a Bible, so what we do is we keep all of the Bibles," he explained. "I would have a fear of doing something other than very positive."

Trad Catholic Calls for Catholic Dictatorship

Is he much different from the Dominionists? Think on that one while watching this..Not really, desiring theocracy, "philosopher-kings" to take over?

Meet Michael Voris who believes that the country needs a dictator who is “benevolent” and most importantly a Catholic. Voris advocates Catholic rule for the nation in this video, which surprisingly does not appear to be a joke.

Voris’s call for a “benevolent dictatorship” of a Catholic ruler is part of a video that has gone viral on the Internet

One thing, always remember the Roman Catholic church was the original Dominionist organization...[and every Dominionist, evangelical or not, deceived, knowing or not, serves as a de facto DAUGHTER to ROME.]

Many here are already familiar with the wicked history of the RCC, where all human freedom was suppressed, the church ruled over the state--even the kings were threatened with interdicts, and freedom of conscience, religion, speech, and the press was severely repressed or destroyed and many true saints of God put to death.

We know that Rome from my previous articles, definitely supports world government and hates national sovereignty, and what the Bible tells us about the one world religion and government.

Don't let this guy fool you, right NOW, they are taking control..[remember the blog posts I did on the Pope's desire for world government? [#1 and #2], they are being enacted NOW] they just aren't being as direct and blatant about it as this guy.

One thing Michael Voris isn't just some lone unknown guy off the street with a few crazy ideas, but has even had high level media jobs...hmm interesting...

Michael Voris is a graduate of University of Notre Dame in Communications. He has spent over twenty years working in the television industry as a CBS News affiliate anchor, Emmy Award-winning broadcast news reporter and producer, and independent production company bureau chief. In the 1980’s he spent two years in seminary at St. Joseph’s Seminary in New York. In recent years he has been a frequent host on Michigan Catholic Radio and guest speaker at various parishes. He founded St. Michael’s Media in 2006 and hosts the television program The One True Faith.

Today I found this article dated April 12, 2011: "Supreme Court May Soon Lack Protestant Justices", if you look at the charts looking at the make up of the Supreme Court, think about why we have 6 out of 9 who are Catholics and two of those are purported to be linked to Opus Dei?

"And although Shesol notes that privately a lot of people remark about the surprising fact that there are so many Catholics on the Supreme Court, this is not a subject that people openly discuss."
Add another hat to the folks in this cartoon...

Think this is by accident? I don't think it is.

One thing if you pay attention to the role the Vatican and Catholic church is playing in government institutions and the overriding goals, this helps bring many pieces of the puzzle together. Both Bush and Obama visited and received instructions from the Pope. Obama was trained by Cardinal Bernadin.

The "Catholic dictatorship" isn't just some nebulous myth, or the idea of this lone Trad Catholic guy, it's being BUILT..NOW.

Read Smokescreens: Chapter 11 Blueprint for a Catholic America

and WATCH this too:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

20/20 Expose on IFB [Independent Fundamentalist Baptist] Churches

I caught this show by chance yesterday, and saw about half of it.

WATCH VIDEO HERE [I could not embed]

Elizabeth Vargas’ yearlong exclusive investigation into a religious sub-culture that critics claim can foster – even cover up – physical and sexual abuse airs on “20/20” on FRIDAY, APRIL 8 (10:00 – 11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network. Critics say the church teaches a strict interpretation of the bible including the practice known as breaking the will of the child, with some advocating that it even be applied to infants as young as two weeks old.

Some of my thoughts on this...

I had a positive experience in an IFB church, I talk about here. In that church, I know they wouldn't have stood for any abusers or cover-ups.


Like many of the rest of churches there are many evils entering into the churches as they fall away and I have witnessed some scary things in the fundamentalist world, I talked about on this blog entry: "Falsehoods and Falling Away in Fundamentalist Churches." It was interesting watching IFB churches called a "religious sub culture" and references to their members [guess that means me some years ago] as "cult members".

Some things I thought as I watched this video...

1. The sex abusers/abusers and predators are everywhere, and often use religion as a cover for what they really are. Many people are deceived by psycho-paths who wear a false Christian veneer. Christians need to wise up about this and realize often the wolves are not outside the church door, but sneaking in to create as much havoc as possible. Some churches do have cover-ups following the example of the Roman Catholic church in being more worried about scandal then about truth and justice. I believe the victims. This stuff is happening. One thing that bothered me for years in dealing with the Catholic apologists is they always made excuses for the abuse protecting clergy and abusers. No Christian should excuse evil for any church organization!

2. I found the phrase [see above] "breaking the will" of the child interesting. We know that Dominionist, Michael Pearl's teachings, Vision Forum and false "patriarchy" teachings are infiltrating the Christian world including IFB churches. In the video they talk about fundamentalists reading the book "To Train Up a Child" by the Pearls. I wrote about the Pearls on this blog as well. People who want to spank a two week old baby are wicked not discerning Christians. Sadly that stuff is infesting many churches including some IFBs.

3. There are some fundamentalist churches with wolves in the pulpits. Satan's followers aren't just making hash of the more liberal churches but are coming into the fundamentalist ones as well. There are concerning trends and associations even in the fundamentalist bible colleges. There are the deceived and the deceiving. If you can find a humble truly born again pastor that treats a congregation with love more then one who is seeking after power, consider yourself blessed by God. Seeing what I have seen in this churches since I moved, I know I was very blessed as a new Christian.

Many are teaching false obedience and promoting extreme authoritarianism that often goes hand in hand with false politics [the Dominionism I talk about a lot on this blog]. I am worried about many of these prevalent trends, and will not turn a blind eye to what is happening in all the churches even one of a "brand" I have fonder memories of. This doesn't mean there not any good born again men in IFB churches preaching the gospel and obeying God but obviously churches are being led astray out there. We are in a world now where Christians need to always keep discerning and in prayer, and test everything by God's Word.

4. In the video above, Elizabeth Vargas at least points out this is a handful of IFB churches are "not all the same", but I wonder about ABC news agenda in downgrading fundamentalist churches in general? There seems to be an overall agenda here. I know secular society sees bible or "fundamentalist" Christians as cult members in general. The only churches teaching separation against the ecumenical and religious world system are a handful of IFB and other fundamentalist churches..[yes some have fallen away], it is doubtful the reporting by the mass media is going to be totally non biased.

5. Pray for the victims and that the abusers truly repent.

Churches Are Still Showing "The Passion"!

Remember the movie "The Passion"? Mel Gibson's movie based on the life of "jesus" as showing in a vision to a nun? I refused to see it, and was disgusted by the whole thing years ago. One can only ask where is their discernment? Well I have figured out churches are still choosing this one for "movie night" and saw it recently advertised. This is the best expose I ever read on The Passion.

The Poison in the Passion.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Catholic Saint Deceptions: St. Therese of Lisieux: Story of a Soul

April 6, 2011: "Pope Encourages Re-Reading of "Story of A Soul."

This one will tie into my blog entry...Roman Catholic Saints Were No Saints".

"When I was young, a relative bought me an old book called "Story of A Soul", my copy was an old edition in a red cover printed sometime in the 1930s. This was probably the last book my relative wanted to buy me in trying to keep me Catholic. In my ways this book led me away from who I thought God was. This is a book written by St. Therese of Lisieux who was also known as "The Little Flower of Jesus" and who was a Carmelite nun during the last years of her very short life. Remembering this book, I realized that Therese was a loving and earnest girl who sought after God, but from today's perspective, I know for a fact she was given a false god. She did not know the comfort of the Holy Spirit. She had no inkling of truth in Jesus Christ or of God's Word. She spoke often of "god" as bringing her suffering and how her suffering would save her.

In fact as I read this book as a youngster--I think I was around 8-10 or so, I found myself thinking "god" as an ogre. How could "he" be so cruel to Teresa? One sees in her book even the horrible Catholic outcome of people turning to Mary for comfort and solace, while "god" brings nothing but suffering. In fact in the first chapter she entrusts her book to "my darling Mother" [who of course is Mary].

Here this is an example of a Catholic being led away from the comfort of the one true God.[2 Cr 1:3] Like so many of these saints, they have communion with a false "jesus" that tells them to make themselves victims and seek their salvation through their own suffering and works rather then trusting in Jesus Christ. Rather then trusting in the promises of the Bible where we are promised life more abundantly through Jesus Christ and joy....many of these saints seek after their own suffering led by a false "christ". Just read this from a writing about St. Teresa...
"On 9 June of the same year 1895, the feast of the Blessed Trinity, she received a very special grace during Mass, and felt within herself an urge to offer herself as a holocaust victim to Merciful Love. After Mass she took me with her to mother prioress; she seemed beside herself and did not say a word. When we found Mother Agnes, for it was she who was then prioress, she asked her if both of us could offer ourselves as victims to Merciful Love, and gave her a short explanation of what that meant. Mother Agnes was at a loss; she did not seem to understand too well what was going on, but she had such confidence in Sister Thrse's discretion that she gave her full permission. It was then that she composed the act called 'An Offering to Love', which she carried next to her heart ever afterwards."
Consider how this is a twisted presentation of "god's" love...God's Love does not destroy it heals. This is an example of Teresa being in delusion from a false spirit leading her away from the true nature of God.
"In order to live in one single act of perfect Love, I OFFER MYSELF AS A VICTIM OF HOLOCAUST TO YOUR MERCIFUL LOVE, Asking You to consume me incessantly, allowing the waves of infinite tenderness shut up within You to overflow into my soul, and that thus I may become a martyr of Your Love, O my God!"
One thing about Catholic saints, who are deceived and following Satan, is they are led to unwholesome and self destructive tendencies. St. Therese looked to her own sufferings and over and over. One horrid example was refusing to kill flies that hovered and crawled on her while she was ill.
From Mother Agnes's notes "[The flies tormented her, but she wouldn't kill them:] "I always give them freedom. They alone have caused me misery during my sickness. I have no enemies, and since God recommends that we pardon our enemies, I'm happy to find this opportunity for doing so."
Here too from the same link, read her love of "suffering for sufferings sake". Now Christians may have to go through tribulation and suffering for the gospel, but this is something else entirely:
"I have found happiness and joy on earth, but solely in suffering, for I've suffered very much here below; you must make it known to souls . . . "Since my First Communion, since the time I asked Jesus to change all the consolations of this earth into bitterness for me, I had a perpetual desire to suffer.* "
Consider these words of Jesus Christ, regarding a lady who wants all "consolations of this earth changed into bitterness" Jhn 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly. This doesn't mean that everyone who dies young is wicked or doing wrong, but St. Therese definitely was led to harm her health as you read her life story, leading to her very early death at the age of 24. So as I read this book on Therese's life, as a young child, I found myself led away from "god". I saw a young nice girl loved by her parents, who was literally being *tortured* by who she believed was "god". This poor girl, already had demonic influences in her life early on as she was healed supposedly from a statue of Mary smiling at her. One can see it in her eyes.

This lead me to doubt very early on what was presented to me as being "Christian" as a young child. This is just one example of one Catholic "saint" led into deceptions by the false "christ" and false gospel in Catholicism. There are many other examples, but St. Therese follows many of the same paths they take...which include signing on to many false attributes of "god" contrary to God's Word and seeking salvation or salvation of others via their own suffering. When witnessing to Catholics, God's Word can wipe away some of the deception as you share with them true attributes of God as a loving Father, instead of someone who would lead a young girl into this deep of deception. Many Catholics are trained to look to these saints as examples growing up of what holiness is, I know I was. From a biblical standpoint and after one is born again, one realizes how very lost they were and what a tragedy this is.

Radiation In and From Japan

"Seawater Radiation 7.5 Million Times Legal Limit Already the markets are refusing Japanese Fish due to Radiation. Also read "The Japanese Economy is in Much Bigger Trouble Then Most People Think." One thing about the radiation in Japan, I doubt we are being told the truth about how much radiation is being released or its impact here. There are some websites exposing this and speaking openly about Asian protests. I have read different websites, including mainstream newsarticles that talk about how radiation has shown up in drinking water but is supposedly at harmless levels.

BOSTON -- Trace amounts of radioactive iodine linked to Japan's crippled nuclear power station have turned up in rainwater samples as far away as Massachusetts during the past week, state officials said on Sunday.

The low level of radioiodine-131 detected in precipitation at a sample location in Massachusetts is comparable to findings in California, Washington state and Pennsylvania and poses no impact to drinking supplies, public health officials said



Please keep praying for Japan and it's people, and pray for here too, and that more are led to Jesus Christ.

"Tom Horn's Apollyon Rising: 2012: Critique by Dr. Cathy Burns."

I got this link from Liberty to the Captives: "Tom Horn’s Apollyon Rising: 2012: Critique by Dr. Cathy Burns". It is very good, she exposes many of the errors, contradictions and other false teachings in this book. I brought up Tom Horn some time ago in my "Deceiving You With Aliens and Nephilim?" blog article. Read it for context on this one too. I noticed on the Apollyon Rising 2012 website a focus with false date setting on 2012...[memories are short there too, remember when 2000 was the year for worldwide collapse?] Here is a soon to come conference with Tom Horn including Chuck Missler and the Gilberts. Be careful of trusting any of these teachers, with this Nephilim stuff they are introducing many subtle and non-subtle false teachings, one example of the lectures is "Lucifer Orchestrates the Alien Invasion". Remember when I said the Nephilim teachers want to convince folks, that biological beings would be the ones showing up instead of Christians being able to use biblical tools of spiritual warfare on demonic entities? One thing I notice is these folks seem to borrow as heavily from science fiction as they do any scripture. Remember there are many who will use "conspiracy theory" or other things of discernment [ie where someone figures out the occult markers in Washington DC] or overall luciferian deception who are more then eager to introduce plenty of disinformation to lead you off track.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

William and Kate's Interfaith Wedding

Prince William is supposed to be married April 29th, to Kate Middleton. I saw this article today that talks about their wedding that plans to incorporate rituals from different religions.

William and Kate Plan To Smash Glass at Wedding.

"According to detailed wedding plans, due to be released on Sunday, a small amount of mehendi or turmeric, paste will be smeared on Kate's hand in a Muslim pre-wedding ritual. The couple will then offer each other a morsel of food to express mutual love and affection in accordance with the Hindu practice, and then William will smash a glass with his foot as at Jewish weddings. "

I wonder if Dad [Prince Charles] had something to do with this? Years ago I used to follow some of Prince Charles's interfaith pursuits, after I read the book by Joan Veon called "Prince Charles: the Sustainable Prince". The book was very interesting detailing his involvement in helping to advance the new world order, though I didn't agree with the decoy antichrist stuff, since that fits the papacy far more then the royal houses who I believe are in the Pope's service. There is a reason both the Queen of England and Michelle Obama/Mrs. Bush wore black with a black veil in deference to the Pope.

The Anglican church is a daughter church of Rome as well. Rowan Williams bows before the Pope, every chance he gets, and well, royalty historically has swore to uphold the Church of England.

The royals as global elites, follow the bidding of the Pope including helping to advance the interfaith and one religion cause. Prince Charles has been involved in many interfaith pursuits. In 1994, he stated he wanted to be known as the "Defender of Faith" rather then "Defender of the Faith" a title held by all British monarchs because this would only apply to Christians. Here he states that view:

Chances are these beliefs have been passed on to his son. Prince Charles has been involved in many interfaith events opening interfaith events and vowing to help "boost" interfaith dialogue.

Subtle Deception When It Comes To Interfaith Dialogue for Evangelicals

Proselytizing in a Multi-Faith World

I always knew apostate evangelicals would follow the lead of Rome for the whole one world religion "interfaith dialogue" quest. It doesn't surprise me this now being directly advanced, such as in the article linked above by Ed Stetzer in Christianity Today. Don't let the 'we want to convert you' supposed "anti pluralism" claims fool you. The Pope and his men claim that too, after all they want to sell the Catholic church [Dominus Iesus even states the RCC is the one true church!] to whoever they can as they participate in one world religion pow-wows as well. To be honest, this is the same message, heard from the Pope and Cardinal Arinze on down as Stetzer writes:

For years, many people of various faiths have promoted "interfaith dialogue" in order to discover common ground and work together for humanity's sake. That sounds good, until we start digging below the surface. Many of those involved in interfaith dialogue approach it as if there are no fundamental distinctions or differences between them.

OK, Sounds nice on the surface, but where does the Bible say that false religions are to seek a common ground or "work together" Tower of Babel Style for "Humanity's sake"? He does point out some of the different beliefs, OK, that's good...but his response is still one that holds to the globalist one world religion vision. Well no surprises there, this is Christianity Today, after all. He continues...

In the spirit of multi-faith dialogue, I would like to propose four foundational commitments that the followers of the world's religions could agree to make. We commit to do the following: Let each religion speak for itself. Talk with and about individuals, not generic "faiths." Respect the sincerely held beliefs of people of other religions. Grant each person the freedom to make his or her faith decisions.
One question I hate is "who" are people "committing" too? Whose making these agreements? Whose making them necessary? Oh the globalists of course. When he talks about "Let Each Religion Speak for Itself"...that seems to just be more political correctness formulas. Where one has to be careful not to offend and water down truth to keep listeners happy! He speaks of a Hindu who managed to break the political correctness rules, regarding different religious bans of eating pork and beef between the Muslim and Hindu religion. I found the part interesting too where he says go to the source, read the Talmud to understand Judaism and visit a synagogue. OK, I can see reading the literature of other religions to "understand" what they believe but that said, in my years of dealing with Catholic apologists who claimed "we do not worship Mary", getting truth "about a false religion" from the followers of it, isn't always an automatic. False religious literature contains lies. With the Talmud that brought Babylonian teachings to Jews who rejected Jesus Christ, reading a false book, and buying into it, is not the way to go. Then there is the part "Respect Other Religions". Sorry I do not. I can love and care about people in false religions hoping they come to the truth but do not respect false religions or the beliefs whatsoever. Here you see the watering right down...when one "respects" false beliefs they are going to not make as strong stands against them. I have read scads of Catholic interfaith literature that insists that false religion beliefs should be "respected", I can't figure that one out. I understand preaching the gospel in love and understanding the worth of fellow human beings, but why should people "respect" false beliefs that lead people to hell? Freedom is important, but we know that one won't be given to Christians who hold to a biblical view. He then points out the violent extremists,but those examples are used to help herd people into "respecting" false religions and beliefs lest they be herded into the 'violent" 'fundamentalist" camp. Christians are instructed in the Bible how to treat unbelievers, and those who reject the Bible and embrace violence are of the spirit of Satan. We do not need to water down and embrace false religions or respect false belief, to treat people with Christian love. He goes on to give a place to witnessing, and that is a good thing as well stating: "Sharing with others the way to right belief is not oppression but in fact an active demonstration of love and concern." and also says Freedom is important referring to Luke Chapter 9 where Jesus rebukes the apostles that want to call down fire on unbelievers. "Freedom of conscience" is something many can agree on too, but here is the problem, this is more of this religions come together lie we have been sold. Remember when I wrote about "unity in diversity"? Don't let this article fool you, the "differences" in the one world religion camp are allowed between the religions, the whole message is 'to come together". In other words, they will claim "freedom of conscience" and that a Christian can speak about "christ". Just so people know the author of this article was a participant in the Global Faith Forum which I blogged about here and here. Interfaith dialogue among evangelicals is growing, and now following the example of the more liberal World Council of Church members and the Roman Catholic church. There is even a journal now for Evangelicals: Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue [crucifix graphics and all] but this is just one group of many others advancing the evangelical interfaith dialogue cause.

They are getting subtle in their deceptions to woo in the evangelicals. They are selling interfaith dialogue under the formula, that one supposedly is not giving up what they are [in standing for being a Christian] by participating in interfaith groups or what Stetzer refers to as "multi-faith" gatherings. One thing with the interfaith dialogue salesmen, remember Stetzer is not just the only one denying out and out pluralism and mixing religions. He writes:
We did not think we were worshiping the same God or gods, and we were not there under the pretense that we held the same beliefs. In other words, our goal was not merging faiths, combining beliefs, or even interfaith partnership.
Even the Catholic church makes the same claims. Cardinal Arinze who was one Cardinal slated to be in position to be a Pope before Ratzinger was elected even stated this: "“Pluralism does not mean a supermarket where any religious tradition is just as valid as any other,” he said. “It is most important to be rooted in one's own faith and respectfully dialogue with others to follow the will of God.” But honestly what does it matter? The end goal is unity between DIFFERENT religions [unity in diversity], not one giant mega-religion of a mixing bowel of beliefs, this is something that trips many people up and this is one way they get Christians to sign on.

2Cr 6:15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel.