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Presbyterians Acting Just Like Unitarian Universalists.

If you want to see how far gone the mainline churches [Presbyterian USA in this case] have lost the plot, this video will display it more then any words could. I saw this video on The Museum Of Idolatry; a website that exposes much of the craziness happening in the fallen away church. The weird giant puppets, "liturgical" dancers and Pan flute music, actually outdid anything I saw in the UU for pagan pageantry. Whats with all the people dressed as animals? Is this a rendition of the Lion King?

Well finding the service online: I see they do eco-spiritual Prayer of the Four Winds, popular in the New Age movement and sadly some scouting groups which in the Unitarian Universalist church was done all the time, especially during solstice services.

One telling segment of Presbyterian USA service: [SEE HERE, the service that goes with the video is online]

Call to Worship
We begin our worship with a moment of silence.
Please rise in body or in spirit and turn slowly and carefully to the four directions, as indicated by the worship leaders.
We are called to worship this day in the tradition of my people, who, for generations, lived here,
at the Big River where the prairie meets the woods. Please rise in body or spirit, and join us as we turn to the four directions of God’s creation.
How does one rise in spirit? Astral Travel? Oh well, its disturbing in it's entirety. Here is another pagan prayer segment:
Leader: We turn to face West:
We welcome the color of this direction – black, still and quiet.
We thank you for your creation and welcome,
For the bear, mighty and purposeful,
For your lessons calling us to balance of emotion in wisdom and honesty.
We pray for your spirit of introspection, for seeing within.]
…Give us your strength and the courage to endure, as we pray together:

Do these folks even realize they are doing pagan prayers and rituals? Get this: the puppet and theatre company that did this show for Presbyterian USA, is called "In the Heart of the Beast" :appropriate huh? [see here too from their main website for proof that's who they used]

I think the "Mother Earth Goddess" made her appearance too in puppet form.

Why Does Jacob Prasch Endorse the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelicalism?

Prasch warns about globalism, false religious unity, and the ecumenical movement in the video above. Jacob Prasch tells us he is against the ecumenical movement. That is a good thing. I hope every Christian discerns the truth about the ecumenical movement. Every preacher who warns about it in a truthful manner is to be commended.

I listed to one of Prasch's recent conferences [via online video]where he warned against some false preachers [some of the most overt ones like Todd Bentley, and Rick Warren] and he repeated at least twice, that he was against the ecumenical movement. This was held last Sunday at the 2nd Laredo Bible Conference in a sermon called: "Rescuing your loved ones from Key Errors that have come into the Evangelical Church".

Which brings me to this question, how can someone endorse a Lausanne group, and claim to be against the ecumenical movement? While Prasch exposed the errors of Catholicism, odd praise for Billy Graham also occurred during this sermon! All his research for years and Prasch hasn't figured out the Grahams are some of the biggest movers and shakers in the ecumenical movement? The mind boggles at that one too. Why hasn't he figured out that the Billy Graham Lausanne Committee [Lausanne began in 1974 by Billy Graham] is ecumenical at its core? I posted about Lausanne here, Billy Graham's outfit, where evangelicals are being herded into the new global spirituality of the antichrist. The Lausanne Movement is definitely a vehicle meant to lead evangelicals into the one world religion, it is definitely Rome influenced.

But what do we see here on Moriel -Jacob Prasch's website but him endorsing a group that is part of Lausanne?

Moriel endorses Church's Ministry Among the Jews, Jews For Jesus, the Messianic Testimony, Chosen People Ministries, Ariel, the Lausanne Consultation On Jewish Evangelism, the Danish and Norwegian Missions To Israel, and Christian Witness To Israel, but warn against such deceptions as Bridges For Peace, Wings Of Eagles, the Ebenezer Fund, Christian Action For Israel, and above all the International Christian Embassy.
So in this article he warns about extreme Hebrew Roots at one end but then endorses ecumenical groups? This group LCJE, which Ariel Fructembaum used to head the North American division, is part of the Lausanne Committee, is an ECUMENICAL GROUP, started by Billy Graham. Jews for Jesus by the way is known to have ecumenical ties as well with many websites exposing their compromises with Roman Catholicism.

Google LAUSANNE MOVEMENT and ECUMENICAL they go hand in hand. Here is the deal: while witnessing Jesus Christ and the gospel to the Jews and leading Jews to become brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ are all commendable things, this should not be done at the expense of compromising and hooking up with globalist oriented ecumenical ministries tied to Roman Catholicism. Does Prasch not realize the globalist tainted objectives of Lausanne and it's parachurch organizations, as he warns against globalism in the video shown above?

Obviously since every other group is being infiltrated, why not the Messianics too, basically the Antichrist will want them herded into not only false gospels of the law instead of grace and Jewish myths, but into the one world religion at all. Right from the LCJE website, they say :

Strategize on a global level so that more Jewish people will hear and consider the Good News of Jesus

Were the apostles ever told to "strategize on a global level"? No, they were told to preach God's Word and they did it without giant conferences,seminars and global "committees".

This website exposes some of the links of the LCJE to the Lausanne and other ecumenical organizations that are tied to the Roman Catholic church. Please read for yourself. Having studied the ecumenical organizations, Lausanne is definitely Rome influenced.

The LCJE admittedly accepts the same covenant as the Roman Catholic Church who also accept the Lausanne Covenant. This shows that the Vatican has no problem with it, in keeping with many other denominations.

Read the rest at the link.

So why does Prasch ENDORSE groups that are leading Messianic Christians falsely into the one world religion? Why does he [and Moriel] endorse these groups that are ecumenical in nature while warning about the false gospel of Roman Catholicism at the same time? This could be a case of "not knowing", lets hope this would be something that is dealt with in honesty, but it is a giant contradiction of words vs. endorsements. If one is to make a stand against the ecumenical movement, they need to remain consistent.

Memories of My First Christian Church

How fortunate I was to be so blessed that I was in a church that did seek after the truth in God's Word, and where true loving Christian community was present. This was my first church after being born again, and I miss them badly. Praise God that after I came out of the RCC, I didn't end up in the variety of cults and ditches waiting for someone like me.

Does this mean it or the people were perfect? No, there were times I was concerned about creeping Dominionism, and the other things that have come into fundamentalist churches and taken over, but overall the pastor taught, "Follow God's Word and if I even preach against God's Word, I want you to biblically confront me!" {I have not since heard anyone in person preach like this}. In other words he taught us to test everything by the Word of God, and there was one time I disagreed him, but instead of excuse-making and instant meanness one gets from the hirelings and others who follow them in other pews, we were able to talk things out in prayer and he saw where I and another member was coming from.

We used to refer to ourselves as a "church family", and there was a closeness there, I haven't seen in other churches. Church members would fix each others cars, the sick and housebound would be visited and checked on, ladies with newborns would have meals cooked for them, we had church members teaching others how to bake bread and live frugally, shared dinners and the church had members who would street preach and most would openly past out tracts and witness to others. The modern churches here don't do any of that, [sure they help the poor, but its always helping the poor "over there" instead of the church body actually having poor members within it and sharing together]. But most importantly my old church followed God's Word and tried to live it best as the Holy Spirit showed them. Church members even discerned the truth about that popular movie "The Passion" as the rest of the evangelical world, fell head over heels to get to the movie theatre. Missing this type of Christian fellowship can be difficult, but came to realize after I moved to an area with nothing but liturgical, Rick Warren influenced, Emergent modern churches, that replacing a church like this was not as easy as I thought. You all have heard my Calvary Chapel experiences: Nice people in the pews, but false stuff from the pulpit.

I still remember the Christian love, from this church family shown to this day, just mere helps and concern and the respect shown between members is something I will always remember fondly. This included times when they personally helped me and family members. Yes I still have long distance contact with them. The pastor did end up leaving, I have prayed they have a pastor now who has remained true. The rural town the church was in, experienced severe economic devastation, that did not leave my old church nor its members untouched.

Out in the world there are many Christians who cannot find a good church. The Bible tells us that the churches are going to fall away, [2 Th. 2:3] and I believe this is HAPPENING NOW. Even the fundamentalists ones are being infiltrated or falling away. I have visited fundamentalist churches that were dead or had a preacher preaching false things such as the possible shill, who told us at a Wednesday service, that he held supreme authority over church members and that to criticize any politician [including Hillary Clinton should she be elected--this was 2007] was a sin. There are some that are fully embracing Emergent theologies, and jumping on the "world evangelical" bandwagon, Calvinism or other errors. Today the fundamentalist descriptor is limited and doesn't tell a person if that church is following God's Word or not.

One's first loyalty is to be to God. So even if this means being without a church, so be it. One is to seek assembly as they can find it, either in a home church, or with Christian friends for prayer and Bible Study, but the numbers of lone Christians who have had no choice but to "come out of her" [this just doesn't include the RCC but false Christendom as a whole] are growing, even if they feel isolated and alone aside from their relationship with Jesus Christ, what other choice is there? Sitting in a pew drinking in spiritual poison and compromises is not the answer. Keep in God's Word, there are many Emergents and others exploiting the "home churches" and those who have fled the institutional church to bring in false things as well.

If anyone reading this, is in this position, without a church, please comment on your experiences, I would like to hear them and why you left:

God's Comfort and Love

Psa 52:8 But I [am] like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.

This is one of my favorite verses, I found this as a new Christian and thought no matter how hard life gets, we always have God to turn to for our comfort, love and support. His mercy to be celebrated and seen via Jesus Christ's sacrifice which led to our salvation.

Life in this world is scary, with the economy imploding, wickedness growing, and many harsh things happening to people when these things happen to a Christian they must remember always to pray and turn to God for answers. Things are going to get bad out there. Sometimes even seeing some of the wickedness, it gets tough, do not let it overwhelm you. Keep your eyes on the blessed Hope. [Titus 2:13].

Realize all these things were warned of in God's Word. I've been in heavy situations, where there was no answer but to cry out to God for His help, and have received that help many times. God will also provide for the believer in terms of food and shelter, and I praise God for providing me not only those things but His daily comfort, help, and abiding by me.

The Psalms especially are full of many reminders of God's love and comfort for us.

Psa 119:50 This [is] my comfort in my affliction: for thy word hath quickened me.

Psa 71:21 Thou shalt increase my greatness, and comfort me on every side.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Scripts Used To Silence and Mislead Christians

I have noticed that when others want to silence the Bible Christian in the crowd, [the one who is standing up against deception, or saying something isn't right here] many of the same messages are used to silent that Christian and send them to the back of the room. Having spent time on many websites including Christian message boards and places witnessing to Catholics, and others, one sees these messages time and time again. Sadly these "scripts" are rife through out the secular world, the religious world with such religions as Catholicism but in the fallen away evangelical world too!.

1. "You Have Committed A Thought Crime!"

I consider the use of the term "conspiracy theory" or "You tin-hatter" to be likened to the use of the phrase "Thought Crime" in the book 1984. Yes there are websites full of disinformation, and stuff that is based on fantasy and foolishness, but you know something is wrong with a society when all the "thinkers" are so quick to be labeled with that phrase that has been so oft-used, it causes eyeballs to glaze over, almost at the first syllable. It doesn't even need to be "fringe stuff" anymore, you can ask questions like "I wonder why so and so sold off stock [a factoid found in hard news] before such and such disaster happened"? Only to have people get angry at the mere mention that there could be some conspiracies for profit behind closed doors. The oddest thing is many conspiracies have been exposed like the S&L scandal of the 1980 to various affairs and malfeasance in high places. The Bible warns more then often of how this world really works, and those who think all politicians and religious leaders have only their best interests at heart, need to come out of that childlike naivete'.

Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

2. "You are a "Basher", a "Hater!".

One thing I've found is just being a Christian in some circles, is enough to be labeled a horrible and hateful person even if you have remained quiet. The Bible warns us the world will hate Christians, and the gospel will be of offense to many an unbeliever. There are many who call themselves Christians who are not, who seek to institute the "you are a basher" rule should you speak of a sincere belief they do not agree with. The world shows much hate, while screaming hater at everyone. The same as militant homosexuals have adopted screams of "Homophobe" at anyone expressing a biblical opinion about homosexuality, there are many in so called "Christian" circles who scream "hater" at opinions they want silenced as well. Sadly they know it works.

This is basically ideological bondage, as discrediting the Christian's character and personality becomes the focus of the discussion instead of the actual message and content. It does serve as a diversion, and usually with such types, you will find people who will write paragraphs about how pure and holy they are, and how much of a miserable, horrid creature you are. That said, I know I'm far from perfect, but I've seen this script instituted so many times, it's easy to see when it's happening, because the topic no longer will be addressed but your many faults [sometimes among people you just met !] will be the active topic of discussion.

If you warn of the new world order, of deception in Christian churches, some of these folks will toss as one of their charges that you have a "pre-occupation with the dark side". Of course in New Age- Norman Vincent Peale influenced America, warning about evil, isn't high on the list of priorities anymore, humanistic "positive thinking" has invaded the churches. I know this blog does warn of some evil stuff, and have no qualms in talking about it and warning others. Christians are supposed to expose evil: Ephesians 5:11.

Anyhow Christians should know in this world, we won't be liked and will be hated and persecuted. If you are doing a discernment ministry online or warning of things you know God has led you to warn of, forget about winning any popularity contests. You won't. You will lose friends and make enemies, just by your sincere beliefs and warning about things. I pray for people who have to resort to these tactics, praying one day, they can come into truth. Remember the workers of iniquity, don't want any Christians in the room warning anybody!

Jhn 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before [it hated] you.

3. Sell Out For Fellowship!

We all want friends, and strong social networks. Why do you think "love bombing" works or why closely united cults no matter how evil or strange get new members? The third false message that many will tell you, is that to keep friends, popularity, fellowship, one must keep silent, and not "ROCK THE BOAT". This is told to many a Christian, who has found false teachings and false yokings in their church. This is a good way, to get people to shut up and not say a word, because they are afraid to earn the ire of the group. There is much deception in the churches coming about even through the known dynamics of groups and peer pressure. Delphi and other psycho-social techniques ARE being used in the churches to manage and control outcomes. This is how the cell groups are being used too, that I already posted a blog entry on.

You will be told to accept the unacceptable, because these types will tell you, "YOU WILL END UP ALONE!" [well so be it, other things can bring solitude too such as illness, the Lord will comfort you and send you Christians as needed: no one is ever really alone if they have God with them.]

These folks may even say to you, "DO YOU WANT TO BE ALONE? HOWS IT OVER THERE IN YOUR CHURCH OF ONE OR TWO?" Many present day home churchers heard this message over and over, but still remained brave in the face of the Lord and marched on in His Will. Have those people forgotten about the centuries where Christianity was underground during Roman persecution and then during the Inquisitions? This is one reason that churches have become so bad as they have, the people who do ask questions, are told, "you are destroying unity", "you are destroying group cohesion", "you are trouble-maker", and the worse one of all "you are crazy!". Do not listen. Realize that many Christians in this world had to be faithful unto God, even being TOTALLY ALONE aside from Him. Have your loyalty to Christ and your relationship with Him, be such, that even if you STAND ALONE, you will remain strong. People don't realize it that having enjoyed the true and nice fellowship of a wonderful church family in my fundamentalist church for many years, that walking away from it from a church I was in here for a short time [Calvary Chapel] was not easy, human beings are social creatures, but we must always put God first and foremost and do as He directs.

2Cr 1:3 Blessed [be] God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;

4. You are Too Black And White!

Having been down the roads I have in life, I understand those who may be in a different place then me --baby Christians, the innocently ignorant, and being mindful of our own lost places before in life and that no human being including ourselves is perfect, one of the most insidious lies, out there, is the moral relativism lie, of "you are too black and white".

If anyone repeats this to you, to get you to compromise do not listen to them, it is a lie from the gates of hell. Liberal lies about tolerance, and "accepting" all false religions or beliefs as equal also are on the extreme end of the spectrum with this one. In my case, this constant drum-beat of "you're a legalist" came from a self confessed Pentecostal, who disliked my more fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Thankfully, I did not listen and stayed strong in the Lord.

A Christian should be loving to even those they disagree with, and there many people who are innocently ignorant of things, including Christians, who simply haven't learned something yet, or who may be new Christians. Here you will note the teachable vs. the non teachable. You will note minor disagreements vs. a entirely distorted world view. In all of our cases, there are many more things for the Holy Spirit to show us and to learn.

However those who repeat this lie, will tell you that Christianity is NOT delineated, that things are not concrete, but the fact is Christian is a religion of ABSOLUTES, and whenever someone says otherwise do not listen. This is something the Emergent movement has thrown out, teaching there "no absolutes" as my picture above illustrates [shown on this website here]. Many false teachers out there will use this message to tell you to shut down your mind, shut down your discernment and tell you that you are to remain in the middle, on the fence, lukewarm. This is one subtle way, that deceivers can lead Christians to violate scriptures and teach that sound doctrine isn't important. With this one, many a Christian will be told to lower their standard, that they are expecting too much out of their teachers and churches. It silences discernment and the voice of the Holy Spirit. One thing if someone tries to act incredulous that there are so many wolves out there, the Bible warns of the Great Falling away in the last days, so we were warned.

2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

2Pe 2:2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

I have seen all four of these repeated in different guises all over message boards, blogs, websites and elsewhere, all designed to throw the Christian off track!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Picture Freaked Me Out!

Years ago, I participated on the Rapture Ready Forums. It wasn't all bad having discussions with various Christians, though I noticed they didn't want any too heavy discussions of political matters and mods were not happy with me when I said, 'It's not always good for religion and politics to marry" especially in those heady days, of churches jumping on the Republican party or "God's party" Dominionist bandwagon. There were many things I worried about, regarding how Christians, churches and the right wing politicians were joining together. Remember asking questions "What about Bush's Skull and Bones membership"? or "What about the Constitution when it comes to things like the Patriot Act"?

They sure didn't like questions like that.

Remember I see the left wing and right wing working together for deception: let this writer's essay explain.
So while I learned a lot from fellow Christians on Rapture Ready years ago, there was many disconcerting things going on there which this blog exposes too which included defenses of many worldly things.

Oddly many of the Christians seemed to be sincere and saved people while the mods seemed to be coming from outer-space as far as Christianity went and would defend the oddest things. Overall the board was very Pre-Trib and at that time very supportive of mainstream right-wing politics.

I would end moving on to other places. The other day while doing research for my Missler article, I was googling Dave Hunt and Missler for the Missler article and found this odd picture of Missler in "love beads" and Dave Hunt pictured together, [at this particular conference, PreTrib Study Group 2002] many big names are there, including those two and Tim LaHaye]. At this point I decided to go through the different Rapture Ready conferences as pictured: they cover almost a ten year span: after all I had posted on these folk's board before and was curious. Some famous teachers are present at some and not at others. As I looked through the pictures however, a lot did not sit right.

At this particular conference, "Pre-Trib Study Group 2007": the head of Rapture Ready, and other religious notables like John Ankerberg are present and pictured. But what floored me on the "Pre-Trib Study Group 2007" page was this picture:

Here is the caption that appears under this picture:
"It was no secret that Hank Hanegraaff got his head handed to him in the debate. Mile Hile brought this humorous prop to drive the point home."

Is anyone else like me disturbed at world famous pastor's laughing at a decapitated doll's head, that seems marked with occult uses of letters [Hank H's name] and other symbols? What is funny about THAT?

I like jokes and laughter same as many others but this one just totally creeped me out. Considering I have warned people of luciferian deception and "knowing deceivers" what is this a sign of? What ever it is, it isn't good. Even if this was really a bad joke with no further explanation, it seems to be the humor of very worldly people not world renowned pastors who have sought to convince us of their Bible knowledge and spiritual leading.

Other pictures at the various conferences over the years are disturbing as well. Some even seem to mock the Christians they purported to serve with their forum. The world sees many Christians who believe in 'Bible prophecy" as "tin hatters" even those who have not moved into what is considered "conspiracy theory" by the world. . This picture seems to mock all Christians who do believe in Bible Prophecy, why does everything seem like "game" to these folks? Many Christians even on the Rapture Ready boards were asked if they wearing their tin-foil every time they brought up an idea that was not mainstream. I consider the whole "conspiracy theory" phrase in some cases to be a phrase to used to cease independent thinking almost like telling people they are guilty of a 'thought crime"--1984 style but I digress. The Imman caption doesn't help much either.

Even a more recent conferences in 2009, featured "Imperial Storm Troopers from Star Wars" Many people posed with the storm trooper. What are those who warn about the New Age aspects of those movies instructing people to "follow the force" to think? What is the deal with cash boxes covered with crawly characters? Odd jokes about plates with 666 on their plates? OK, I don't want to read too much into the funny hats, even if this brings up thoughts of the Church of the Subgenius kind of humor, I don't share this kind of humor, but it all seems very strange.

It gets even worse then that, I'll let this picture speak for itself. Scroll down to the last one. Make your own judgements. Even an non-Christian believer I showed this particular picture to, said "Now that's disturbing". Christian ministries have enough problems, with those who are in it for the money and legitimate ministries being told they are "money grubbers" due to too many money-hungry TV-evangelists whose desire for wealth is well-known.

But after thinking about all of this, even if some explanations could be come up with for the other photos, that decapitated doll baby head joke being done among world renowned preachers was just too creepy and there's no excuse that will make that sound okay to me. Sorry. The fact that famous preachers were present and in on the joke, just creeps me out even more.

1Th 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

Witnessing Today and My Testimony

It's hard: many people I love and care about are not Christians or have rejected the gospel. I am the first born again Christian in my entire family that I know of, which being traditionally Catholic rages from ardent Mass attenders to the openly agnostic. Many old college friends and others have beliefs that range from secular agnosticism to dabbling with Buddhism and New Age spirituality.

I've prayed to God before, knowing a prophet in their own country or their own house isn't necessarily welcomed, {Matt 13;7} after witnessing myself, I have asked God to please send some Christian brothers and sisters out to witness to loved ones, always within a few days this happened, but in all of the cases the gospel was rejected, I do hope it at least planted seeds. So sometimes it can get difficult. You sometimes think is anyone going to listen? I believe Christians should keep preaching God's truth even if they have no one listening or there is only one person saved. One person saved is worth everything, to have that soul in heaven. There is no doubt, it isn't easy out there, the whole world is coming under delusion. {2 Thess 2:11} Remembering my own days of delusion, this has me press on and praying every day.

I suppose most people here can figure I am no lifestyle evangelicalism supporter. Those are the people who always say this:

This always makes me cringe, because there are lots of nice charitable unbelievers but it doesn't mean they have a relationship with God. Until I had a street preacher basically say to me: "Hell is real, and you could end up there"; I went with the "good person" hypothesis if I turned out to be incorrect in my pagan beliefs, surely God had to let me into heaven for being a good person. Kind of like this witnessing video describes:

I spent years actually as an outspoken "freethinker" while in the UU, and had many from the nice "lifestyle evangelicalism" brigade pat me on the head [well speaking metaphorically] telling me "that's nice" when I told them of my alternative religious forays.

How can I say this plainer, but lifestyle evangelicalism does not work. It is the sum total of compromised churches that want to water down God's Word. What did work, is hearing the gospel directly, which I did in college, reading tracts--I collected Jack Chick Tracts for years from an big city alternative book store--kind of as a lark for hipsters, other Christians preaching, a street preacher preaching the gospel directly to me, reading the Bible and of course the work of the Holy Spirit overall.

My own coming to be a Christian was a very odd affair. You see I was an atheist pretty much by the time I was ten, realizing a lot about Roman Catholicism didn't add up greatly troubling the nuns at my Catholic school. Still remember the time I told the priest I was an atheist in confession, but they proceeded with my confirmation classes anyway.

I wasn't a bad child--more of a quiet book worm type, but reading some books from the public library, I read stuff by Thomas Paine, and other folks and figure out quick there were other viewpoints out there as far as religion went. By age 18-19, I was attending the Unitarian Universalist church with a good college friend, and buying Free Inquiry Magazines and "Freedom From Religion Foundation" newsletters. My latter explorations in the UU church would lead to Theosophy and reading Quest magazine and like many UUs forming a mishmash of dipping a toe in the rites and rituals of many religions--believing they all lead to the same "god" and traditional "freethought" along with very liberal politics. At the time, I was the least likely person anyone could see as one day being a Christian, and even owned a series of books, that were focused on disproving the Bible. Oddly I did read a lot of God's Word back then to disprove it, having an inquisitive mind, but definitely scripture did take affect on me.

Without God's grace I would have ended up in hell, I did have poor health by my 20s, and did almost end up almost departing this earth a couple times. Oddly there is some truth to "there are no atheists in foxholes"--but remember praying to "god if he was out there" that my life be spared.

I would leave the UU in ONE DAY, after thirteen years, and having been a full blown Humanist, Theosophist and rest, used to hearing sermons that preached against Christianity and extolled every liberal agenda [such as abortion and euthanasia]. One day I was at a UU service which would change everything. This wasn't the typical usual Antichrist fare: going actually a bit beyond the typical "Jesus wasn't God but he teached some moral truths" message many UU ministers imparted. During this sermon, the openly lesbian minister, basically did a sermon on how Jesus Christ and Christianity as a whole had caused trouble for homosexuals worldwide--this was pretty typical, but the statement that hit me was she called Jesus Christ--- "an insane itinerant preacher". All of a sudden it was like I had been slapped on the face. I had this thought go through my head: "Jesus Christ is Lord!" He is not an insane itinerant preacher!". It was my own thought: wasn't a voice in my head or one I heard outside but just a very strong thought. Today I believe it came from the Holy Spirit.

I actually got up, right there in the middle of this lady's sermon, and walked out, NEVER to return after 13 years. My husband who never was UU--grew up in Lutheran church, still remembers this day, he said, "I remember the look on your face, it was like nothing I had ever seen before." We talked about this recently even though it happened years ago. Now remember sermons like this were TYPICAL in the UU. I had heard many things like it before.

I was not born again yet at that point though I knew Jesus was God intellectually, He was not Lord of my life yet. It surprised many people as I departed from the UU church.

I had been reading the Bible and continued over the next couple of years. After I realized Jesus was God, I erred and made the decision to go back to the only "Christian" church I knew. I had been raised in the Catholic church, becoming UU at a young age so went back to "what I knew". I was now well into middle adulthood. I would be back in the RCC for a short time, less then 2 and half years, even signing up for RCIA [update for already confirmed and baptized Catholics to see if I wanted to stay]--the answer would end up being NO.

During this time in my life, God's Word became very important to me. I sought Gods Word for comfort, solace, and grew in my love of it. This would be 100 times more after I was saved but I still remember those days in reading God's Word and searching for truth. I believe if one keeps in the Word enough it will bring on truth. As I studied even my Catholic NAB Bible, I realized that there were teachings that did not seem to match what I was being taught in the Catholic church. This included things about faith and salvation that were totally new, and much within the gospels. The book of Hebrews and Romans became my favorite books. I still today hold a love for God's Word that has never departed from me and I know it never will. Gods Word does hit to the very marrow as that one verse says...

Hbr 4:12 For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

At one point I bought a KJV and started noting the differences. The text seemed far more powerful. I started reading Christian websites and investigating things further. I realized that they were honest about many things I had questioned.

I realized something was missing in the RCC awhile before I left. (This is probably reason I got out earlier as youth and got led astray) Everything was immensely rote. While many of the people in the church were extremely kind, and lovely people there was something lacking. I had a priest that rotated the same 4 sermons, "liberal politics issue" of the day, "God loves you", "Compassion comes in all colors" and dealing with whatever holiday it was: Easter, Christmas or Mary's Assumption. I was starved for spiritual food and there was none.

I would think many things out, but one thing is very important, while UU I did have a Christian street preacher preach the gospel to me and who prayed for me. I had read the gospel in many tracts, the seeds had been planted, had a life-long interest in Bible prophecy even as an unbeliever and while in the Catholic church I was involved in an ecumenical Bible study for women that had some born again Christians in it [still think they were there on some sort of search and rescue mission], they shared the gospel with me also and the teachings in scripture. At least 10 Christians can be credited with giving me the gospel over the years, but let me point something out, these folks opened their mouths and preached it directly.

Then the day of importance came. I repented of my sins, and turned myself over to Lord Jesus Christ. I prayed to Him. Like other Christians can attest handing myself over to Him, body, soul and mind. Facing a life challenge that was pretty intense, and going to a place where I knew I was hopeless being on my own and needed Jesus. I put my full trust in Jesus Christ, and had Him become the Lord of my life. Before it had only been an intellectual belief: I didn't know Him. I would come to know the true peace and love of Jesus Christ, which I had never had before in my life. This was the day I entered into a true relationship with Him and started becoming a new creature in Christ. Having been a God-rejecting UU, for years, my journey was a shock to family and friends...

After I was saved, I was in the RCC some weeks but left very soon after. After I asked God to show me the truth regarding Catholicism due to the conflicts in Gods Word I saw with Catholic teaching, God opened the door to show me more and more.

I had started to notice that the Catholic Magisterium--I read alot and read tons of Catholic publications was teaching the same things that I learned as UU. When I started to realize the Pope also supported the United Nations and preached an "universal brotherhood" of man, I realized he was teaching tenets of Theosophy (which has supported world government for YEARS) and knew then something was very wrong. Discovering the universalist approach towards religions, the teaching that "Allah" is God too--[Nostra Aetate] were other wake up calls. On this blog entry, I describe a bit of what I discovered. I will be sharing even more of what I discovered as this blog progresses.

The more I explored this, the darker the picture. Having been part of the occult and the New Age, I knew I wasn't imagining PLENTY OF ITS ASPECTS from the fellow Catholics in my church sharing their holistic medicine, practice of Rekki, the practice of Taize prayer-[meditation] to what was going on in the international scene in the Catholic church.

So I ended up leaving the RCC, I prayed to God to show me where to go to church and find an assembly of believers, and God answered me right away, I think of all the crazy places a new believer like myself could have ended up but with God's blessing, I ended up in a good fundie church where the saved pastor taught us to test everything and every teacher by God's Word. This is why my stay in a Calvary Chapel church was so short after moving to an area lacking fundamentalist churches. Thus would start my journey of knowing and loving God. God has answered many prayers and always been there for me, and kept me going all these years. I pray for all the people I care about and pray they one day come to know Jesus Christ, and come into the truth. Considering what I came out of, it was a total gift from God.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Christians Discerning the Truth About Chuck Missler

Others have done some of this research regarding Missler but want to share my experiences and share these links to expose this false teacher. Years ago, I listened to Chuck Missler's DVDs, CDs, and online Bible teachings, many were sent to me via a diehard fan of Chuck Missler's. Chuck Missler is a popular teacher in Calvary Chapel circles, and even got his start with Chuck Smith's Costa Mesa church. Chuck Missler says even recently on his website that he considers Chuck Smith still to be his "personal pastor" and that along with his business partner, and Walter Martin, he was mentored by Chuck and them, and they have served on each other's board of director's. Hal Lindsey has played a part too where Chuck Missler admits that they shared a long personal relationship and helped him get his start as well.

Chuck Missler is a very popular teacher in Calvary Chapel circles, and in Calvary Chapel many will share his teaching CDs, books and much more. I listened probably to dozens. Now being trained to always test by God's Word, while I was intrigued by in-depth Bible studies, there were things that alarmed me about Missler from the get-go, why did he warn about YK2 which turned out to be the biggest bust going? His Nephilim teachings were strange and kind of raised a red flag--the idea of fallen angels mating with humans seemed more from the uninspired book of Enoch then from scripture. Some of the teachings about the Bible seemed to border on Kabbalah like interpretations of the special meaning and use of words or even specific Hebrew Letters. Why did he advance Bible Codes? Even if he separated from himself from the popular Bible Code books, this was worrisome as well. I myself reading Bible Codes II at a bookstore, saw the scary prophecy [which obviously turned out be false] that a major USA city would be nuked in 2006, and realized with time, those books were just more confusion and using the Bible for sinful divination which was not based on any truth. The focus on Bible Codes in general seemed just more distraction. My worry about Chuck Missler being a false teacher and not just making normal human errors or misjudgements, grew stronger and strong.

It got even worse, the false doctrines piled to the ceilings with Chuck Missler's wife publishing a book he supports called "The Kingdom, Power and Glory" which said that so called "carnal Christians" [there really is no such thing] during the Millennium will be sent away from the Lamb's Supper Table to go stew in "darkness". This one floored me because it basically spoke of a Protestant Purgatory or at the very least putting Christians back under the law. Even Dave Hunt, who says he considers Missler a friend came out against this book warning of its false doctrines considering this "outer darkness".

But the picture grows even darker. With further study, one can find out that Chuck Missler is purported to be a member of the Council for National Policy, a group that has oddly both the antichrist Reverend Moon [who claims to the Messiah today], and Catholic Knights of Malta members and even has been headed by a Catholic president until at least last year coupled with Tim LaHaye who helped found it. The Reverend Moon connections to this group and others like it have made for some odd Christian right bedfellows . What was scary were the so called "Christians" who excused this, saying politics trumped the teachings of the Bible.

But as I looked over more and found out about Chuck Missler's connections to the Swansat Project things got even stranger and surreal. As the website Discerning the World asked in a different way: I too ask: What kind of born again Christian pastor would be behind a program like this? That seems one world government to the core: "Learn how SWANsat™ can help stabilize the world's economy through the proposed gold-backed Auric™ currency". Its main focus as co-associate Welty states being: "SWANsat could play a significant leadership role in connecting every person on the face of the planet.” and the what about the "African Union"? The mind boggles.

Other Christians have discerned the truth about Missler and go into even more detail as to the odd bedfellows at conferences and other worrisome teachings and connections. Please take heed and be careful of trusting in this teacher. I have thanked God for warning me.

False Sun Worship #1, Solar Wheels and Mystery Babylon

Even if Rome heads the herd, every false religion is part of Mystery Babylon. If it's not true Biblical Christianity, it has gone down the false path of paganism where the roots arose out of Babylon. Mystery Babylon is basically all false religions of the world [I believed headed off by Rome] marching together in the same satanic lies.

Zec 2:7 Deliver thyself, O Zion, that dwellest [with] the daughter of Babylon.


Unitarians will make a great matter over how religions of the world overlap, and they do. This is why Unitarians can use the rituals and prayers of many false religions at once, because they are based on the same deceptions. Here's the basic deal in a nutshell: Satan tells the same lies everywhere he goes and the same symbols crop up as well because Satan does not neglect in marking his territory. There is a reason the sign of the sun comingles with the obelisk.

There are many markers of Mystery Babylon, but this first entry of many will be focusing on sun worship aspects. Reading Ezekiel 8, sun worship is warned against in the Old testament with the worship of Tammuz, Tammuz was one of many names for the god of the spring sun.

Eze 8:14 Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD'S house which [was] toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz.

Eze 8:15 ¶ Then said he unto me, Hast thou seen [this], O son of man? turn thee yet again, [and] thou shalt see greater abominations than these.

Eze 8:16 And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD'S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, [were] about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east.

Eze 8:17 ¶ Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen [this], O son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? for they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger: and, lo, they put the branch to their nose.

One major symbol in Mystery Babylon which all false religions of the world overlap in, is the sun wheel, and/or sun spiral. They are everywhere! In my blog entry about United Religions Initiative, is there any question why they've chosen a colorful sun wheel as their logo? [Count the 8 points, this will be important later:]

The Roman Catholic church has what is considered the biggest solar wheel on the planet marking that church as what it truly is the harlot of Revelation, including the pagan obelisk right from Egypt. Catholic reasoning for having this pillar, is it supposedly shows "conquering over paganism", but really it is just more infusion and joining with it, as the Bible orders the breaking down of pillars, not keeping and honoring them in a central location. [Deu 7:5, Deu 12:3 etc]

Count the spokes:

Notice there are EIGHT. Go back to the URI symbol notice there are EIGHT parts to the design too.

This appears in other religions that are members of Mystery Babylon:


Buddhism has the Wheel of Dharma: This is related to what the Buddhist's call the EightFold Path:

Buddhist Wheel of the Dharma

The golden Wheel of the Dharma is a sophisticated solar image with its eight spokes evoking the Sun’s rays. They also replicate the eight Paths radiating from the Sun’s throne at Beauty on the Tree of Life. Gold is traditionally the noble metal of the Sun.

The Sun’s circle is naturally portrayed as a wheel, recalling the Greek images of the chariot of the Sun. This tradition is still maintained by the great Hindu temple at Puri on India’s east coast where the massive chariot of the Sun God, Jagganath, has given us the term ‘juggernaut.’

The Dharma is the law of right living, strongly echoing the association of the Sun with righteousness and the law evident in the Babylonian Shamash, and the Greek Apollo.


They have their sun worship as well:

"The Gayatri mantra recited during this ritual is the most sacred invocation to the Sun God praying for a Good Day similar to the modern “Good Day to You” type."

This includes their own "Solar Wheel" : Kalachakra:

Kalachakra, ‘wheel, or circle, of time,’ is the symbol of perfect creation, of the cycles of existence. Time and space are interwoven, and eight spokes mark the directions, each ruled by a Deity and having a unique quality.

The sun metaphors lie at the center of the Kalachakra Tantra too. The time god has a “body like the Sun”, it says there (Newman, 1987, pp. 225, 326). Kalachakra is particularly often spoken of as the “daymaker sun” (Newman, 1987, p. 243). He is the lord of the “three hundred and sixty solar days” (Newman, 1987, p. 454) and sits upon a “vajra lion throne”. His believers worship him as “the splendid lion of the Sakyas” (Newman, 1987, p. 243). In a commentary upon the Time Tantra we can read that “Kalachakra is in all three worlds as the sun, which is the image of time” (Banerjee, 1959, p. 133).


Wiccans, New Agers and even self avowed Satanists follow an "Eightfold Path of Enlightenment": The Wiccan church calendar contains the sabbats and is pictured on the eight pointed Wiccan "Wheel of the Year" Keep in mind the focus on the different solstices, where the movement of the sun is part of the pagan worship.

These aren't the only members of Mystery Babylon, but see a pattern developing here? I will be covering more sun worship symbols later but wanted to keep this simple, for those just being introduced to these things.

Sun and moon worship crop up in many places: and once you "see" these things, you will note them in false religions everywhere:. There is a reason here the false Mary of Catholicism has a sunburst on her chest and rests on a moon crescent.[moon symbols appear all over Mystery Babylon as well]

These things center on this Bible verse in bringing it all together: those who worship the creation: other humans, sun, moon, nature, etc more then the Creator are in spiritual trouble and basically going down Satan's path of deception:

Rom 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.